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Welcome to GTAPoliceMods, like most online communities you must register to interact or post within our community, but don't worry this is a simple free process that requires minimal information for you to signup. Guests can NOT download files. This is to prevent bots and malicious users. If you wish to have these restrictions removed, you can create an account or signing in. By signing up you gain the ability to...

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    Version 7.2.7


    I Thank every single soul that has supported this very long project from the start. It has been such a pleasure working on this Tahoe for release, and I hope to make more quality developer releases like this one. ________________________________________________________________________________ -I do ask for a few favors when using this base model. -Do NOT release in a unlocked state. -Do NOT sell this base model -Please do NOT use parts of this model or any equipment off it on other models without permission -Do NOT re upload this model to any other sites than the ones I have released on, doesn't matter if you "fixed" or did something to it. -Do NOT sell using this base model without special authorization to do so, -if you are wanting to sell using this base model please DM me on Discord Dan with the Van!#8386 -Please for the love of god take your time and create a nice and quality model instead of rushing a release this is the way you can respect my work. ________________________________________________________________________________ -Only credit is needed when releasing using this model. - A huge thanks to everyone below for helping make this project as good as it is. Krul, TickleMyElmo, Blaster, HP Deskjet, Bigams, INSAN1TY, Billy J and Maurice97 ________________________________________________________________________________ An update will come soon that features a lower yft size I'm not happy with the normal on the doors and rear body so thats gonna be fixed very soon ________________________________________________________________________________ https://discord.gg/kstFFq3 This is a link for my personal discord server where I will be posting on future wip's if you are looking for some really nice interior parts for this Tahoe check out my good friend billy https://discord.gg/aGT7yex
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    FivePD Announcement We are glad to announce that GTAPoliceMods Development Studios has started the development of "FivePD"! FivePD is going to be a unique FiveM game mode where players can play as a law enforcement officer in FiveM. Aimed to be similar to LSPD:FR, FivePD will offer a unique way for you, your friends, or community to play together. The goal of this new game mode is to bring the fundamental concepts of the LSPDFR singleplayer mod to multiplayer. Please note that this is still at a very early stage. Any screenshot or media posted on this thread or social media is subject to change. Later on, throughout the development, we will be open to suggestions/feedback. Be sure to check out the "NEWS AND UPDATES" subforum for the latest news about FIvePD, you can also check out the official FivePD gallery by clicking on "gallery" in the top header as we will be posting more screenshots there. With that said, we have a lot of work to do, so keep your eyes open on further developments! FivePD Planned Features Call for backup (players) Police Computer/MDT ALPR Traffic Stop System Police Ranks/XP System Call EMS, Coroner, Fire Dept, Prison Transport Ped Interactions An option to save your progress will be added. This will be optional, which can be turned on/off by the server owner in the config files, but it is more fun to see your old reports, cases, citations and arrests! (we will do our best to implement your previous history with your GPM account) And much more! FivePD Screenshots *Screenshots took place in a Pre-Alpha environment. Mod is subject to change. More screenshots will be updated/posted in official thread announcements or in our official FivePD gallery showcase* *Updated/new screenshots will be posted as a 'reply' on this thread and also on Twitter!* FivePD Development Team @NotCamSlice - Lead Developer @porsekin - Developer @Natixco - Developer FivePD Social Media Follow the development at @Five_PD on Twitter! Or follow the official GTAPoliceMods Twitter account! Conclusion Overall this is a brand new adventure for the GPMDS crew and we can not wait to release more information. More updates will be given on a weekly basis (such as screenshots, FAQs, etc) to this thread. In the meantime please follow the official FivePD Twitter Account and the official GPM Twitter Account to stay up to date on FivePD!
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    Developer Update #3 - "FivePD's Closed Beta & more!" FivePD Build Number: 0.9-IB (Internal Build) FivePD Official Announcement Thread Can't believe we're already 3 months into 2020 and so much has happened with FivePD, from it being announced, to interacting with the community, releasing teaser pictures of the modification and a lot more in store! Before we hop into talking and releasing some very much anticipated news, first want to thank @Natixco and @porsekin for their amazing work on this modification, without them we would never be where we're at currently, please help us thank them for their hard work! Moving forward as you can tell from the title of this update, we're going to be talking about the Progression, Closed Beta & How it will work, Testing Team, and more! FivePD's Progress During the last month and a half we've been focusing on fixing any major bugs we've encountered during the Staff Testing weekend's. Glad to announce that we're approaching the Closed Beta here really soon . If you follow our twitter account we've been constantly posting updates of what we're doing, what our developers have been implementing and what to expect in the future. Down below I suggest you check out the following links where our developers tweeted the latest of FivePD. Bugs Update: https://twitter.com/five_pd/status/1242121940913053699 Key-binds Client side: https://twitter.com/five_pd/status/1241153745901281280 Computer Settings Configuration: https://twitter.com/five_pd/status/1240043415607394305 Ped Update & Computer Popups: https://twitter.com/five_pd/status/1231662931001139201 After reading through our latest tweets, you can see our Development Team has been working hard each day making sure we aren't forgetting anything and this modification runs smoothly for all players and servers in the future. One feature I think all servers and players will like is the Configuration within the computer, all Key-Binds are setup and saved via client side so all players can set different hot keys for different functions. We can't believe we've already been working on this for 4 months now and the progression we've gotten so far, before we move onto Closed Beta we want to thank all of you for your suggestions, ideas, support for this modification, without help from the community we wouldn't be where we are right now. Again thank all of you for your help! Closed Beta Now onto the topic everyone has been waiting for, yes we're announcing the Closed Beta coming here soon. Not to giving anymore hints or anything but yes we have achieved such great news where we can finally share a teaser with the Community. Moving forward most of you are asking yourself "What's Closed Beta?", Closed Beta will be for our VIP members, we want to give back to those who have supported GTAPoliceMods and have helped us continue the work within modding community and our GPM Development Studios. Any members who are VIP members will be allowed to join our FivePD Internal Server and come test with the Developers, Staff and other VIP members! During this testing window the VIP members will come join, play, and report bugs back to our development team, we are hoping for a full turn out during this Closed Beta period. After testing has been completed, during the off time the Development Team will be reviewing all bug reports and any feedback the VIP members give us to improve upon and resolve any bugs. More information on closed beta for VIP will be announced in the GPM VIP Chat on Discord. Testing Team This is new Team we've talked about it Management and Development Teams. We think allowing a group of individuals with history and backgrounds in FiveM, Websites, Gaming, to come apply and hopefully join the Testing Team. Now to explain a little more of what is the Testing Team, these group of individuals will help GPM and GPMDS test anything from FivePD to new Forum Themes, Plugins, Assets, and more. The Testing Team will have access to view our GPMDS Developer Chat on discord to see the latest Internal development information and what other goodies we're working on. Now before becoming a Testing Team member there are some requirements, application and interview with our management team and myself before being accepted, make sure to be truthful on the application and interview. I hope to see you all apply so we can start building our Team up! Still interested and want to become apart of the Testing Team? Apply here (A little suggestion to those wanting to be on Testing Team, make sure to tell us in detail why you wanna be on the team) Some Advantages of being on Testing Team: Get exclusive Internal information about GPMDS modifications, updates, betas, early access, and more. Help test any GPM Platforms from Forums, Themes, Plugins, Websites and more. Availability to access the GPMDS Trello's allowed for the Testing Team. Make sure to follow our twitter to stay update to date daily! Before I end this, remember Sincerely, @NotCamSlice Lead Developer @Natixco @porsekin Developers
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    Preface Members, I am glad to introduce "GTAPoliceMods Development Studios"! We are glad to say that GPM will not only be a platform for your favorite developers, but it will also serve as a home for our own custom mods, designed for you, our community. I am glad to announce that @NotCamSlice will be joining the GTAPoliceMods Management Team as the Lead Developer for GPM Development Studios. The following article below was written by Cam, the article below serves as a concept idea rather than the official announcement. The "official" announcement (with videos, screenshots, and more news) will be available very soon. Introducing V.L.S. “Vehicle Lighting System” (VLS), as many of you know, Lt. Caine created his own Lighting System called Emergency Lighting System, which took a major spark in the Community, everyone including ourselves use it currently. Since a number of years have passed, we have seen more users starting to have their own role-play servers, ranging from platforms such as FiveM and RageMP (two most of the most popular as of 2019). However they ran into an issue, finding vehicles to use properly within their server(s). FiveM offers some public mods that are based off ELS to be used within their server. However, it is not the best out there and it is rarely updated and the optimization has gone down hill since. RageMP doesn’t have anything close to the “ELS” system within their own modifications, these role play servers are stuck with having to purchase non-els Vehicles from Developers, which can range from $200-$1000 for an entire vehicle pack. I am proposing to create our own Modifications for GPM, and the GTA Community, based for these Multiplayer Platforms. Both platforms support the use of C-Sharp (Coding Language), which turns out to be good for us. The reason we are doing the Vehicle Lighting System first as many won’t expect such a system that properly works to be released and shared with the community, drawing attention from the FiveM & RageMP Platform Community and our friends over at LCPDFR & Modification Universe. As this project will take more then a few months, I project any time near 6-8 months for it to be completely done. Rushing a project will turn out for bad outcome, and will not be good for the community in long run. Basically summing it up, plans to make our own Multiplayer Modifications on FiveM & RageMP Platforms, bringing a new world/life to the Community. If the idea or feedback wanted the mod to be brought to Single Player we may explore that route, but trying to compete with something the Community around has, uses and been out there is nearly impossible. The Modification would require users to Download our “GPMBaseMod.net.dll” (It will store main key components such as functions, data for other modification in future and more) name subject to change. Back Story This Multiplayer Modification is from my Arma days at 'Arma 3: Project Life' back when the Community was running fully. They created their own modification, most communities use public functions, source, models, etc. and you keep seeing the same old. At A3PL, they created everything themselves and if not done in house, they paid Creators (3rd Party Developers) to create the individual model. Same thing happens in GTA Community, everyone uses the same old modifications or tries to take credit/acclaim for it, all the modifications you could think of are already made for single player. However, you can only use them by themselves. Platforms like FiveM and RageMP have allowed players to meet new friends, individuals and bring others from across the world together for some awesome times! Currently, there are modifications out there for such, but they are either half-setup, un-optimized, or stolen code. Which isn't a good fit for the community. Creating such modifications, that allows players to come together and enjoy the times they are making, instead of having to worry about constantly fixing error, problems, with their current setup. Frameworks (hate using this word) like ESX were poorly designed and coded, even the Developer of ESX said he only spent one week and was new to LUA Language. However, over 1,000 servers use the modification, the downside to ESX is the source is public, so anyone can easily infiltrate into any server and do malicious acts towards the server or players. Continuing with ESX, there are sub-modifications made, however each one is setup different and runs differently, which can cause problems with Syncing, Networking, and issues with the database at times. Another “Framework” is called VRP, not too many servers use the modification, the downside with VRP is that there are very few modification additions, which makes it default for the role play servers to run properly. Very few servers actually code their own frameworks and run it currently. Moving forward, this modification is going to be made to beat our poorly coded, updated, and optimized current ones out there. This modification will be made for public use, meaning anyone can use it however the source will only be available to the Management Team of GPM as we don’t want others trying to copy our work and either sell it, or modify and claim it as their own. V.L.S Roadmap Definitely Subject to Change End of 2019 Since we are coming to the end of 2019, we’ve finished up the key points to staying organized and keeping up with GIT. Since December 20th, 2019 I have been working on getting the GIT repo properly setup with my drives and starting to build the Trello workflow (Trello is not publicly accessible) properly. January 2020 Start the first initiation commit of the Project. Getting the “GPMBaseMod.net.dll” setup and ready for the start of Vehicle Lighting System. Getting the base modification out of the way will save time when it comes down to the initiation of beta testing with populated servers. Base Modification consists of: Functions (call backs for future) API, HTTPS, JSON Debug Module (Check Trello for more) February 2020 Getting started or continuing working on the Vehicle Lighting System, main thing we’re focusing on is Syncing between players and optimization. Since FiveM updated their framework last year, it tells you what assets are taking the most dedicated memory.
  5. 33 points

