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  1. infidelplz

    County Patrol

    I should really upload that pack here
  2. infidelplz


  3. You know, I've recently only getting into the "developing" side of things, but it's amazing how many people, have something to say about what I've done, but yet, wont help when asked. Theres clear divides in the community, you're either with "them" or you're with "them". Its sad honestly. Theres a lot of selfishness and like you said, all about me. When I make something, I dont go after accuracy, I never have, I never will, and that's hard for some people to grasp, therefore, I dont fit the mold. People use these things as a mental escape or to use they're creativity to create something. And dont get me wrong, a lot of it comes down to the consumer, bashing peoples work because it's not how they would've done it, or this detail is 5mm off. It can be very discouraging. I personally feel that a lot of these issues stemming is because of the way that us, as a society is actng, and the direction were taking things. And like @Horseman said, it is definitely being driven by money. It's honestly disgraceful.
  4. FPIU's and Chargers are planned
  5. Version 1.2.0


    Well tis the season of giving and I have told a lot of people that I was shooting for a Christmas release. I figured I'd put my money where my mouth was and get it done. I have spent a lot of time working on these Tahoes for you to enjoy. This is my second release I have ever made and I know there are going to be some things wrong here and there. These Tahoes have been a HUGE learning curve. Included in this pack is a Marked unit with a Legacy Lightbar, a ghosted slicktop, and a K9 slicktop. IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT THESE BE ADDED TO A DLC PACK, ALTHOUGH THEY ARE SET UP TO REPLACE CURRENT VEHICLES. If you do not know how to install a custom DLC pack, please refer to these videos: With that being said I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. Cool Stuff: All Three Models have Traffic Advisors The K9 is Extra_10 on the K9 variant The ALPR's are Extra_10 on the Slicktop The Slicktop skin is Transparent so body color can be changed Known Issues: Yes, when you open the rear hatch, the lights dont follow it, I'm aware. Im sure theres other small things I can think of right now. FAQ: Will you make me something? No How are your lights so bright? Radiance V Will you make a NON ELS version? No Is this FiveM ready? Also no. How do I install this? Go to your latest patch day, rename the files to what them to replace and drag and drop. I would like to thank @sergeantFrank and @Tacticool Connor For the screenshots and Beta testing. I would also like to thank @Bigams @Dan with da van and @krul for all the help along the way. I would also like to thank @mathfeeEw and @Sheriff Woody for their help in Beta testing as well. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE TO YOUR GAME, MAKE A BACKUP.
  6. infidelplz

    BCSO Tahoes

    These are a WIP with a hopeful release of Christmas
  7. infidelplz


    From the album: BCSO Tahoes

  8. infidelplz


    From the album: BCSO Tahoes

  9. infidelplz


    From the album: BCSO Tahoes

  10. infidelplz

    Silent night2.png

    From the album: BCSO Tahoes

  11. infidelplz

    Silent Night.png

    From the album: BCSO Tahoes

    Skins be @Skin Works
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