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    A Message From Ray Members, July 26th, 2020 will mark one year since the relaunch of GTAPoliceMods. Quite frankly, I do not even know where to start by writing this message. I am very proud of the overall growth from where we were last year to now. Our goal was simple when I decided to relaunch GPM; that goal was to re-establish a once prevalent and loved gaming community from the grave. I am glad to say that in a year, we have accomplished so much as a community. From starting Verified Developer elections, changing our logo, adding more site features, FivePD, and more users utilizing GPM. We value all developers who upload content to GTAPoliceMods and all of our fantastic users to download content to better their game/community. Our goal is also to ensure that GTAPoliceMods is a place where you and others can call home. A place where staff are mature and genuinely listen to your concerns. A place that values you for who you are, rather than a statistic. I believe GPM is that 'place' today and will continue to accomplish so much more in the future. Kind regards, Ray New Downloads System A few weeks ago, I instructed @FiveTwelve that our goal should be to renovate and rebuild our Downloads system. Personally, I am not a fan of the layout nor design of our old Downloads system. I feel that it's too hard to find files and truly see all the great content that has been uploaded by incredible developers. With that said, I am pleased to announce that GTAPoliceMods has successfully finished the development of our new downloads system. This new system introduces many new features to GPM that we feel will help benefit the community. Without getting too technical, this custom made download system by GPMDS sets the footprint of GPM. We are no longer bound and tied to IPBoards default downloads system; we now have ours instead. You may be asking 'What's New?', below is a list of everything that has changed. Download Category Tabs - Easily navigate around the download system File Preview - View inside the file before downloading Filter by tags - You can now filter by ELS cars, Model Status, and much more! Popular Files - GPM now has a 'content algorithm' that can detect what is a 'popular file' Show Version Labels - When updating your content, you can specify the content by different labels such as "Full Release", "Hotfix", "Information", and more! Verified Developers - Those who are Verified Developers on GPM will have an orange border surrounding their files Set 'Homepage' - You can now set a category as your default homepage in the Downloads application Overall Look - The whole downloads system has been designed to make it easy for you to find what you need * Due to compatibility reasons with the 'File Preview' feature, as of today we will be removing the ability to upload .rar files. You'll still be able to download previous existing .rar files, but you will be unable to view the 'File Preview' feature. GPM TrustFactor This system determines the level of trust that the member has within the community. The system takes into account certain factors of the member to decide how 'trustable' they are. The TrustFactor will show on everyone's profile page and hovercard. It calculates data such as Two-Factor Enabled, Total Content Count, Last Email Change, Last Username Change, Total Warnings (Points Active), Account Age, VIP Member Status, Discord Account Added, Email Account Added, and much more. This system works on a weighted system; in other words, something that would be considered more 'important' would be weighted by a percentage higher than the others. To prevent abuse, staff can not change your trust score, nor will we discuss how the weighted system works. Just a few points that TrustFactor analyzes: IPS Spam Defense Score: This is an internal system that we use that determines the likelihood of a user being a 'spammer'. More info here. Warning Points: Total active warning points greater than 1 Multi-Factor Authentication: Checks to see if you have Two Factor Authentication enabled on your GPM Email Account Verified: Checks to see if your GPM account has been verified during registration Account Age: Checks to see how long you have been a member on GPM Content Count: Checks your total content count on GPM Last Username Change: Checks to see how often you change your username/nickname on GPM Social Media Account(s) Added: Checks to see if you have Twitter/Discord added to your GPM account Usergroups: Checks to see what usergroup you're in Reputation Points: Checks your total positive/negative reputation points * Management will not go more into detail on what exactly the system is checking to prevent abuse. Please note that the system is based on a 'weighted' average per category.* Overall GPM TrustFactor is here to help you determine the level of 'trust' you or others have within the community. If you are selling content in the GPM Marketplace, we recommend using GPM TrustFactor as a part of your research on an individual or if you're just curious to determine a user's trust score. FivePD I want to give a massive shoutout to @Daniel K.,@Natixco,@NotCamSliceand the Testing Team for their hard work and dedication towards the continuity of FivePD. As you know, FivePD was announced on January 2nd of this year and was officially released in April. Since the release to today, we have accomplished what no one else has accomplished nor ever dreamed of doing. A game mode that puts you and players in the front seat of a law enforcement officer within FiveM. At the time of writing this article, we have had 13 updates to the game mode and continue to listen to the GPM community on feature requests and bug reports. Our goal for FivePD is to give you a realistic yet action-packed adventure for you, your friends, and community to enjoy. None of this would have been possible without the help of our fantastic callout/plugin developers. They help contribute by utilizing the FivePD API to give you even more enriched gameplay. Remember, this is just the beginning of something great, which will continue to get better and better. We thank all of you who have helped spread the word since day one. And of course to those of you who are new and starting to get their feet wet into FivePD. We can't wait to share what's in store for the future of FivePD and what we plan to achieve. Final Remarks It has been such a great honor and pleasure to continue to serve as the Community Director of GPM. I want to thank everyone for such an enjoyable and successful year. No matter what user group you're in, know that you play a role in the success of GPM. If you had told me a year ago that GPM would be where it's at today, I honestly would have probably laughed. We have so much planned behind the scenes and can not wait to see what the next year holds for GPM. Last but not least, I want to thank the development team, staff team, and management for their hard work and non-stop dedication. To another great year, Ray
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    Version 1.0.0