    Version FINAL (Hotfix)


    Over the span of two years, I've created a multitude of unmarked vehicles that have seen extensive use in this community. I bring you an add-on pack that combines almost all of those unmarked vehicles together for your enjoyment and convenience. There are 35 unmarked vehicles in this pack: 2012 Chrysler 300 SRT8 (300P) 2016 Chevrolet Camaro (CAMP) 1990 Camaro IROC-Z (CAMP2) 2015 Dodge Challenger R/T (CHAP) 2015 Dodge Charger Pursuit (CHARP) 2015 Dodge Charger Pursuit Wraparound (CHARP2) 2014 Dodge Charger Pursuit (CHARP3) 2010 Dodge Charger (CHARP4) 2017 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 (COLOP) 2016 Cadillac CTS-V (CTSP) 2018 Ford F-150 Lariat (F150P) 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am (FIREP) 2016 Ford Police Interceptor Sedan (FORDP) 2020 Ford Police Interceptor Utility (FORDP2) 2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility (FORDP3) 2019 Ford Fusion Titanium (FUSP) 2013 Ford Fusion (FUSP2) 2010 Ford Fusion Sport (FUSP3) 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP (G8P) 2020 Chevrolet Tahoe SSV (HOEP) 2014 Chevrolet Tahoe SSV (HOEP2) 2016 Chevrolet Impala LTZ (IMP) 2016 Chevrolet Impala LPV (IMP2) 2018 BMW M5 (M5P) 2018 Honda Odyssey Elite (ODYP) 2017 RAM 2500 (RAMP) 2018 Dodge Durango Pursuit (RANGOP) 2018 GMC Sierra Denali (SIERP) 2017 Chevrolet Silverado SSV (SILVP) 2014 Chevrolet SS (SSP) 2019 Ford Taurus Limited (TAUP) 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee TrackHawk (TRACKP) 2020 Ford Transit (TRANP) 2011 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor (VICP) 2015 Subaru WRX STI (WRXP) -----UPGRADING----- If you're UPGRADING to a new version of this pack, all you need to do is replace the dlc.rpf and ELS VCF XML files. If you're installing this pack for the FIRST time, you must follow the steps below. -----Installation----- 1. Navigate to your dlpacks folder, located at mods\update\x64\dlcpacks 2. Enable Edit Mode 3. Drag and drop the "blueghostpack" folder inside the dlcpacks folder 4. Navigate to your data folder, located at mods\update\update.rpf\common\data 5. Locate your dlclist.xml, then right click and click "Edit" 6. Directly after the latest entry in the XML, you must put the following line: <Item>dlcpacks:/blueghostpack/</Item> 7. Click Save 8. Drag and drop the VCF.XML files to pack_default folder located at Grand Theft Auto V\ELS\pack_default 9. Start GTA V. Spawn Names Listed Above DO NOT CREATE REPLACEMENTS OUT OF ANY OF THESE VEHICLES. THEY WON'T FUNCTION PROPERLY. BUGS: A few cars have first person camera clipping, use first person at your own discretion. -----FAQ----- Q: CaN yOU mAKe tHiS fOr fiVEM?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? A: No, you may not use this on your FiveM server, nor will it ever be FiveM compatible. Piss off. Q: Can u make Non-ELS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?1 A: No, I will not make a Non-ELS version. Q: REPLACEMENT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?1 A: No, I will not make a replacement version. Q: CAN YOU REMOVE LICENSE PLATE HOLDER A: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that's gonna be a big fat "no" from me, chief. Get over it. Q: LIGHTING BAD, BOOOOOOO A: Make your own pack if you don't like it Q: GAME CRASH, TEXTURE LOSS, UR PACK SUCKS, ONE STAR BOOOOOOO A: Install these https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/packfile-limit-adjuster https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-5-gameconfig-300-cars https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/heap-limit-adjuster-600-mb-of-heap Then re-evaluate your life to find out why you one-star good shit for no reason Terms of Use: You may not use this pack in FiveM You may not reverse engineer, rip, extract, alter, or otherwise modify the models in this pack. You may upload liveries using the provided templates. Do not reupload this pack ANYWHERE for ANY REASON. Do not sell this pack for ANY REASON. Discord: https://discord.gg/3np9Me3 Stop asking me about the Ultra Pack and when it's getting updated. I'll update it when I feel like it.
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    Version V2


