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  1. Subtitles will start in few seconds. Ignore the commentator, he is annoying to listen to in his own language aswell Summary: Drunk or possible high american found by Lithuanian police trying to break into a basement in apartment building.
  2. But for whitelist I would need to manually enter every single steam id into the file, wouldn't I? I understand that I can use discord permissions, but some people who are cops are playing as civs, so they will get notification aswell PS. sorry for dumb questions, that is what I am figuring out atm regarding other stuff in server aswell, I am new to this Edit: Never mind, I will do it based off vehicles
  3. Very dumb question: If I want only clocked in police officers to be able to use this, I use ACE permissions for that?
  4. All good. Like I said, what you did already is more than anyone has done.
  5. Haha sounds awesome. Also, in the video I noticed that back lights arent Red and Blue. On the vehicle I mean. Will they stay that way?
  6. Haha, good work, cant wait. I will check your profile for uploads if anything Also, just to verify, will you need sv_scripthook 1 for this to work?
  7. Genius, I didnt even thing of using those lights, I had my head set on props so much I forgot alternatives. But dude, holy shit, what you did already is beyond anything other people have done for years since this feature was requested. Actually you dont even need to do anything else, it is already in top condition. If this will be ever released, will it be server sided?
  8. What you did is actually pretty damn good,, however if I may suggest something. You got lighting right on the spot, so lighting problem is solved However there is no light indication on the vehicle itself, if 4 props are too much, maybe use just one like this: XYZ prop movement while attached to object its center being 0 coordinate is present on TrainerV (simple trainer) and menyoo (open source on github), so that might help.
  9. Big thing is modelling police light for addon cars, and |I play on a server, we have 3 undercover cars, after first few days whole server knows that those cars are the ones undercover units use, so metagaming goes wild "I am not selling cocain, its baking powder". Having ability for any car to be cop car at any time, would be awesome. From coding perspective, polce lights will be the tricky part, adding a siren (sound) is not difficult, but having working, bright props that glow like police is something I cant think of how to do. That's why I put this in suggestions.
  10. You are right, but problem with that is: 1. It takes time to convert vehicle to addon 2. Undercover police addon vehicles get meta-gamed I would imagine that thing would like a menu, you activate it and car you drive gets a police siren, the tricky part from scripting perspective would be police lights, I am thinking maybe have that menu ability to spawn 4 props (one for each side) and they would glow whenever siren get activated or smth. But props would need to be adjustible on XYZ axis in the menu, because each car is different size etc. I dont know, that is what my imagination is thinking.
  11. A script that would allow any car to be a cop car. For example for undercover cop units on fivem servers.
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