    Spoon development part: Features LOD: LOD till L3 Dirtmap: Spoon is dirt mapped Lowpoly: Yes Highpoly: Yes Weighted normals: Yes Collision: Yes Materials: Yes
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    I just wanted to say thank you all for your hard work. I know you all have been trying your hardest to make fivepd great and i can only imagine that all the bug reports and such must be frustrating but i just wanted to say thank you guys for your hard work it is appreciated by me and those that play on my server. Thanks again.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a callout pack that consists of 25 different callouts that are all action packed and interactive. I would consider this a more “hardcore” callout pack as the criminals have been given a health boost and will fire on you at random moments. This callout pack is a bit larger than others, however, it is created in the most lightweight way that FiveM/FivePD allows for. Read the information below for a breakdown of what all is included. Key Features Increased Danger - Even the most simple callouts in this pack can and probably will lead to a gunfight. The suspects in these callouts are also given a health boost to make things even more interesting. Randomness - Each call has multiple different possible ways of ending. Making Contact - Some callouts require you to press Y in order to have a dialog with the subject. These dialogs are generally broad and simple to avoid repetition. Interactive - Frisk suspects involved to find evidence that can be used to build a case. Burglary Call ->> Frisk Suspect ->> Burglary Tools. Area Searches - Some callouts require you to search an area and make contact with the suspects involved. There are no blips attached to suspects to increase difficulty. You will be provided a recent mugshot and name for certain person related searches. Random Call Name - Occasionally the only information you will get before accepting the callout will be “Unknown Trouble” or “911 Hangup”. Scene Observation - When making contact with some peds, a brief description of their mannerisms will pop up. Some suspects may be experienced criminals so these descriptions may not always be accurate. If you see a “suspect has their hands in their pocket” then you may be in some trouble. Callouts Included Active Shooter - 25+ Different Locations 2-5 active shooters wielding anything from pistols to snipers. Armed Robbery - 25+ Different Locations More of an interactive callout with the ability to find stolen merchandise on certain parties involved. Still a very dangerous callout that has a high chance of leading to a gunfight. Attempted Kidnapping - Randomly Generated Locations Respond to a call where a man is reported to be attempting to kidnap a woman. This may lead to a gunfight or even a police ambush so be cautious. Bench Warrant - Randomly Generated Locations Receive a mugshot and the name of a wanted subject and conduct an area search. Approach the subject and take them into custody. Bicycle On Highway - 25+ Different Locations Make contact with the bicyclist and handle the situation as you wish. Business Burglary - 25+ Different Locations Respond to suspicious individuals loitering around the back of a business. Search the subjects for any evidence indicating burglary tools. EMS Assistance - Randomly Generated Locations Respond and assist medics with some boisterous patients. Possibility for a full on police ambush. House Burglary - 30+ Different Locations Similar to the business callout however these locations are in general more residential based. Search the subjects for burglary tools to build evidence. Human Trafficking - Randomly Generated Locations Two possible scenarios. A car full of some bad hombres or a car full of victims. Exercise caution for both scenarios. Shots Fired - Randomly Generated Locations Gunfights. Chance that the subjects will come to an agreement and decide they hate police more than each other. Money Truck Pursuit - Randomly Generated Locations A bank was just robbed and a team of robbers are on their way out of town, catch up to them before it is too late. High possibility that the rear doors swing open and the perps lay down some hate in your direction. Neighbor Dispute - 35+ Different Locations Respond to neighbors arguing. Investigate the scene and frisk the subjects to search for evidence in building your case. Strong chance of a gunfight. You may also get stabbed as you begin to take statements. Pedestrian On Highway - 20+ Different Locations Simple ped on the highway, help them off. Person With Knife - Randomly Generated Locations Subject armed with a knife. Handle this callout with some care as you may find that the subject is not in the right state of mind. Police Impersonator - Randomly Generated Locations Quickly respond to the scene before the subject leaves. The subject will be driving some sort of fake police looking vehicle. Conduct a traffic stop on the subject and exercise extreme caution as these types of calls are often the most dangerous. Pursuit - Randomly Generated Locations Simple pursuit call with a pool of very fast vehicles along with the chance that the passenger will open fire on any cop in sight. Semi Pursuit - Randomly Generated Locations Pursuit involving a big ol semi truck, these also have the possibility for a passenger to open fire on police. Be cautious as this truck drives very very fast. Solicitation - 15+ Different Locations Respond to a strong independent woman offering services on the side of the street. Make contact and pay attention to the scene observations as they may give you a tip on how to handle the situation. Sports Bike Pursuit - Randomly Generated Locations Very fast moving sports bike running from police. Stolen Prison Bus - Randomly Generated Locations Inmates have busted out of prison and are on the run! Chase them down and make contact with the subjects, be careful, the prisoners may have guns. Store Holdup - Any Store Location Possible Respond to reports of a store holdup. Exercise caution as weapons are involved. Chance that the store owner is a member of the NRA. Street Racing - Randomly Generated Locations Two vehicles racing. Traffic Accident - Randomly Generated Locations Respond to the scene and take statements from the parties involved if needed. Insurance claims can lead to gun fights so be very careful. Vehicle BOLO - Randomly Generated Locations Go to the search area and locate the vehicle described. Conduct a traffic stop and make contact with the subject. This can lead to a pursuit or a full on gun fight so be careful. Vehicle Burglary - 10+ Different Locations Respond to the marked area and search the garage floors. Make contact with the perp who is breaking into vehicles and conduct an investigation. Frisk them to obtain evidence in building your case. Installation Place the folder named KucheraCallouts into your FivePD/callouts directory. Additional: I created these callouts months ago for a private server I host for my friends and I and most of these callouts are already well tested through. There may be some minor bugs here and there, however, none of them are game breaking or crash inducing. Some callouts that require pressing Y may require you to press it more than once for it to register. You will run into situations where you will respond to a call and the subject has already left. This is done on purpose to increase difficulty on these calls. Make sure you are paying attention to the callout tips like vehicle description and ped mugshot when responding to area search calls. The health boost that is given to some peds may seem ridiculous at first but we found it to work best because oftentimes you need to keep a gun on a suspect even though they may be on the ground, similar to real life. You will die a lot on this callout pack and that is also done on purpose. Again, this is intended to be a hardcore pack. Even though this callout pack has a lot of callouts I would still recommend you to mix in some others as well.
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    Hi I am Surplus! Here is a gift for you!
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    Version 1.0.0


