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  1. I'm actually watching Shroud right now with this. I don't play Fortnite but they do have big hype on whatever they plan on doing. I don't think they'd kill the game off though regarding how well done with it.
  2. Favorite LED Bar would probably be the Ceridan even though I haven't seen it IRL. Favorite Rotator type bar: Fed Sig SLR
  3. There's a few of us from P:LA here, I was on it a bit but was more active on ARP or FC:RP. Carper was also on there too.
  4. If you could have dinner with any 2 people on this planet or walked this planet, who would it be? My 3 guests which were my childhood. - Steve Irwin - Mike Rowe Steve Irwin which is explanatory, the dude is a legend, he is just straight up amazing. Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs was just a man of inspiration. Taught me so many useless facts and outlooks on life through-out the years and was just a funny dude to watch. Who's your 2 guests?
  5. Honestly, Rimworld sounds like a really bad porno but hearing you all talk about it makes me wanna get it.
  6. - trent -

    Good Job Trent...

    This is staff abuse sir.
  7. This would be interesting to play. I'd probably give it a shot.
  8. That's easy @c13 Overland Park PD pack. Those are my favorite vehicles.
  9. Here's the video we have waited on. BPD's Bodycam of said shooting and my god
  10. Gotta love the lore friendly looks on all the lore vehicles with the fictional setup and lighting.
  11. Now, I know many of us have seen it but I figured for those who haven't and played the game back in the day. 2020! The fact they have Crypto singing Ich Will makes this even better.
  12. Pretty sure most of you have seen it, the commentary is just as good as the video. Crazy the dude didn't get hit but BPD rollin deep on this guy.
  13. E-Z-P-Z 1. KDST (GTA SA) 2. Wave 103 (GTA VC) 3. Radio-X (GTA SA)
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