    ~~~ [ELS] Royal Canadian Mounted Police Mega Pack ~~~ This public beta test pack includes four cars. The 2011 CVPI, Unmarked 2011 CVPI, 2014 Tahoe, 2016 FPIU, & 2013 FPIS. MORE VEHICLES COMING SOON!
  7. 26 points

    Version 2.0


    This is A Fictional LSPD Pack Based off Gwinette PD Skins By Harrison90 I suggest you check out his work THIS IS A WORK IN PROGESS (That may not be completed) Join My Discord: https://discord.gg/pem3nDD This WILL contain Bugs and issues as stated its WIP , please pm or leave a comment. Im Aware of most bugs already. NOTE: PLEASE USE INCLUDED ELS FILES (or at least edit the files yourself to turn off sec lights aka traffic advisors on stage 3) NOTE: I USE "MAKE VISUALS GREAT AGAIN" FOR MY VISUALS WHICH KEEPS THE INTERIOR LIGHTS NOT HERPIES. (or simply edit yourself) NOTE: ALLEYS: ALT+] Special Features: Being Bad as a Moe: Front TA/Takedowns/Alley lights/Full Junky Trunky/Full Interior (working emissives)/Trunklid Spitfires/Wobble Antenna This pack contains: ELS Files Templates Tint Meta All Blue Lighting Credits 2018 Charger 2016 FPI 2016 FPIU 2011 CVPI 2014 Charger 2015 Tahoe 2017 Silverado 2018 Ram
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    Version 3.0


    LSPD Pack with Whelen Liberty Thank you everyone for making this currently the most downloaded file on GPM and the FIRST file on GPM that reached 1000+ downloads!!!! " Hello people this time i am bringing you a pretty big update for my LSPD Pack i honeslty fixed so many things compared to the previous version it would be too much to type. The pack has been redone fixing a lot of issues and adding a couple more vehicles. Light Setups, equipment, are Fictional. Livery is based on Alburqueque PD however it is Lore Friendly using the default LSPD Badge. Vehicles have ELS and Non_ELS takedowns. Unity spotlights are Non-ELS. Lightbar and Par-46 spotlight Takedowns are ELS." Vehicle List: Note: Extras mentioned above can be toggled using a trainer. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: For easier installation the pack has been mostly made into an addon DLC. OPTIONAL: Trouble shooting and FAQ: DISCLAIMERS AND TOS: - THIS IS A PUBLIC AND FREE PACK THAT CAN CURRENTLY ONLY BE FOUND ON gtapolicemods.com AND modification-universe.com YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES TO REDISTRIBUTE/SELL THIS PACK OR PARTS OF IT (TEXTURES, LIVERIES, YTD, YFT FILES ETC) ANYWHERE IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. - USE THIS MOD AT YOUR OWN RISK I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES TO YOUR GAME IF YOU SOMEHOW MESS THIS UP!!! ALSO USE A MODS FOLDER. - PLEASE DO NOT RIP OR REUPLOAD THIS FILE OR PARTS OF IT ANYWHERE. PLEASE REPSECT THE WORK SOMEONE ELSE HAS DONE. - I WOULDNT BE ABLE TO MAKE THIS WITHOUT ALL OF THE PEOPLE MENTIONED IN THE CREDITS. IF I FORGOT ANYONE/ANTYHING IN THE CREDITS LET ME KNOW AND I WILL FIX IT ASAP. - IF THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE VEHICLES SUCH AS BUGS, LODs ETC DONT LEAVE NEGATIVE REVIEWS SAYING "ITS BROKEN" LEAVE A COMMENT AND TELL ME WHAT IS WRONG SO I CAN FIX IT. - MAKING LIVERIES FOR THIS PACK IS OF COURSE ALLOWED. HOWEVER YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO REUPLOAD THE VEHICLE FILES AND YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE PARTS OF MY LIVERIES. CREDITS:
  9. 23 points

    Version 1.0.0


    [DEV] Christmas Present Pack from Panos_zaf Merry Christmass eve Everyone Heres some goodies i made but never released before its pretty simple things some of them took a lot of time to make nothing too fancy but hey ho its something. This Present Gift includes: Theres a pdf in each folder with FULL info-Credits-description-disclaimers-TOS yada yada ALL I ASK FROM PEOPLE WHO USE THIS IS TO PLEASE USE THE CORRECT CREDITS FOR ANYTHING THEY USE. AND DO NOT REUPLOAD/SELL ANY OF THESE EDITED/CONVERTED TO OTHER GAMES OR NOT IDC JUST DONT. TOS-DISCLAIMERS:
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    Members, I am glad to announce that Vivid Studios will now be releasing their mods exclusively on GTAPoliceMods. As you may know, Vivid Studios is owned and operated by @Liberty and is associated with other big-name GTA mod developers. We are glad that they have chosen GPM as their official release platform and can not wait to see their awesome mods here at GPM. To find out more about Vivid Studios, please visit the "Clubs" page or go to vivid.gtapolicemods.com.
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    Version 1.5.0


    Exclusive to gtapolicemods.com! It will not be reuploaded anywhere else. --- Jed's Disclaimer --- DO NOT distribute my content without my express permission! This includes liveries, models or the screenshots. DO NOT use the vehicles in a clan or group without my express permission. Just ask me. DO NOT edit the carcols if it comes with the pack without my express permission first. Please respect my right to deny you to do this. Please do not upload this file or a part of it to any other website without explicit permission from me The author accepts no responsibility for any damage caused to your PC, game, or anything else. DO NOT rip, dismantle or change the vehicle in any way (except for texture files). Vehicles are LOCKED for a reason. If texture files or model files bare the authors logo (a tree within a sheild), you will not remove it, as it is a watermark so the vehicle can be identified as mine. (It's normally small and well hidden).
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    HellzoneClan is a gaming community that started to develop in 2003. It operated a variety of servers for different games over its entire lifetime. Since 2008, it has been primarily centered around Garry’s Mod, running a server on its own custom roleplay game mode called Pulsar Effect Roleplay, abbreviated as PERP. PERP is a city roleplay game mode where players can become a variety of jobs including police officers SWAT, FBI, firefighters, paramedics, and can even the mayor of the city. Players also have the option of becoming criminals performing activities such as robbing civilians, raiding bases, and growing drugs. The server focuses on roleplay, so if you can imagine it, anything is possible if it’s roleplayed well! To find out more or to join the community, use the following links: PERP Server: steam://connect/ Discord: https://discord.gg/GfXtNs4 Teamspeak: ts.hellzoneclanrp.com Forum: https://hellzoneclan.org/forum/forum.php Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/realityroleplay
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    Version 1.2.0