    - [DEV] Molded seating for 2018 Charger - Made quick and easy. Not accurately made but the shape was based on a Setina. Thought I'd upload it here instead of having it collect space on my desktop. L0 = 2150 tris L1 = 1170 tris L2 = 350 tris Terms of use: - Do not re-upload. - Do not claim as your own. - Do not change any textures without my permission. Make sure to join my Discord for more products like this! Discord: http://discord.billyjmodifications.com/ Enjoy. #PSTC
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    Version V2


    ~~~ [DEV] Whelen Century Elite ~~~ Also made for my RCMP pack. Includes a 44" and 50" Century. Big thanks to @Rogue Thunderfor doing the parts I couldn't be asked to do.
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    Note: Since v1.1, you must be in a department to open the callout menu / receive callouts! Added Callout configuration for bundled callouts Single callout config example: { "Probability":1, "MinTimeout":0, "IgnoreDistance":true, "Departments":[3,6,7] } Multiple callout config example (Requires the name of the callout class): { "OversizedCar":{ "IgnoreDistance":false, "MinTimeout":0, "Probability":2, "Departments":null }, "StolenFireTruck":{ "IgnoreDistance":false, "MinTimeout":0, "Probability":2, "Departments":[3,6] } } Allowlist To enable allowlist, you must add the "Allowlist" config option in the config.json: "Allowlist":true. Commands: (You must be an MDT admin! - isAdmin:1 in the database) /fivepd add <player's server id> /fivepd remove <player's server id> components option for weapons. This is optional, so you don’t need to include it if you don’t want to. You can find the list of the components here. Discord bot features (Invite the bot to your Discord server) Off duty notification now displays the on-duty time New rank management system (Please note that it is experimental, unexpected errors may happen) (Removed XP system - was buggy and pointless) Fully working and customizable rank permissions, such as kick, accept, promote/demote lower ranked members (Permissions are not inherited!) Rank priority (lower rank priority number = you can't kick / promote if you are in a higher rank priority) Fixed Couldn’t initiate traffic stop or use MDT in some vehicles Lower ranked members were able to kick everyone Ranks with `callsign change permission` could not change others' callsign Could spawn objects in vehicle Couldn’t stop ped again if they fled or attacked the player “Small cone” and “Big cone” spawning was buggy "Already in a department" MDT issue API Old callouts are still compatible, these are NOT breaking changes. You don't necessarily need to update your callouts. SetPlayerDuty method IsPlayerOnDuty method (returns true/false) Extended GetPlayerData with ShortName (Department) Request every FivePD service Click here to read more about the API update How to update (from v1.1 hotfix) Replace computer folder CalloutManager.net.dll CalloutManagerServer.net.dll FivePD_client.net.dll TrafficStopServer.net.dll FivePD.net.dll MySql Execute the following commands in MySql ALTER TABLE `ranks` DROP `xp`; ALTER TABLE `users` DROP `xp`; ALTER TABLE `ranks` ADD `rankNumber` INT NOT NULL DEFAULT '1' AFTER `canChangeCallsign`; CREATE TABLE `fivepd`.`allowlist` ( `userID` INT NOT NULL , UNIQUE (`userID`)) ENGINE = MyISAM;
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    Version 1.0.0


    Well this is a cigar so use with caution may cause lung cancer
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    Version 1.0.0


    About this skin Based/Inspired by the Coastal Carolina University Police here in the great South Carolina. 4k, 8k, and a transparent skin are available for those that want to replace it with a vehicle that has reflective options. Vehicle you can use
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    ~~~~~~ Royal Canadian Mounted Police AS350 Ecureuil ~~~~~~ Awhile ago@Raygave me the idea to make a RCMP aircraft. So I got together with@Skin Worksto make it happen. Wouldn't be able to do it without Harrison. Thank you. THIS IS AN ADD ON! Please consider leaving a review after you've used this aircraft!
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    Version 1.0.2


