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- trent -

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  1. I'd be upset so it best works when I get to play lol
  2. Alright, for those who played IV a ton, what area did you enjoy spending the most time in? Hands down, Alderney up in Leftwood is my go to area for RP and LCPDFR online. You could ALWAYS find me sitting near the traffic light on Beaverhead Ave watching for red light runners.
  3. What was your favorite city, county and area to RP at or patrol? My personal fav City: San Fierro County: Bone County (Flint County close 2nd) Area: Missionary Hill in SF (The housing by the bridge crossing to Flint County) (Close 2nd is Fort Carson and Angel Pine)
  4. PS4 gets to play for free this weekend on the 2v2 mode! Even though I work Friday and Saturday definitely gonna be trying it out this weekend!
  5. I get 2 weekends of gaming on it
  6. Alright, I already got the new COD topic, so let's talk about where I always end up...…..The Battlefield. Honestly, Battlefield 3 was probably my favorite game they've released, yes Bad Company 2 was good but BF3 just had the amazing feel to it. The DLCs, the maps, the gameplay, it had it all. Battlefield 4 is a close 2nd but I felt BF3 had the better maps in it. The last few Battlefields released kinda sucked, Hardline I felt blew, Battlefield 1 was fun but got old fast, let's just not talk about Battlefield V and terrible gameplay and issues when in game. So which one was the best you think?
  7. I agree, Black Ops 2 was so much fun. That game I mostly did Hardpoint, for some reason that mode was super fun for me. I've played a few others like Ghosts with my brother which it was decent, not the best but still had normal looking weapons for the most part. I hate the futuristic looking guns and all the robots running around. Blops 4 has some of that but atleast it feels a tad normal but I can't even enjoy any COD besides MWR without thinking of MW because of how amazing that's gonna be.
  8. I've seen some gameplays and talked to a few people that play Flashing Lights and they all say it's pretty fun. Hell, it seems to run a lot better than most of those type games that are all being developed right now.
  9. See I was the same way with not being a fan of the futuristic type stuff. Black Ops 4 did better with it not being to crazy like past games were but the last fun game was def the old MW's. The newest one looks super promising and almost reminds me of Battlefield with a mix of Squad/Arma type gameplay which is why I am looking forward to it.
  10. Alright, let's all just get real here for a second. We are all gonna have no life the hell out of the game when it drops. I'm a HUGE Battlefield fan, I've always loved the Conquest mode and would grind out for hours back on the 360 with my friends after school. Most COD's I wasn't a fan of, only got Black Ops 4 because of Blackout which I'm burnt out on it now after seeing some gameplay of the new COD. Below is a video of the latest MP Gameplay from InfinityWard which looks AMAZING. Anyone else hyped up for this game especially if you are a Battlefield player or is it just me? Either way, you won't see me around much on the PC once it drops because I'll be on that PS4 all day, everyday.
  11. Hell, I might have used 2010 it's been so long but I do feel it was 2011. You're ahead though since you can at least mod and still got dev parts haha
  12. I got to a mission in LV by the dam on PS2 where you had to parachute out of a plane and always would mess up and finally just gave up after that. That was around the time I got my first laptop and started modding GTA on the PC and just ever finished it.
  13. Hello, hi, um, I guess I'm new here, but not really new since I was apart of the old GPM 1.0 days years ago and yeah. I've been in the modding game for about 9 years now. Started out doing SA mods to SA-MP then finally creating and scratch making my own mods in SA which slowly grew my popularity. Had my fair share of running big websites, communities, clans, etc in the past and at one point I was even on the CT here at the new GPM until the 100+ hour weeks of work took over to where I am barely on but, I am slowly returning, until COD drops then I'll disappear again. Anyways, I'm a veteran from the US Army, working on getting into law enforcement and usually mod GTA V or cry as my city on Cities Skyline's burns to the ground because apparently people in my city don't know how to stop causing the entire town to burn down. I got a Discord too which is pretty cool, usually where we roast eachother and I release my mods which I plan on uploading all to here in the future. Any questions and what not, feel free to ask and I will get back to you in 3 to 5 business days.
  14. I know I'm late but gotta add what my game's FD fleet is based off of, but, as I call the "bus mirrors" on Velocities are babe.
  15. Look, SA is still the babe game. Nothing will top SA modding and MP. Just don't have good ol 3DS Max 2011 nor the time to mod up SA again right now
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