    Westin Push Bumper Elite DO NOT CONVERT TO ANY OTHER GAME! Second public release, this one is probably better than my first one, please let me know if there's anything I can fix/improve. Use the cutouts supplied. Some departments use older Westin bars on new Chargers. Enjoy this push bumper! Thank you Bullzeye for the help! DO NOT CALCULATE NORMALS OR CHANGE IT, IT MIGHT LOOK WEIRD IN ZMOD, BUT NOT IN-GAME!
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    Version 1.0.0


    - Go Rhino Rambar pack - A small rambar pack that I decided to make a couple days ago, includes 4 different rambars for a: - 2011 Crown Victoria - 2014 Dodge Charger - 2018 Dodge Charger - 2013 Ford police interceptor sedan Terms of use - Do not re-upload - Do not claim as your own - Do not make minor edits and call it "heavily edited" Discord: https://discord.gg/aGT7yex
  16. 19 points

    Version 1.0.0


    Los Santos Police Department (Christmas/Holidays) Welp, that time of year is upon us. This is just a collection of terrible Christmas/Holiday sweaters. Big thanks to everyone for another supportive season, this has been an insane last few months. I am finally on my big drug injections so hopefully I will start feeling better. Thanks again everyone! This is as always the simple install of finding the .ytd folder of the vehicle you want to use then importing all the skins then save. Some skins may need to be renamed to work on some models. Notice any issues or have suggestions please share in the comments section. Please respect the amount of time taken and do not re-upload or rip off. Please, feel free to make a donation if you like, any amount is more than appreciated! Thanks Everyone. Vehicles used but not limited to:
  17. 19 points
    I want to say thank you to everyone who is apart of GPM. Whether you are a member or a staff member, I thank all of you for being part of this community. GPM keeps growing rapidly and hopefully continues that way. Over the past few months since the relaunch of GPM, I have made it my personal goal to listen to everyone's suggestions and feedback. As many of you know my main goal has always been to look back at the past and improve it. I do not regret, nor do have I ever had a second thought about relaunching GPM. Once again, GPM would not be here without your help and dedication. Words cannot explain how grateful I am. I can't wait to see what the future holds for GPM. --- Special Thanks To: @John Campbell @NotCamSlice @mike_art03a @PArescueEMT @Avine96 @Luckyx49 @HDgamerzPC @Twurtleee @Nobody @Sam @Carper @Him1250 @Firefighter767 @Idahome Samuel @Venom270 @yakadoshi (and many many more). These people have been here from the beginning and/or have contributed a significant about of their time and dedication towards the growth and success of GPM. --- Ray
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    Developer Update #2 - "FivePD's Release Approaching" FivePD Build Number: 0.8-IB (Internal Build) FivePD Official Announcement Thread Can't believe it's been one whole month since our last Developer Update with the community. Since the last update, we've made some big progress on FivePD and we're super excited for the release coming sooner then we have imagined. We want to thank the Community for their support, suggestions, ideas and feedback to our modification, your voice has made us bring ideas to life and make FivePD better. Most of you reading this has read the title first and think we're giving out a release date, well I can't say when however I can tell you all its coming soon, our Developers ( @Natixco, @porsekin, and @NotCamSlice) have been busting out the modification fundamentals and making sure its compatible with each operating system, community, and fits all needs. FivePD's Progress? During a month work we've came a long way since starting out. After scanning through multiple suggestions we've made modifications to FivePD to ensure configuration and future of each server is unimaginable. We hope with the tools, configuration and tutorials we are providing will allow servers to create more and unique callouts for their communities. Over the last few weeks we've made a change from MongoDB to MySQL, this switch happened as many communities are more familiar and currently using MySQL. Check out below for some inside look at what the Configuration file will look like: Following up on the Progression, we've also completed some more Callouts. For a full list Check below: Active Shooter Biker on the Highway Intoxication Medical Assistance Peace Officer Impersonator Solicitation Welfare Check Person walking with a Gun Trespassing Person with a Knife Civilian requiring medical assistance We've also made some improvements and updates on our Computer System. Since before the last Developer Update we've mentioned about implementing an XP Level system to encourage the Officers to do more to earn XP and rank through our ranks within the system, yes we have allowed you to change the ranks within the configuration files. As well we've added a Department Selections of LSPD, BCSO, LSSD, all these mentioned, the ranks we've listed by default can be changed and their permissions can as well. Check out the screenshots below to look at the changes! Beta? Moving forward we are going to start releasing more screenshots on our Twitter and more development progress there as well. Also with the beta fast approaching we want to remind everyone that FivePD will be in Beta stage meaning there may be some bugs we have not notice, we encourage everyone to submit bug reports to us, this will help most definitely to make sure your experience is the best. A few days before release you will see a forum section where bug reports can be made for our development team and we'll be releasing a tutorial on how to create your own Callouts for the game-mode. Can't thank you all enough for the support you've shown to us. Myself and rest of the Community Team can't wait to release this and the future updates and/or Projects. More Developer Updates/Blogs will be coming out in 2 weeks, make sure you read that! Sincerely, Cam Lead Developer
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    Version 2.5


    THIS PACK IS A TEXTURE PACK AND NO MODELS ARE INCLUDED. ALL MODELS USED HAVE A LINK INCLUDED BELOW! Echo Wolf Designs is proud to release our San Andreas EMS & Fire Rescue for the hard working first responders of San Andreas! This pack includes Livery for San Andreas Emegency Medical Services as well as San Andreas Regional Fire Department and San Andreas LifeFlight Medevac services! San Andreas Emergency Medical Services is a private medical company who has partnered with Echo Wolf Designs to re image their entire fleet and provide support for the Citizens across the state. The Fire Departments across the state have decided to combine under one name to better serve the community. San Andreas Regional Fire Department is better equipped and funded to serve with professionalism and pride. San Andreas LifeFlight Medevac services have decided to lend a few helicopters to the fleet to better provide Trauma transport and help getting to hard to reach locations. This pack includes both 2k and 4k livery in their appropriate folders. and WILL be updated with more vehicle livery. As well as Fire Vehicles and helicopters! Huge shout out for the amazing work and time put in by @medic4523 on all his amazing fleets! Love the Vanbulance by @Keithsuch amazing work and great addition to any EMS fleet! Pack Breakdown & Links Install Instructions Ultimate Backup Install Instructions Please do not rip, Alter, Claim as your own or re upload this or any of my packs without getting permission (Please see Legal README found below for all terms) LEGAL README
  21. 17 points
    Members, It is with great pleasure to announce that @medic4523 will be releasing his incredible content here at GPM! For those of you who do not know who Medic4523 is, he is a vehicle developer who makes high-quality emergency vehicles for Grand Theft Auto V. Very soon we will be adding a new download sub-category for him and his team to upload his content. That sub-category is where you can expect to find all of his releases and content for Grand Theft Auto V. Be sure to join the official GTAPoliceMods Discord server (here) to stay up to date with the latest community news. Lastly, I want to thank everyone for helping the growth of GPM. It is incredible how fast GPM is growing, and it is all thanks to you, our members. The rest of the GPM staff team and I are looking forward to his releases and future modifications uploaded to GPM. Thank you, Ray
  22. 17 points