    SCENARIOS Bank Robbery A silent alarm has been triggered at a bank, respond code 3. Witnesses are suggesting there are multiple armed suspects. Back-up is advised. Five different locations including the Pacific Standard Bank, the Paleto Bay Bank, and an assortment of Fleeca banks. Hostages and tellers on scene, as well as an bank-size appropriate amount of robbers. Large chance you arrive on time and the suspects are still inside preparing to leave. Be ready, they're ready to fight their way out of this. Small chance you arrive late and they are already loaded up in their vehicle. Depending on the suspect's weapon of choice, you may have a tough pursuit ahead of you. If a suspect dies, you can search their body for identification by pressing "E" when near their corpse. Shop Robbery A caller is reporting a local convenience store is being robbed at gun point, respond code 3. All 19 convenience/liquor stores are included. Six distinct scenarios, and a variety of suspect behaviors to keep the responding officer on their toes. There is a chance the shop clerk has a shotgun, and is able to defend themselves. A shootout between the suspect and shop clerk will occur. There is a chance the shop clerk will hold the suspect at gun point, having defeated them and successfully defended their store. You can speak to the clerk by pressing "E". There is a chance the suspect is aggressive, or passive. If they're aggressive, they'll attempt to kill the clerk and possibly the responding officer as well. If the suspect is passive, they will flee attempt to flee either on foot or in a vehicle while avoiding a lethal situation. If the suspect dies, you can search their body for identification by pressing "E" when near their corpse. If the clerk dies, you can search their body for identification by pressing "E" when near their corpse. PLANNED FEATURE UPDATES & ADDITIONAL CALLOUTS TBD KNOWN BUGS / ISSUES N/A This callout has a lot of locations and a lot of small features working in the background to create a more diverse experience for the player. Due to the larger nature of this callout, I am unable to provide the thorough pre-release testing I usually perform. With this being the case, I simply request that if you encounter a bug, report it to me with as much detail as possible so I may investigate it and attempt to correct it if it is within my power to do so. Otherwise, thank you all for the support you have shown me across several releases now, it's awesome heading into your servers and seeing my callouts being used and enjoyed.
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    Version 1.0.1


    My Discord Server: https://discord.gg/Je2CqkP Release Features 2018 Dodge Charger with ELS style lighting stages but is Non-ELS. Extras: 1 = Lighting Position 1 2 = Lighting Position 2 3 = Lighting Position 3 4 = Cruise Lights 5 = Scene Lights 6 = DRLs 7 = PB400 Pushbar 8 = Driver Side Spotlight 9 = Passenger Side Spotlight 10 = Partition Comes with script to toggle lighting extras without having to enter trainer. Pictures to create your own lighting pattern. Download includes window template. Extraswitch Keybinds 1 Key - Lighting Position 1 2 Key - Lighting Position 2 3 Key - Lighting Position 3 4 Key - Cruise Lights 5 Key - Scene Lights 6 Key - DRLs 7 Key - Fix Vehicle Files Included Extraswitch Script Setup FiveM Resource Lighting Setup Pictures Metas Model Files Screenshots Templates ReadMe
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    Version 1.0.0


    AceK9 Heat Alarms This release contains: AceK9 Heat Alarm Pro. AceK9 HOT-N-POP PRO. The AceK9 Heat Alarms are temperature monitoring systems for use in canine vehicles. They monitor temperature sensors and display the information on the display. If an alarm condition is detected the unit will activate a S.O.S. alarm, honking the horn, activating the ELS, siren, opening the windows. The HOT-N-POP PRO version includes a door popper feature, which releases the K9 from the vehicle by remote control worn in a holster. While there is not a real and thorough way to control that with the Grand Theft Auto V mechanics, this still serves as a miscellaneous modification for your canine vehicle. The model is not LOD-ed, so you would have to do it yourself Verticles: 218 Polygons: 98 Please read the Terms & Conditions before downloading, and use at your discretion.
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    Version 1.1


    **Version 1.0** This is a YMAP that adds working traffic signals at 4 intersections in Blaine County. This YMAP was inspired in part by this pack by @FAXES (Credit for the whole working lights part goes fully to @FAXES for providing all of the path files in that pack to edit/reverse engineer). Also, I should note that the intersection at Joshua and Route 13 was inspired by that pack, not copied from it though it's very similar. **Installation** Super easy peasy here folks. Just download the resource and extract the folder named BlaineCountySignals into your resources folder. Add "start BlaineCountySignals" to your server.cfg and restart your server! **NOTE** If you try to run this in conjunction with other traffic light YMAPs (The one at route 13 by FAXES for sure) there will be a conflict in the path files and the lights won't be functional. **Another Note** I'll be adding more intersections out in the county as I get a little better at this. This is my second release and I still pretty much suck. Please let me know of any weirdness and I'll be sure to address it in the following versions. Thanks for checking this long winded post out! Future Plans: - Remove stop signs at intersections - Add more intersections - Add bollards or barriers to help protect light poles - Add more street lamps down Joshua and 68 - Add more little assets that no one will even notice
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    Version 1.1.0


