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Everything posted by TheKodah

  1. You will need some sort of light controller. I use lux_vehchontrol. If yo ugoogle it, you should be able to find the download link. Thank you, See below: **UPDATE v2** This is an updatred version to my previously released 2018 Charger. In this update, I include 2 versions of red and blue lights and 2 versions of all blue lights. the difference between the versions is the rear flashing lights. Version 1 will be white lights flashing in the rear and version 2 will be either red and blue or blue and blue flashing in the rear. Red and Blue: v1: https://gyazo.com/47db76a31476a0bc7dd5a80394188cf7 v2: https://gyazo.com/3ba490687fe79cf0824473798cfecf50 Blue and Blue: v1: https://gyazo.com/c578270a35e387caa28168a6d372b502 v2: https://gyazo.com/264c4a57611cbef0b95539179ff615f1 Thank you! As far as I know, I was one of the first to put all the lighting in an extra, not just scene lights. I am really glad you like it! I could easily add more antennas to the roof, I just find them slightly unrealistic when so many are put on a car. I have always wanted to add plexi glass to the back windows instead of bars, just have not gotten around to it xD. Maybe I will update this vehicle in the near future!
  2. TheKodah

    New Project

    @bjackson1991 This is Non-ELS.
  3. TheKodah

    New Project

    From the album: TheKodah's W.I.P. Showroom

    New Project
    There is even a better version??? This version is already spectacular as it is! This is the only newer Dodge Charger model that I use. Great work!
  4. From the album: TheKodah's W.I.P. Showroom

    Finished the reflective liveries for the left and middle charger.
  5. From the album: TheKodah's W.I.P. Showroom

    New Tablet toughbook in the Charger.
  6. Looks good! Almost too good. Had to stop and think for a second if that was a GTA V picture or real life car.
  7. Here we have county police as well as county sheriff, all of the law enforcement cars that I see are alwyas black lol.
  8. Hard question but my two favorites is the Federal Signal Integrity and Valor. They both are almost the same, so I would consider both of them my favorite.
  9. I love this post because as a Non-ELS developer, I wanna ask Rockstar to allow a minimum of 40 sirens instead of 20.... PLEASE!!!!! All Jokes aside, GTA IV compared to GTA V is a huge upgrade, so I think it is safe to say that GTA VI will be a huge upgrade as well! I am hype for GTA VI.
  10. From the album: TheKodah's W.I.P. Showroom

    Adding an optional plate cover with different types of Blue Line flags.
  11. Everything seems to be fixed! Thank you for the quick reply!
  12. Hello, I am trying to edit the descriptions for the images in my album and I have done so even when I initially upload them but it always reverts back to the image name and After I upload them I can not edit the description. A few days ago, I was able to edit the description of some of my images but now it seems like I can not edit any of them.
  13. Yeah I agree. I am at the point where I think things would be cool, I enjoy the games that I have like FiveM, and I will wait till I see what developers actually make. Kickstarters can be good and bad at the same time.
  14. From the album: TheKodah's W.I.P. Showroom

    Finished up the rear lighting
  15. Yeah I remember seeing this a few weeks ago around the time the kickstarter was suspended. I honestly think it is too good to be true. From what I have seen in their discord and around the net, there are only 2 developers working on the project. That is a lot of work for only two developers. I would honestly forget about it until or IF it even comes out. Identity has been out for years but I have yet to see it actually make any ground. I would say there will be GTA VI with FiveM servers on it before any of these games come out.
  16. Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight!
  17. Howdy everyone! So My name is Dakotah but I go by the alias TheKodah. I have been been developing models for quite a long time, but I did take a break from modeling shortly after GTAPoliceMods shut down and then I started doing GTA V mods around Febuarary. I currently live in Maryland and I am in the Cyber defense / Data Science world for my 9 - 5 and then when I come home I enjoy RPing as either a Cop or Lawyer on my favorite server. I am not sure if I can say it here so I will leave that out but besides RolePlaying, I enjoy playing LoL, Rocket League, and pretty much any simulator type of game. If you are new to modding, have any questions, or want to do a project together, dont hesitate to reach out to me! The best way to contact me is on Discord. I look forward to speaking with most of you at somepoint! Discord: TheKodah#1993 Twitter: @TheKodah
  18. From the album: TheKodah's W.I.P. Showroom

    Pushbar and Front Lighting is complete
  19. From the album: TheKodah's W.I.P. Showroom

    Finishing up the top Lightbar
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