    Version 1.0


    Includes 3 different types of Kustom Signals Radars and Controllers as well as the antennas and a Reference Manual. I'll add more to this in the future such as more mounts and small things like tuning forks etc.
  23. 16 points

    Version 2.0 FINAL


    This pack is a collection of wheel types for various police vehicles. The purpose is to allow players to further customize their rides to fit their taste. SO HELP ME GOD, IF I SEE ANY ONE OF YOU HEATHENS USING A WHEEL THAT DOESN'T FIT THE VEHICLE YOU PUT IT ON, I'LL SLAP YOU ON THE TIT. After much consideration, I’ve had a change of heart. FiveM usage is allowed FOR THIS WHEEL PACK ONLY. -----Installation----- 1. Navigate to your dlpacks folder, located at mods\update\x64\dlcpacks 2. Enable Edit Mode 3. Drag and drop the "wheelvarietypack" folder inside the dlcpacks folder 4. Navigate to your data folder, located at mods\update\update.rpf\common\data 5. Locate your dlclist.xml, then right click and click "Edit" 6. Directly after the latest entry in the XML, you must put the following line: <Item>dlcpacks:/wheelvarietypack/</Item> 7. Click Save 8. Start GTA V. -----Expansion----- Nah lol -----Contents----- There are 18 wheel choices that will fit most common police vehicles in modern model years. Ford CVPI: 3 Ford Police Interceptor: 2 Dodge Charger: 7 Chevrolet Caprice: 1 Chevrolet Tahoe: 4 Chevrolet Impala: 1 USE THE CORRECT WHEEL FOR THE CORRECT VEHICLE AND TRIM LEVEL NO ALL-WHEEL-DRIVE WHEELS ON A REAR-WHEEL-DRIVE CHARGER, GOD DAMN IT. -----Applying your wheels----- Simply open your trainer menu, and navigate to the wheel customization section. You will find them under the "Sport" category Enjoy!
  24. 16 points
    Developer Update #1 - "FivePD's Fundamentals" FivePD Build Number: 0.7-IB (Internal Build) FivePD Official Announcement Thread Introduction Welcome to the first edition of FivePD's Developer Update! In this edition we will be discussing the current development state of FivePD, what we have in-store for the future, and answer some of the most commonly asked questions. The whole purpose of this thread is to showcase the amazing work that the GPM Development Team has achieved so far. Within the next several weeks, the development team and @NotCamSlice will be making seperate new threads regarding key features. For example, one week we will make a thread just about FivePD's callouts or other key features within the mod so be sure to keep your eye out on the "News and Updates" subforum! Without further ado, let's dive on in! FivePD's Development Team Message The GPMDS team would like to remind everyone that this gamemode puts players into the front lines as a Police Officer with other players within the server. The whole purpose and goal of FivePD is to provide the GTA community a gamemode which allows all the users of the server to roleplay as a police officer. As we continue to work hard and note down all of your suggestions, we remind you that FivePD is still in development and features listed in threads, although we will try, may not make it in the first version of FivePD. We also want to thank @Bullzeyefor helping make the official new logo for FivePD. FivePD's Latest Planned Features On Release - Ability to choose your department when you connect to the server - Ranking System based on 'XP' (this can also be disabled if you wish the Chief of Police or Higher Ranks to handle promotions) - XP system will give you ingame XP depending on how you act as a police officer (time on server, # of callouts, traffic stops, etc) - Fully Functional Police Computer - AI Traffic Stop System - FivePD's Admin Panel (for server admins/staff) - Open Source Callout API System - Ability to create a callsign, username and password for the in-game police computer (server owner will be able to edit the config file to customize certain options. More will be released soon) - Panic Button/Backup System - Frisk/Search System (car and ped) - Ability to look up the suspects name, license plate number and license to carry - "Follow Me/Mimic Me" feature for traffic stops - Ability to create realistic yet creative arrest reports - Citation System - View Current Callouts Within the Police Computer FivePD's Latest Callouts Don't forget, with our custom API system you will be able to create more callouts! FivePD's Latest Screenshots FivePD's Popular FAQ Q: Can players play as a Civilian/EMS/Fire? A: FivePD's goal is to create an innovative yet powerful gamemode which allows all players to play as a Law Enforcement Officer. Q: How easy will this be for server owners to set up on their own FiveM servers? Do I need to be a mathematician, or can I be just a regular old joe? A: It's enough if you're just a regular old joe. Just drag and drop the plugin folder into your server's resources folder and boom, it's working. Q: How does the backup system work when requesting for help? A: There will be 2 backup request mode. One is sent to all players and the other request will be sent to only the players who are close to you. Q: Will people who play as a civilian be able to register their player in the CAD? A: No. Players can only play as police officers with this mod and interact only with AI pedestrians. Maybe in a future update there will be an option to register yourself in the CAD, but not in the release. Q: How can I install the mod? A: Just simply drag and drop the mod into your FiveM server's resources folder. Have a question? Click here to view the official FAQ/Suggestions thread! Conclusion On behalf of the entire Development Team we want to thank everyone for your support for FivePD! We are excited on releasing more information in the coming weeks and making sure to bring you the best quality gamemode for FiveM. In the meantime, don't forget to follow the FivePD's official twitter account to stay up to date on minor developments and the occasional screenshots If you have any questions please post them here Thank you, @Ray - Community Director @NotCamSlice - Head Developer of GPMDS @porsekin - Developer of FivePD / Developer of GPMDS @Natixco - -Developer of FivePD / Developer of GPMDS
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    From the album: Jed's Works

    Some new styled traffic lights for my new San Andreas Map project, which is the new version of my previous San Andreas Tree Project. All new props and such are being added!

    © Jedahdiah

  26. 16 points

    Version 1.0.2


    My first ever ELS car so criticise the shit out of it, just don't be too harsh because I don't take criticism well xD. Hope y'all enjoy it though. This was a car going like *based* off Boston PD but I changed the design and kind of went with a custom concept so yeah. ________________________________________________________________________________ Terms of use and FAQ -Do NOT resell this model -Do NOT reupload to any other site without permission from my self -Do NOT ask for a unlocked version of this model -Do NOT ask for any part on this vehicle -Q: Will you make me a vehicle? A: No -Q: Will you make my clans vehicles? A: No, now fuck off -Q: When will the all blue version come? A: When I finish it, I have a lot of class work to deal with -Q: May I use this vehicle in FiveM? A: Yes, but you have to provide players with an easy way to access credits I include with the file and a link to the original mod, for example on your website or Discord server. ________________________________________________________________________________ -If you make a skin for this model directly, please use proper credits. - Big thanks to Dan With Da Van for the help on this! ________________________________________________________________________________ Future planned updates -Red & Blue Version -Small updates to the lights -Fix any bugs that get reported to me ________________________________________________________________________________ Btw extra 12 for this vehicle is the spotlight This is a link to my Discord where you can keep up with my wip, discord releases and whatever else and if you do join well thank you https://discord.gg/3Fue4WT ________________________________________________________________________________ If you need to contact me, please message me via this website. Thank you!
  27. 16 points