    Los Santos Police Mega-Pack [ELS] [Optional Addon DLC] (Ah, no pit would be complete without a Jed climbing out of it) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Information: Hello boys and ghouls, I'm back with a pack. Wow that rhymes, what a crime. Okay I'll stop now. With a livery that is based loosely off Overland Park in Kansas, I bring you 16 vehicles for Los Santos. I seem to be doing a lot of vehicles for the city at the moment, so I might change that up. The lighting style is very much just something I put together. I know some of you have heavily wanted this pack, and so here it is. I was going to add an additional 10 cars, but my motivation went and they were never completed. I'll finish and add these to the pack when I get around to it. But instead of canning this whole pack, I thought I'd release it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The nitty-gritty part of the description: This might be a tad long, but has lots of useful information. THIS PACK HAS TWO OPTIONS! 1) Normal pick and choose pack 2) @Anders has very kindly helped me set up the vehicles as an Addon pack, so that's available too. All the vehicles at once! Please for the love of everything that is holy, READ THE README's! I have spent HOURS making sure I have detailed every process and explained how to install and use this pack in them. Do not request support if it's clearly in the ReadMe. If I missed anything, please let me know to add it to help others. This pack contains: - 2014 Charger Marked - 2014 Charger Slicktop - 2018 Charger Marked - 2018 Charger Slicktop - 2016 FPIS Marked - 2016 FPIS Slicktop - 2013 FPIU Marked - 2013 FPIU Slicktop - 2011 CVPI w/ Liberty Lightbar Marked - 2011 CVPI w/ Raydian Lightbar (Lighting Pattern 01) Marked - 2011 CVPI w/ Raydian Lightbar (Lighting Pattern 02) Marked - 2011 CVPI w/ custom Excalibur Lightbar Marked - 2011 CVPI w/ Vector Lightbar Marked - 2011 CVPI Slicktop - 2014 Tahoe Marked - 2014 Tahoe Slicktop If I get around to it, I'll finish and add the 2016 FPIU, 2020 Tahoe, 2010 Charger and the 2016 Impala. Don't keep asking me for it though, they'll be added if I get around to it. Features: Flashing lights Toggleable extras for each vehicle Marked units: Extra_ten is the radar unit Slicktop Units: Extra_ten is the radar unit and Extra_12 is the rambar 4k liveries (x4 per vehicle) Marked units have changing unit numbers, and the divisions are: Patrol Services, Traffic Services and Supervisor Unmarked and Slicktop units have changing unit numbers, and the divisions are: Patrol Services, Traffic Services, Supervisor and unmarked Optional 2k liveries Templates Included Detailed ReadMe's and guides to setting up the packs A massive thanks to everyone of my Patreon's who BETA tested this pack. I know this'll raise questions so please DM me, it's closed until end of July To see how the lighting looks, please see the videos/gifs in the following video(s): Helpful forum posts: I have written a guide on how to get the rotors working in 2020 if you find you can't get them to work: Fixing textures issues with NVR: Window Tint Fix (3rd post down): These vehicles are not made to the specification of any specific department. Please don't comment on it being inaccurate or whatever. It's not meant to be accurate. I will not be providing support in installing these files. All the info is in the ReadMe. DO NOT USE the review system for reporting installation issues, issues already reported, or for anything other than review. Please use the comments and see if your solution to the issue is there, and if not, leave a comment. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Known Bugs: Just the standard: I'm not sure what R* has done, but sometimes no vehicle loads the L0 (closest and highest detail) or it pops in an out regardless of distance from the vehicle. There is NOTHING I can do about that. I'd advise clearing all vehicles away and relocating to a another area of the city As always, this is a MEGA PACK. A lot of vehicles and 4k textures MAY result in issues, glitches or bugs. Either use less vehicles (The other download to pick what ones you want) or remove the 4k textures. If there are bugs or whatever, just PM me or leave a comment. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please consider donating, as you help keep myself making models and help show your appreciation towards my work. This is entirely optional though If anyone is interested in becoming a tester, please join my discord or drop me a PM. Patreon will be back up and running at the end of July 2020. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feel free to follow me on my Discord Server for updates, WIP, and releases, or join my + support ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: DO NOT distribute my content without my express permission! This includes the file itself, liveries, models or the screenshots. This is a LCPDFR.com and gtapolicemods.com ONLY. Do not modify the carcols codes without my permission. That includes taking the custom codes and using it for your own personal packs, public packs or FiveM server. DO NOT use the vehicles in a FiveM server, group or clan without my express permission. Just ask me. Please do not upload this file or a part of it to any other website without explicit permission from me This file is freeware. Do not sell or distribute the content. The author accepts no responsibility for any damage caused to your PC, game, or anything else. DO NOT rip, dismantle or change the vehicle in any way (except for texture files). Vehicles are LOCKED for a reason. Credits can be found in the documentation. If I've missed anyone, or you feel they're not right, please PM me.
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    Version 1.0.1


