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2017 Police K-9 Silverado

Price: $5.50

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About this offer



This vehicle comes with a lot of different things.
This vehicles comes in RED & BLUE and BLUE & BLUE lighting.
Rotating spotlight using ``Shitf & CTRL``
extra-1 = lightbar
extra-2 = dash light
extra-3 = visor
extra-4 = grill lights
extra-5 = back window lights
extra-6 = side runners
extra-7 = back caution k9 sign
extra-8 = plate lights
extra-9 = rambar
extra-10 = antennas
extra-11 = bed equipment
extra-12 = spotlight
Vehicle base - Mcgarret
Lightbar - CEO
Visor - Bueno
Code 3 Chase - krul
Dominator - Five0
Light Textures - Buenos
Windowbars - tomcat8492
Rambar - Twurtleee
k9 cage - Billy J
Back equipment - billy J, Walters, Rogue thunder
Radar - Jakub
Antennas - Twurtleee
- Jakub
- Billy J
- 0taku
- OfficerUnderwood
- Spotlight Created By Turn10Studios; Converted And Edited By Shmurda
- Soundoff PAR46 LED Insert Created By Shmurda
- Spotlight Mounting Bracket From GameModels.RU
- Textures By Shmurda
NiceSkin - !Josh
(If i forgot any credits please let me know)

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