    Version 3.0.0


    Whelen Legacy If you want to use the colored inserts, make sure to remap the reflector to the corresponding color, the same goes for the smoked lens variant. This lightbar is already scaled, but you will have to adjust the brackets to fit the vehicle, and move the lightbar's wire down into the car's roof. If you want the smoked lens version, make sure to replace "lightbar_glass" with "lightbar_glass_smoked" in zmod and the ytd. Important!!! DO NOT CALCULATE NORMALS ON THE BRACKETS Pictures taken by @L1MITED By downloading this file, you agree not to redistribute as your unlocked resource, unless permission is granted by the Author (Five0/OfficerFive0) Please DO NOT claim you "Heavily Edited" this file, if all you did was move some vertices, or scale.
  28. 16 points

    Version 1.2A


    2018 Dodge Charger Pursuit 1.2A The car I've been working on for the past eight months or so, finally done. I've worked incredibly hard on it so I hope you all enjoy and appreciate it as much as I do. I highly recommend using both the carvariations and the vehicles.meta when you go in game with the vehicle. The carvariations fixes the dial color and the vehicles.meta fixes the dials . Please alert me on any vehicle bugs, inaccuracies, or anything else. Additional Notes > A huge thank you to Cj24, Kane104, EVI, Patrol 31, Steinberg , Desmond , NeOnLaZeR, Izick, Rekram, HDgamerzPC, Ranger Rick for all their support. This wouldn't have been completed without them! > If you're going to use this model please take your time and create a quality model. Do not rush any releases or make any variants that do not make sense. This is how you can respect my work. Thank you. Credits - Original vehicle model is 2015 Dodge Charger from Forza, edited into the 2018 Dodge Charger Pursuit by Matt with parts from FH3 and Gamemodels - Seats, center mirror, shifter and dash edits modeled and done by Kane104 - commissioned by Ranger Rick - Major help from EVI for digital dial information and help to get the dials working and his patience to help me - Rear bumper diffuser modeled by Patrol 31 Normal edits by Steinberg - AWD/Charger badge modeled by iansonwheels Converted to V by Matt - AWD Steelies/Hubcap modeled by iansonwheels Converted to V by Matt - Big thanks to Cj24 for beta testing the model and help with spec maps and normal maps and his overall knowledge of gta materials - Interior dial textures made by NeonLazer - Interior button textures made by Slendis - Rims from Gamemodels.ru Centercap edited by Matt - Dome Light modeled by Matt - A big thanks to Cj24, Kane104, EVI, Patrol 31, Steinberg , Desmond , NeOnLaZeR, Izick, Rekram, HDgamerzPC, and a big thanks to Ranger Rick who bought 3D parts so that i wouldn't give up on this project and bought me a Zmodeler license so that i can keep working on this project Thank you Rick. - Another big thanks to iansonwheels who had the time to make the AWD steelies and AWD package stuff.... - Thank you to everyone who supported me and the project... 1.2A fixed the awd rims to look better and more IRL and did some bug fixing on some lods and added non center cap for RWD this should the last update i hope Template https://i.imgur.com/KApVnZM.jpg This is currently the best Public DEV Version of my charger the people who have my private improved one keep using that one I just thought i should Upload it on GPM just in case people didn't see it on MF... Enjoy
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    Version 0.5


    BCSO Mega Pack with Whelen Liberty 2 "Hello folks this time i made a Fictional BCSO Mega Pack with mainly a Whelen Liberty 2 also inluding plenty of Unmarked Cars and some Variety among them when it comes to equipment and lights. Keep in mind this pack is technically still a WIP; in the future i plan to add more vehicles and maybe change a couple of things with the interior equipment. The next update doesnt have a time shcedule however it wont be earlier than 3 months from the release day. Vehicles have ELS and some Non_ELS takedowns. Unity spotlights are Non-ELS. Lightbar, Par-46 spotlight and some ion Takedowns are ELS." Vehicle List: Note: Extras mentioned above can be toggled using a trainer. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: For easier installation the pack has been mostly made into an addon DLC. DISCLAIMERS AND TOS: - THIS IS A PUBLIC AND FREE PACK THAT CAN CURRENTLY ONLY BE FOUND ON gtapolicemods.com AND modification-universe.com YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES TO REDISTRIBUTE/SELL THIS PACK OR PARTS OF IT (TEXTURES, LIVERIES, YTD, YFT FILES ETC) ANYWHERE IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. - USE THIS MOD AT YOUR OWN RISK I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES TO YOUR GAME IF YOU SOMEHOW MESS THIS UP!!! ALSO USE A MODS FOLDER. - PLEASE DO NOT RIP OR REUPLOAD THIS FILE OR PARTS OF IT ANYWHERE. PLEASE REPSECT THE WORK SOMEONE ELSE HAS DONE. - I WOULDNT BE ABLE TO MAKE THIS WITHOUT ALL OF THE PEOPLE MENTIONED IN THE CREDITS. IF I FORGOT ANYONE/ANTYHING IN THE CREDITS LET ME KNOW AND I WILL FIX IT ASAP. - IF THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE VEHICLES SUCH AS BUGS, LODs ETC DONT LEAVE NEGATIVE REVIEWS SAYING "ITS BROKEN" LEAVE A COMMENT AND TELL ME WHAT IS WRONG SO I CAN FIX IT. - MAKING LIVERIES FOR THIS PACK IS OF COURSE ALLOWED. HOWEVER YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO REUPLOAD THE VEHICLE FILES AND YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO RIP MY LIVERIES.
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    Members, As many of you know there have been many questions on how to achieve the "Verified Developer" rank here at GPM. Verified Developers are those who upload quality downloadable content to GPM and interact within the community. How does someone become a verified developer you ask? Well, by the Verified Developer Election Process. The election is held once every four months and you, the community, are given the ability to nominate candidates. For an in-detail description on how this works please visit vote.gtapolicemods.com for more information. With that said, we encourage the community to read the recommended reasons on why you should vote for a Verified Developer below. Reasons for Voting Someone to Become A Verified Developer They interact within the community (make threads, upload gallery images, reply to threads, etc) They have a good GPM/GTA Community Reputation They frequently upload good quality content They overall stay active Verified Developers Features Their own download sub-category Their own sub domain (user.gtapolicemods.com) Moderation powers within their download section (pin, lock, hide, delete, etc) Ability to "block" users from downloading their files (if a user violates their ToS, etc. Note that the developer must have a reason and evidence to put someone on their "block" list) View who has downloaded their content More to come soon Verified Developer Election Process We want the "Verified Developer" role at GPM to be something that is earned, not given. Which is why we have decided to follow this process. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact us at support.gtapolicemods.com Thank you, ~Ray
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    Version Phase One (Update #3.5)