    Blaine County Sheriff's Office Mega-Pack Yes, I'm alive _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hello all! I have come with a huge pack from myself! The livery is based off of Pike County Sheriff's Office in Georgia. I would like to thank every single one of you for the continued support! Also, thanks to The General Lee for the screenshots! The livery is made by me. I bring you 10 vehicles based out of Pike County Sheriff with a fictional equipment setup. I was going to add more vehicle's, but motivation went down the drain. This files comes with credits, and a read me file. If you're new to modding, I highly recommend reading the read me file. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This file contains: 2010 Dodge Charger 2010 Ford Expedition 2011 Ford Crown Victoria 2013 Ford Police Interceptor Utility 2014 Chevrolet Caprice 2014 Chevrolet Tahoe 2014 Dodge Charger 2016 Chevrolet Tahoe 2016 Ford Police Interceptor Sedan 2018 Dodge Charger If I want to, I'll add a BMW and Harley, a 2020 FPIU, a 2016 FPIU, a Silverado, a Camaro, a Corvette, and a BearCat _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Join my Discord! https://discord.gg/uv3bhHY _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Follow me on Twitter!! @BiscuitMods
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    This week, @Redneck is our Community Spotlight! Redneck is the proud owner/CEO of Redneck Modifications LLC, where he has been creating GTAV emergency car models for the last couple years. Joining the affiliate program in late April, Redneck has been a valued member of the affiliate program, constantly working hard on his upcoming releases. What made you interested in the affiliate program? I've always loved the idea and atmosphere of GPM since the very start. It's a place where developers of all walks of fields and niches can gather, whether you release to the public, like myself, or sell your product. There is no hate or bias to either type of party, the community and staff welcome everyone of all ideologies in modding. Whether you want to keep it realistic, or go ham, or if you want to sell, or release for free, there's a spot and place here on GPM for you to do such a thing, which makes it completely different from any other modding site which usually leans completely to one side or the other. That's why it was a perfect fit for me to partner with GPM, since they welcome people of all ranges, and were willing to partner with someone like myself who sells my product and makes a living off of it, but also equally supports those whom release for free by promoting their releases everywhere they can. It's truly friendly and positive environment to be in. What is your favorite part about creating GTA models? My absolute favorite part about running a company so unique is being able to fully interact with all of my customers. Seeing what walks of life each of them come from is truly amazing, I myself being from the sticks with a farming background can connect with people in sprawling cities around the world and find unanticipated common ground with everyone. Not only that, but interacting with he community in general whether it's people on GPM, other developers even video content creators that we all looked up to at one time is truly a great thing to be able to do. To see your content being used by people with a following of millions is something that never gets old and makes me truly thankful to be in the position that I am in. In summary, my favorite part is person to person interaction, and sharing our common love for modding, creation and design. What brought you into wanting to create GTA models? Back in GTA4, I seen people creating police cars, and I always wanted to create my own local towns police cars, but never could get anyone to do it. So I took upon myself to learn how to mod, back then it was using ZModeler2, and I ended up doing it. It then led into making parts of packs for the RP community I joined, LCDoJ, now formally known as DOJ or DOJRP. After I left, it never stopped my drive. It all drove my love for wanting to recreate something for not only myself, but other people and make it feel like you're doing something in real life, but it's really a virtual illusion, yet it feels real sometimes. Do you have any advice for those wanting to get started at creating GTA models? Determination is the best medicine you can take. If you're driven and determined, you can do anything you put your mind to. Set goals, don't give up, and never let anyone tell you that you can't. I was doubted and told that by some of the people I called "friends" before I started Redneck Modifications, and still to this day I'm always doubted by many. I always make it a point to be unique, and try new things, break boundaries and a lot of people will doubt you when you do that, but then you will see them all following in your footsteps weeks, months or years later. Make your own path, and you will shine bright in the dark tunnels of life. Out of all the models you've created, which is your favorite? After making over 100 listed models, it's really hard to pick a favorite, but as of recently, I really enjoyed making my 2020 RAM 3500. I'm a Mopar fanatic and I also own a Rebel 1500 RAM in real life, so the motivation is for sure heightened when I make anything "RAM" related. The uniqueness of the model and the time I put into making it definitely makes me satisfied when it was all said and done. It's one of the only, if not the only ones out there, and it's fully custom by just an idea I had in my head. Other projects that come in close second would be my MRAP, or any of my packs. Discord Twitter Site It's truly nice to chat with an affiliate who has the dedication and strong motive to create quality models, and just get to know more about the process. Seeing someone who has the drive to work every day on recreating the vehicles that emergency services use, and put an immense amount of love and effort into it, just radiates positivity in the community. For more information about Redneck and his work, you can check out his affiliate page!
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    Version 1.0.0


    Patrol in style with this reflective Alberta sheriff Dodge charger. The vehicle is not 100% accurate. I do plan on updating it when i can. The TA (Traffic advisor) block part of the red/blue in the lightbar and rear deck. Some TA patterns will not work proper.
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    Version 1.1.0


    These were a suggestion by Vandal and I decided to release them. Based on Geneseo Police, IL. There will be more liveries very soon as I am addicted to these liveries. Liveries fit the following models: Infidel's LSSD Pack ( Here ) oh yeah join my discord https://discord.gg/JcvtsV3
  22. 7 points

    Version 1.0.0


    These skins have been teased for a bit and been in beta for around a week. I was waiting for Infidel to release this pack to post them. I want to update with more liveries, but if you know me, that prob won't happen. Liveries fit the following models: Infidel's DNR Pack ( Here ) oh yeah join my discord https://discord.gg/JcvtsV3
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    From the album: Illinois Law Enforcement

    Some things are being re-thinked about the pack. Visit #updates in my Discord to see what's happening with the pack. https://discord.gg/Je2CqkP
  25. 7 points

    Version 1.0.0


    Setina PB-400 for 0taku's Expedition.
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  27. 7 points

