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  1. When you forget to delete the bak files :smh: Lmao
  2. Version 2.0.0


    Hello! This is my SECOND Public Release on GPM! I Only made this car to just have fun. If anything is broken or wrong on the car, Let me know I can go ahead and Fix it. I Tried to get this done quick because I didn't want it to take up half my week because Im just doing this for fun. Credits are In the Tab on GPM And inside the download, File comes with Template, Media, Credits and the Vehicle. Car can be used for anything. Anything as Check the TOS First please!
  3. Im aware of the Unattached Wrap-Around. I will be fixing the issue in the next version. Sorry for that.
  4. Version 2.0, Final


    Hello! Thanks for downloading my 2018 DPS Charger, I Know it isnt the best. But I somewhat tried. You may use this vehicle for any type of use. Please do not UNLOCK This model. I Would like to make this worth my time and not just have it stolen and have my dedicated time wasted for someone elses work.

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