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CVPI K-9 UNIT w Narcotics on Hood

Price: $5.00

Seller information

Raylan Givens

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About this offer


Discord: https://discord.gg/VbBYgAE

PURCHASE? Message me!

Release Date: 5/21/2020

Compatibility: ELS Lighting

Colors: Red/Blue or Blue/Blue

Price (USD): $5

This fully loaded 2011 Crown Victoria K-9 Unit comes with an impressive amount of lighting in both the rear & front. The unit is a slicktop with a fully loaded HD Interior, the trunk is loaded with tons of equipment as well! Features: K-9 Cage, HD Interior, Antennas (Wobbles), "Caution K-9 Unit" Flasher, Gun Rack (Shotgun & Rifle), Trunk Equipment




Rules & TOS
I [RAYLAN GIVENS] give you the end user permission to use my models in your game. YOU MAY NOT ALTER/RIP/EDIT OR DEFACE MY MODELS! You may NOT share these filed with anyone else, these are paid models which mean they go to you NOT TO BE SHARED WITH OTHERS! If found leaking my models, you will be banned from my server & many other servers. You may not claim these models as yours. You may not use them in a FiveM server without my permission.

I [RAYLAN GIVENS] is NOT responsible for your game breaking. These models go through heavy testing and have no issues when going live in the marketplace.








Vehicle Model: Okatu - Minor edits Raylan Givens

Lighting Equipment:
Whelen Slimlighter - HDgamerzPC
Whelen Slimlighter 5MM - RobertTM
Whelen Linz6 - Five-0
Whelen IONs - unknown (No credit in folder)
Whelen M2 - Five-0
Whelen Spitfire - JKSensation
Z-6 - Panos_zaf
Whelen ION DUOs - Krul
Interior/Exterior Parts:
Pushbar - Carper

Laptop - OfficerUnderwood
Textures edited by Raylan Givens
Console/stand - Twurtleee
Gun Rack - Black Jesus
M4 -  Walters
Shotgun -  Walters
Motorola Radio - OfficerUnderwood
Whelen Siren Controller - HDgamerzPC
Props - Rockstar, convert to zmod by Raylan Givens
K-9 Cage - Rogue_Thunder
Laird Antenna - Johnsson 


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