    Version 1.0.0


    About this skin Here's the Bee skin by itself, meant to release this a while ago, never did. But yeah the skin by itself. Heres the car it was released with, this was a collab with the great @Raylan Givens
  28. 7 points

    Version 1.0.0


    Got bored, just made a 2020 FPIU.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Kuchera Menu is a custom menu built to work alongside FivePD. This menu has everything from weapon selection, clothing selections, ability to store and withdraw items from your vehicle, ability to get tactical clothing from your trunk, vehicle door and trunk open/close controls, and the ability to control animations that are visible to all other players. This is a great menu for new server owners but also existing server owners as it is very lightweight and very simple to install. Key Features Use F5 to toggle the menu. STATION MENU Loadout Selection - Ability to pick between a “Patrol” and “Tactical” loadout. You must be at or near any of the enterable Police Stations on the map. (I’ve added built in support for those who use IPL loaders). Patrol loadout comes with a standard officers patrol kit while a Tactical loadout has a rifle, shotgun, and tear gas. Note: To use the station menu you must be near the interior of a police station. Clothing Selection - Ability to pick from any of the existing built in GTA cop models along with plain clothes FBI and CIA characters. This feature is very good for servers that do not use EUP as it allows for an alternative to vMenu. I’ve also made the skins randomize when you select them so hit the clothes button a couple times to randomize your appearance. Note: You will have to rearm when you switch clothing. VEHICLE EQUIPMENT Rack/UnRack Weapons - Ability to place your shotgun and rifle into your vehicles inventory. Use the F5 menu to withdraw it before heading into a gunfight. This adds for realism and makes for some pretty cool scenarios. Note: To make this menu as flexible and lightweight as possible this feature is enabled on all vehicles, not just cop cars. Again, this menu is meant for FivePD, not for your ESX RP server. There is a beanbag shotgun option that I added as support for those who wish to use that feature. You are responsible for finding your own sawnoff shotgun model and beanbag script to make that feature work. I would link those here but I did not create them. Withdrawing Items - Ability to remove crowbar, fire extinguisher, and several other tools from your vehicle. Callout developers can incorporate these items into their callouts later and run a regular weapon check instead of building arrays with custom items. Tac Clothing - Ability to switch from your regular patrol uniform to a tactical uniform directly from your trunk. You will also be given a tactical loadout on skin change. To switch back to your old uniform and a regular patrol loadout, simply press the button again. (I have not tested this with EUP, however, I expect it to be incompatible) VEHICLE CONTROLS Simple menu that allows you to toggle the status of your hood, trunk, and all 4 doors. ANIMATIONS Few handy animations that can make your scenarios 10x cooler. Everything from standing around, controlling traffic, and even kneeling down! All are synced and can be seen by other players on your server. Installation Additional: This custom menu is designed for server owners that want a quick lightweight menu that is base model. Base model meaning that it is flexible and uses built in GTA features like the stock GTA cop peds instead of custom addon ones. The station menu requires you to be near a station to add at least some built in RP aspect to some functions that a less experienced server owner may not know how to include. I am not going to change this or remove the requirement to be near a station. Use vMenu if you need something accessible from everywhere. The vehicle equipment menu can be used in all vehicles and not just police vehicles. This is also done on purpose as many different servers have police vehicles under different names so to add flexibility I have removed any police vehicle check. Emergency flags are also not accurate as some vehicles do not include them. Occasionally there is a bug where when selecting tac clothing you won't be given any weapons, this is due to the clothing loading after you receive your weapons. Hit the button again and you will be fine. For Server Owners
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    Version 1.0.0


    Join my discord. Enjoy this pack.
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    Version 1.0.0


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    This week, @BGHDDevelopment is our Community Spotlight! BGHDDevelopment, or otherwise known as Stephan, is a student/entrepreneur, UAS photographer, and YouTube creator. Stephan is the founder and CEO of BGHDDevelopment, a software development business focusing on Minecraft plugins, GTAV resources, and other programs, all resulting in over a hundred thousand downloads with an average review of five stars. BGHDDevelopment uploads daily videos on their YouTube account, usually consisting of tutorials, installation videos, code showcases and more. What made you interested in the affiliate program? I like many found out about FivePD through YouTube videos others were posting. I have played LSPDFR for years prior and always wished to see a multiplayer version. After I watched the first FivePD video, I knew I must get involved. I made my first video on the FivePD install process, which has become my most popular video of all time accumulating over 40 thousand views. Since then, I have created a bunch of FivePD/FiveM videos and join the affiliate program to help the community out with all the resources I can. What is your favorite part about what you do? I think my favorite part about what I do is the ability to help a bunch of people./ Most of the videos on my channels are either tutorials on coding, resources, plugins, installs, but I also do a bunch of review videos on different serves to inform them on what they can improve on. I love being able to give back to the community and help people gain the ability to make great servers and resources. What brought you into wanting to create videos/write code? I started coding back in 2016,m making basic Minecraft Spigot plugins, and have been expanding ever since. Today I currently manage over 50 public Minecraft resources, run a development team for private commissions, upload daily to YouTube, and recently been creating some of the largest FivePD callout packs. But the thing which I always turn back to when thinking about how I got to where I am today is my dedication to create high-quality resources/plugins which improve people's servers without charging extreme amounts. In fact, a significant number of the things I code can be found on GitHub all open source. Do you have any advice for those who want to get started at YouTube/code? I have to say in terms of coding: Try and fail as many times as you can. This is the number one thing you can do to become a great developer. When I started coding, I asked for help on forums and developer discords consistently and it helped, but the place where I learned the most is when I was creating plugins and resources myself but when they broke, I had to figure it out myself. This really lets you learn the language you are coding in, as you will know what you need to do differently next time. For starting a YouTube channel, I highly suggest just going for it and making content that makes you happy. Don't create content just because you think others will watch it; make it because you like to make it. I learned this early on when making videos, and it's what motivates me to make content daily. Out of everything you've done/created, which is your favorite? This is a tough question to answer because I really enjoy everything I have done. If I had to pick one thing which would stand out to me, it would have to be my YouTube channel. This channel showcases a significant portion of my work and also highlights other's work as well. It's a place that I can always upload to, and I know someone will see ti and hopefully enjoy what I created. YouTube Twitter GitHub Discord Site It was great having the opportunity to talk with the CEO of BGHDDevelopment, Stephan, and discussing his journey and creation of his successful company and media platform. I myself have personally seen and heard the background of the process that goes into daily YouTube uploads, and know the amount of love and work that goes into all resources and videos. I highly recommend checking out BGHDDevelopment's daily videos on their YouTube channel, and you can read more about the company on their affiliate page! If you notice any typos in this article, please report this post under the "Other" category and specify where the typo was found.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Just a simple flare for anyone that wants one. Vertices: 82 Polygons: 52 My discord link: discord.gg/eVUk88U
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    Version 1.0


