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    Good Job Trent...

    This is staff abuse sir.
  2. Here's the video we have waited on. BPD's Bodycam of said shooting and my god
  3. Pretty sure most of you have seen it, the commentary is just as good as the video. Crazy the dude didn't get hit but BPD rollin deep on this guy.
  4. I've had to talk to people who were suicidal but not to a point where it was like this. It's definitely about what you say and how you move is key when it comes to situations like this. 1 wrong move or say the wrong thing and that's it.
  5. Gotta go find unlocked models which I doubt exist anymore and an old version of 3DS Max 2010 or 11
  6. Honestly, this is one of the many reason I want to get into law enforcement is to be able one day talk someone down and get them help like this Sergeant did to this man. I always enjoy watching videos like this and seeing them be able to get the person to step down and get them the help they need.
  7. Ouch, then from my knowledge and experience there is nothing you can do since it's locked. If they were ones you made you would be able to go in and map the lights to flash what color you want but since it's a public release, they're mapped to how that person did them so unfortunately there is no way to make them R/W/B. Sorry about that bud
  8. Well, here's the big question. Did you make the models or are they public ones you downloaded? This will all depend what answer you get.
  9. I know I'm late but gotta add what my game's FD fleet is based off of, but, as I call the "bus mirrors" on Velocities are babe.

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