  32. 14 points
    Hey guys, (This is just a thought piece and not meant to start flames or etc. So I encourage opinions and responses, but dont respond just to flame wars.) Some of you guys know how old I am and how long Ive been around the GTA modeling/modding scene (since 2007-2008ish). I guess in a way I wanted to take a few minutes here to bring up some points. Alot has changed since the old modding days and I wanted to discuss some of the changes. Modding use to be a culture... it used to be people looking to expand the value and gameplay of a game for as long as they could. With modding there came communities of modders. These modders worked together, shared knowledge, helped each other out, taught each other different things, discussed different techniques or ways of doing things or getting stuff done, shared resources/textures/models/assets/etc. You would spend hours upon hours in voice chats enjoying playing the game, using your creativity to think of mods to make, make the mods, test the mods, discuss with other modders about your mod, etc. Youd laugh, share some methods and things, talk about home stuff, etc. You knew each other as if it was a group of people that would meet up in the "ol' garage workshop", crack open a beer, and work on making their model kits together or working on "fixing the car together", etc. Youd make friendships that lasted lifetimes with each other... Hell Ive even become roommates with someone in my younger years I met through modding GTA because I was homeless when I came home from the service... and him and I still talk to this day (every day). These were friends that I could "log on" and talk to on good days and bad... talk to about stuff I didnt even really want to talk to real life people about.... all while "modding" a game and just "having a chat with the boys". These were the friendships and good times "iTs JuSt MoDdInG BrUh" brought us in those days. It was a legit "community" of people that helped each other AND watched out for each other. I can go on and on and on... but I know itll all just sound the same after a while. Now-a-days why does it seem so different? Why does it have to be different? Why is it "its about me and nobody else"? Why is it "fuck them"? Why is there a lack of respect between modders? Why is there a seemingly "need" by some to even purposely derail or fuck over others? Why is it so rare to find someone sharing knowledge or information even? Of course some will just say: "Well its just toxic and it always will be". Of course it will, unless we decide to change that as a community. As a community of MODELERS AND MODDERS. Forget the titles of GPM, FR, MU, etc... Im talking grand scale of GTA modding period. Why CANT we be more considerate of each other? Why CANT we be more assisting and helpful of each other? Why CANT we learn and build together? Why does this seem like such a hard or impossible thing to achieve? Why IS it impossible to achieve? Weve been through alot as a modding community all-together... from threats of lawsuits against modders and communities... to all out wars on websites between groups of people... weve been through it all already... so why cant we all just band together as modders at least? Why fight each other amongst the inside as well? Think about how, not only great for eveyone, but how strong as a modding community we'd be if we just ALL worked together and REALLY blew up modding games because we were all working together. The strides in modding would be IMMENSE. Content, assets, etc would be abundant and enormous. But everytime we fuck each other over, chase away someone trying out of the community, rip or leak someones hard work, etc... we prevent that from happening. We are stopping OURSELVES from growing as a community. Nobody else is. In closing I guess Id just like to see the old way of going about things. To enjoy a hobby with a group of people that enjoy it in the same way, sit back, and crack some jokes with the community of people in the "ol' garage" while we fix some cars.... Remember opinions and additions are welcome, but keep it constructive and clean. Regards, Bullzeye #BringItBack
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    Version 1.0


    My first ever car so criticise the shit out of it thanks. Hope yall enjoy it and all that. Credits: Crown Victoria Mudflaps Modelled and Textured by - Jakub Crown Victoria Raingaurds Modelled and Textured by - Otaku Antennas Modelled & Textured by - Jakub CF54 Modelled and Textured by - Underwood Federal Signal Controller Modelled And Textured By - Jakub Havis Consoles Modelled by - Jakub & Josh Havis Consoles Textures by - Jakub Havis Docks Modelled & Textured by - Jakub Radar Head Modelled & Textured by - Jakub Remote Control Modelled & Textured by - Jakub Radar Antennas Modelled & Textured by - Gump Motorola XTL5000 Radio by - OfficerUnderwood Setina Partition Modelled By - Jakub Setina Partition Textured By - Walters Whelen Talon scratch modeled by - Five0/OfficerFive0 Suction mount scratch modeled by - Stienberg Converted To GTA 5 by - Five0/OfficerFive0 Whelen Rear Inner Edge scratch modeled by - Five0/OfficerFive0 Converted To GTA 5 by - Five0/OfficerFive0 Emis Texture by - cj24 Spotlights Textured By Iansonwheels Modeled By Iansonwheels Unity Module Modeled By Shurmda 2010 Ford CVPI by Turn 10 Studios, Converted to V by OfficerUnderwood Edited into 98-11 by OfficerUnderwood (Fill in rest from below) (All Turn 10 stuff are not included as covered by first credit) Steering Wheels 98-04 Steering wheel by Ubisoft 98-05 Guages by Ubisoft AM/FM/CD by OfficerUnderwood AM/FM/TAPE by Ubisoft 98-02 Headrests and textures by Lundy 98-02 Front door panels by Ubisoft, Rear by Schaefft 98-02 Light panel by Ubisoft Chrome and Matte Black grille by Ubisoft 98-08 Trim by OfficerUnderwood, SAP by Schaefft 98-02 Steelies by (Fuck if I know but thanks, Lundy didn't include shit of credits on his 98 just names) 03 Steelies by Carper 06-11 Steelies by Carper 98-02 Hubs by OfficerUnderwood 03-05 Hubs by (Fuck if I know), modified by OfficerUnderwood 06-11 Hubs by Carper
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    Version 1.0.2


    This Tahoe is made after a Tahoe that Emergency Fleet Services made. Uses all Whelen lighting instead of Feniex cause we aren't broke bois. Took about a week to do. Credits, bugs, and installation info is included in the read me. (YOU MUST READ THE READ ME) Shout out to @John Campbellfor the screenshots and beta testing and finding the bugs. The bugs will be fixed in the next update. I hope you enjoy using the Tahoe! (This is the first release I've done in a very long time so go easy pls)
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    I would like to take time out of my morning to thank all of the first responders here, from one to another. I've been there, I understand what we give up daily, and I know the struggles we go through both physically and mentally every day. To all the active LEO's, Fire, EMT's and Paramedics, even all the active and retired military we have here. Sincerely, thank you. If you ever want to make one of their days better while you are out and about, and they are working their shift, give them a simple thank you. Just that simple act can make their day go for bad to better all because of that one simple act.
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    Version 1.2.0


    Well tis the season of giving and I have told a lot of people that I was shooting for a Christmas release. I figured I'd put my money where my mouth was and get it done. I have spent a lot of time working on these Tahoes for you to enjoy. This is my second release I have ever made and I know there are going to be some things wrong here and there. These Tahoes have been a HUGE learning curve. Included in this pack is a Marked unit with a Legacy Lightbar, a ghosted slicktop, and a K9 slicktop. IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT THESE BE ADDED TO A DLC PACK, ALTHOUGH THEY ARE SET UP TO REPLACE CURRENT VEHICLES. If you do not know how to install a custom DLC pack, please refer to these videos: With that being said I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. Cool Stuff: All Three Models have Traffic Advisors The K9 is Extra_10 on the K9 variant The ALPR's are Extra_10 on the Slicktop The Slicktop skin is Transparent so body color can be changed Known Issues: Yes, when you open the rear hatch, the lights dont follow it, I'm aware. Im sure theres other small things I can think of right now. FAQ: Will you make me something? No How are your lights so bright? Radiance V Will you make a NON ELS version? No Is this FiveM ready? Also no. How do I install this? Go to your latest patch day, rename the files to what them to replace and drag and drop. I would like to thank @sergeantFrank and @Tacticool Connor For the screenshots and Beta testing. I would also like to thank @Bigams @Dan with da van and @krul for all the help along the way. I would also like to thank @mathfeeEw and @Sheriff Woody for their help in Beta testing as well. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE TO YOUR GAME, MAKE A BACKUP.
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    Version 1.0.0