    Discord Invite Code: Dnf8YK6 Perforated Shelves for Vehicles and Processors DISCLAIMER This model is not based off of a real life product. This model is to be used properly for the purpose in which it serves (please see contents below for more details). INTENT PURPOSE This intended purpose of this model is to store items contained within the trunk of a vehicle. Items can include but are not limited to: radios, processing units, paperwork & documentation, PPE, wiring, etc. Do not know what to do with all of that junk inside your trunk? Say no more! This generic shelving unit was designed to hold up to 90 pounds and comes in all kinds of sizes! In the box, you will receive: x1 set of small shelves x1 set of medium shelves x1 set of large shelves x3 shelves in each set with various sizes
  39. 5 points

    Version 1.0.0


    ----------[terms of use]---------- PLEASE DO NOT RE-UPLOAD/RE-DISTRIBUTE TO ANY OTHER WEBSITE/FORUMS (INCLUDING FIVEM FORUMS) must give credits in free or paid releases you may use this product for prophet but (you cannot download it edit it and then sell it, it must be used in some sort of vehicle Ped or EUP item) ----------[terms of use]----------
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a texture I found randomly and thought it was cool enough for me to make. This texture is based off of Columbus Police Department but is not 100% accurate. This texture will fit any 2016 explorer that uses Kane's base. (yes this is only one texture) Thank You to @GTAKING23000for taking these beautiful screenshots! https://discord.gg/ZTpn8HG
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    This is a very small update that fixes most of the animation issues. Fixed You must release the ped before being able to set it in a vehicle (to prevent your arm from being stuck in anim) Cuff animation issues Cuffed peds won't automatically follow you (note that they might despawn if you go far away from them and nobody is looking at them) ... and a few more minor issues. How to update from v1.1.3 Replace (1 file only) FivePD_client.net.dll
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    Version 1.0.0


    Texas pack I did over a year ago for someone, found it in a folder, I've got no use for it, maybe someone else does.. the archive contains the YTD file for TheHurks 2017 CHP pack, (Vehicles files not included) the skins are for trooper, sheriff and police.. This is a FINAL version, yes there are bugs on the paint for some vehicles, like the 2013 charger only because the template I used was rather crappy.. there will be no support offered, no updates. Use as you like, you have permission to use on FiveM **however** Id check with the TheHurk and make sure you have permission from him or anyone who has a car of the same model year and template for use on FiveM.. Hope You Enjoy.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Found a spray bottle prop, decided to make it clorox. this took me 30 mins so plez appreciate oh yeah join my discord https://discord.gg/JcvtsV3
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    Fixed MDT Lag ( latest FiveM update caused it to be laggy & slow because [seems like blurred background is not supported anymore] ) Removed blurred background MDT services could not be requested BackupCalled API event not triggered Popup messages could not be seen Service request and cancel Error when stopping/arresting/dropping off ped at jail point To use the mod features in addon police vehicles (MDT, traffic stop, etc) write their model name into the mdt_vehicles.json. If that’s not working put FLAG_LAW_ENFORCEMENT FLAG_EMERGENCY_SERVICE into the <flag> section of the vehicle item in the vehicles.meta file. How to update from v1.1.2 Replace computer folder CalloutManager.net.dll CalloutManagerServer.net.dll FivePD_client.net.dll FivePD.net.dll TrafficStopServer.net.dll
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    I really can't speak on behalf of Daniel and Patrick (Natixco), but I can definitely speak on behalf of myself. I thank you for the kind words and feedback. I know the development team and those hidden behind the spotlight work very hard to provide such a great game mode to the GPM community. The future definitely looks bright Thanks for taking the time out of your day to provide feedback and putting a smile to our face Kind regards, Ray
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