    INFORMATION - CREDITS - INSTRUCTIONS Please do not share or post this download on any other platform. These models are released on MU & GPM ONLY. These models and contents are property of medic4523 and those listed in the credits. Feel free to create custom skins and share with the community. Proper credit should given back to the model author(s), along with a link to the original model download. SUPPORT Support is available for any needed assistance with installing the DLC, models, or VG+ by visiting my Discord and following the proper channels. The only requirement is this: WATCH THE TUTORIAL VIDEOS FIRST.
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    First of all, let me say that, for me, this is by far the most exciting thing to be announced since FiveM itself! No exaggeration whatsoever. For years friends and family played on GTA IV online with unstable LCPDFR callouts. Then we started a FiveM server using PoliceMod, with all the required workarounds, despite the fact that it messed up the weapon wheel and other things upon death. To counter we even scripted a hackish alternative death system so to avoid the glitch. Still, fun was had! When Police Interactive Script came around last year or so, we adopted this instead, but it is a bit buggy and limited too. I have tinkered with it a lot to fix bugs, have AI ambulance and coroner dispatched (coroner would be a suggestion to you), but not being a professional scripter it has been a struggle. But now, FINALLY, someone is making a genuine attempting to bring an LSPDFR to FiveM. I can't tell you how excited I am. From the tinkering and struggles I went through, I sure hope you can better navigate the issues with FiveM netcode, AI peds, synchronized events, unstable netIDs, etc etc.!!! You have your work cut out for you. Sorry for the long intro. The big question I would ask (I may have missed this in the announcement) is: will this be released with or as open source code? As with others above asking about customizations, we run an RCMP theme so the ability to tweak little words here and there in the code for customization would be the 'icing on the cake' for me. Above all, thanks so much for this long overdue and very ambitious project!
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    From the album: Patient zero

    Just a fun project.

    © Billy J Modifications

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    Version 2.0


    Another dev part. Pretty coooool. It was requested by @ZeakorDesigns . And yes i have no idea how to call that thing so ima just call it a lightbar. epic. enjoy
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    From the album: Commission W.I.P.

    © Skin Works

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    My goal as an affiliate is to promote this great website through my YouTube channel. A little about myself and the channel: I have been a Paramedic first responder for several years serving the Dallas / Fort Worth community. Been on YouTube since 2015. I was featured on Jeff Favignano's channel here https://youtu.be/91o1tqRBGmI?t=204 This channel is mainly dedicated to GTA 5 LSPDFR with occasional different type of game here and there, and I will continue to produce content often. The channel is ever growing and I have fantastic dedicated viewers that leave great comments and suggestions. I have done several tutorials on how to install lspdfr, cars, sirens and other mods. PS: I love to test out plugins for new modders and also love to preview any car mods on my YouTube channel. If you have any vehicles that you want to promote, be sure to send me a message on the site. Check us out on discord https://discord.gg/cxVZwSC Follow me on Twitter here https://twitter.com/BenzoEffect
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    Precision Esports is an up and coming US based Esports Organization focused on growing our community and competing on the highest level. Being community driven allows us to be more personal and interactive with our members as well as give the opportunity for anyone to be a part of our venture. As of now, we curate a handful of Esports teams including Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Rainbow Six Siege (PC), and soon enough, Rocket League (PC). In the near future, we will also be hosting leagues and tournaments for our respective Esports titles. If you're interested in being a part of our community, head over to https://discord.io/PRCN to join. Venom (Owner - Precision Esports, LLC) Twitter.com/PrecisionEsp
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    ~~~ [ELS] RCMP Slicktop 2011 Crown Victoria ~~~ This is a additional vehicle to the original ELS Royal Canadian Mounted Police pack linked below. It acts as a replacement vehicle for the unmarked Crown Victoria in that pack so you can choose between unmarked or slicktop. It's a simple a drag and drop of the vehicle files, all other required files are included in the original ELS RCMP pack linked below. But if you wish, you can make this vehicle work as a standalone vehicle as the ELS file is included.
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    Version 1.0


    yes. polycount is around 6.9k polys but you can easily go 6.5k if you replace the takedowns with normal modules so that cool i guess. k bye
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    Version 2.5


    THIS PACK IS A TEXTURE PACK AND NO MODELS ARE INCLUDED. ALL MODELS USED HAVE A LINK INCLUDED BELOW! EchoWolf Designs would like to present an entirely new fleet livery to the San Andreas State Police! This pack will continue to be updated with new vehicles to cover the entire State Police Force! This pack WILL be updated with more vehicles. This pack includes both 2k and 4k textures in their appropriate folders. HUGE THANKS to both Samuel and SquirrelKong for their videos of my packs! I highly suggest using @TickleMyElmo LSPD Pack Which is breathtaking and tons of work has been put in on! (linked Below) Giant shout out and also suggest using @Frost88 LSPD PACK. Frost does amazing work and gives a lot back to the community! (linked Below) Showing all the love to @BlueGhost a great developer and friend! Everything he makes is FIRE and you should check his work out! San Andreas State Police EUP Uniforms All credit for this beautiful video goes to Rhage!! PACK STREAM VIDEOS Pack Breakdown Vehicle Links Street Crimes "Ghosted" Vehicle Links Install Instructions Ultimate Backup and LSPDFR Data Files Please do not rip, Alter, Claim as your own or re upload this or any of my packs without getting permission (Please see Legal README found below for all terms) LEGAL README I couldn’t have done such an amazing pack without the countless hours put in by and the help of my co designer Sereous313 and our entire team!! Please read the credits and remember that it is never a compete list of credits as it's a huge list so shout out to all developers, modelers, and artists\graphic designers! As well as anyone I've overlooked accidentally.
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    Version 2.0


    Hello hello. This is a code 3 wingman that i made. Its pretty low poly so thats cool.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Hey! Okay so, I originally made these cars almost a year ago in the attempt to make a massive SCHP pack. For many reasons that pack has been put on hold for now but I felt bad for posting pictures of the cars I finished without sharing them. I shared them in my discord however I wanted to share them with the community. These cars aren't up to my current standards but I don't have the time to fully redo them, I'm sorry about that. They are based on South Carolina Highway Patrol. The liveries are lore friendly and the interiors are not accurate as I did not have interior pictures at the time of making these. I really hope to continue progress on a newer pack in the near future that will be %100 accurate. I really hope you all enjoy these cars and get some fair use out of them. This pack will not be updated unless there is major bugs (which there shouldn't be) until my pack is ready to release. Included: 2011 Crown Victoria marked 2011 Crown Victoria slicktop 2011 Crown Victoria unmarked 2014 Tahoe marked 2014 Tahoe slicktop Credits ReadMe Screenshots
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    Inferno Collection: Police Panic Public Beta Version 1.21 The Police Panic script is a simple Standalone script that allows Officers to tune into a “Panic Channel”, which allows them to receive Panic Button activations, as well as activate their own Panic Button. Once a Panic Button is activated, all tuned Officers will hear an Emergency tone, followed by the name of the Officer, their nearest street and cross street, as well as a large flashing blip on their map, with a flashing map route; these will only display for a few seconds. Presently, the following can be customized: Cooldown time between activations Chat Messages Amount of time blip and route show for Toggleable reminder Auto tuning Based off of whitelist OR Based off of vehicles Toggleable notifications and chat suggestions Which players can use which command (via a whitelist). Choice of three whitelist options: Steam ID based JSON file Ace Permissions No whitelist Development Showcase Video Pictures Download Link https://github.com/inferno-collection/Police-Panic/releases Check out the Wiki for an installation guide, as well as to find out how to use the resource. If you have any troubles, suggestions, feedback, etc, please check the Wiki and/or create a new issue on GitHub. Thank you to our Alpha Testers, and their respective servers and players, for testing this resource: LurkingSpirit #8338 Tom | DutchGamingsHD15#7193 J. Hughesman #6922 Ovist#9081 FamalamJamalam#0001 Beerasaurus - Rex#9371 Trevor Cory#7451 The Inferno Collection Team ChristopherM Scott_UK FrozenN00b Interested in keeping up-to-date with what we are working on? Check out our roadmap. Why is this posted here and not in the download section? See here.
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