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Showing content with the highest reputation on 09/19/2020 in all areas

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    FivePD v1.2 On behalf of the entire GPM and GPMDS team, we hope all of you are doing well staying safe. Today we will be discussing our next upcoming major update for FivePD, and the Twitch live stream event; this will include the reveal of v1.2 and the FivePD Insider program. That being said, it is with great pleasure to announce that we are approaching our final internal release candidate for our upcoming major update, FivePD v1.2. This update comes along With dozens of new features, changes, and bug fixes, this will be the biggest FivePD update yet. We won't spill the beans too much in this article, you'll have to stay tuned for the Twitch live-stream event to showcase to the entire community what is to come. Twitch Livestream Event Our Twitch live-stream event will take place 9/26/2020 @ 3PM CST. It will be hosted by members of the GPM Development Team, Management Team, and several of our community affiliates. We welcome all of you to tune in to get a first-hand look at FivePD v1.2. Click here to view our Twitch channel, be sure to follow to stay up to date! FivePD Insider Program Today we are also introducing the FivePD Insider Program! This new program will allow Community Owners interested in helping the Development Team beta test 'development builds' to ensure the best quality of standards, before the v1.2 update and further major updates are released. If you own and operate a FivePD server/community, we invite you to apply to our Insider Program, not only to assist the Development Team in finding bugs, but also to make a positive difference for everyone who plays FivePD. With the help of FivePD Insiders, we can be one step closer towards releasing a public version of v1.2 that will be stable and relatively bug and hassle free. If you're interested in applying, please visit support.gtapolicemods.com and create a support ticket within the "FivePD Insiders Program". Please be sure to review the FivePD Insider Guidelines before applying!
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    From the album: Commission W.I.P.

    © Skin Works

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    Version 1.1.0


    Los Santos County Police Department [ELS] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Information: Hello boys and ghouls, it's nearly halloween! Will autumn (fall) here, I've been exploring a lot more of the NE of American and their police vehicles (New England looks gorgeous in the fall), and I stumbled across Cambridge, MA while looking at Boston cars. So yeah, this was gunna be part of a massive pack I made myself but as normal, got overwhelmed and panicked. So here you are! Enjoy! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This pack contains: - 2016 FPIS Marked - 2011 CVPI Marked - 2016 FPIU Marked - 2020 Tahoe Marked Features: Flashing lights 4k liveries (x4 per vehicle) (Can be changed view a trainer or will spawn naturally) Optional 2k liveries Templates Included A massive thanks to everyone of my Patreon's who BETA tested this pack. If you're interested in exclusive rewards every months and access to my Early Access program, why not join my discord or PM me and sign up? All the support goes to being able to purchase more (and better) bases, assets and keeping my licenses from the programs I use running! Oh, and thanks to @Idahome Samuel for the screenshots! These vehicles are not made to the specification of any specific department. Please don't comment on it being inaccurate or whatever. It's not meant to be accurate. I will not be providing support in installing these files. All the info is in the ReadMe. DO NOT USE the review system for reporting installation issues, issues already reported, or for anything other than review. Please use the comments and see if your solution to the issue is there, and if not, leave a comment. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Known Bugs: - None found by the early access guys! Hurrah! If there are bugs or whatever, just PM me or leave a comment. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please consider donating, as you help keep myself making models and help show your appreciation towards my work. This is entirely optional though If anyone is interested in becoming a tester, please join my discord or drop me a PM. Patreon will be back up and running at the end of July 2020. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feel free to follow me on my Discord Server for updates, WIP, and releases, or join my + support ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Disclaimers: DO NOT distribute my content without my express permission! This includes liveries, models or the screenshots. DO NOT use the vehicles in FiveM, a clan or group without my express permission. Just ask me. DO NOT edit the carcols if it comes with the pack without my express permission first. Please respect my right to deny you to do this. Please do not upload this file or a part of it to any other website without explicit permission from me The author accepts no responsibility for any damage caused to your PC, game, or anything else. DO NOT rip, dismantle or change the vehicle in any way (except for texture files). Vehicles are LOCKED for a reason. DO NOT FORCE UNLOCK. If texture files or model files bare the authors logo (a tree within a sheild), you will not remove it, as it is a watermark so the vehicle can be identified as mine. (It's normally small and well hidden).
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    Version 1.0.0


    I made this awhile ago, decided to upload it for others to enjoy. Not the best out there but not the worst. No support will be given. Accurately scaled.
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    From the album: Some Screens

    Model from: Jedahdiah Skin not included* Skin from Skin Works.
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    Version 1.0.0


    A lot of time and dedication has gone into this pack, I have had sleepless nights due to this pack lol. I dont really do this for the money and i want to prove that so therefor i'll release this that i spent probably around 2 hours on each car, so around 20 hours intotal probably. I just ask that you dont take credit for these vehicles, not unlocking them, re-selling them on some sketchy site or in general. SOCIALS: My discord: Markuller#6969 Development Discord: https://discord.gg/TTzucaJ Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarkMarkuller Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Markuller04/ GTAPoliceMods: https://gtapolicemods.com/index.php?/profile/8771-markthedev/ LCPDFR: https://www.lcpdfr.com/profile/437419-marks-designs/ GMAIL: MarkullerCustoms@gmail.com Massive thanks to the GPM System team for helping me getting a issue resolved whilst i tried to upload this for GPM, I appricate their support.
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    Version 1.0.0


    A fictional Non-ELS pack made for my FiveM/FivePD server. vehicles are not based on any specific department. I tried to go with something a little different with the light setups, so that there was something different. All vehicles have 360 environmental lighting, bobble antennas, consoles, trunk equipment, radars, etc. Windows breakable on all units. Multiple liveries. Slicktop units can have a marked or unmarked livery. All vehicles (excluding the Camaro) have rambars, spotlights, and ALPRs as extras. **We have a modified handling.meta in our server that these vehicles are set to, so you may need to change which handling line some of these vehicles are using to suit your server** Feel free to reskin them and use in your servers. Vehicles are: SCPD1 - CVPI SCPD2 - Taurus SCPD3 - Charger SCPD4 - Explorer SCPD5 - Impala SCPD6 - Tahoe 15 SCPD7 - Silverado SCPD8 - BMW Motocycle SCPD9 - Slicktop CVPI SCPD10 - Slicktop Charger SCPD11 - Slicktop Explorer SCPD12 - Slicktop Tahoe 15 SCPD13 - Slicktop Silverado SCPD14 - CVPI Rotator LB SCPD15 - Explorer Rotator LB SCPD16 - Camaro Lighting showcase:
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a Lore Friendly Chicago Fire Based Skin Medic4523 Pierce Arrow XT pack, as well as his Tractor Drawn Aerial Tiller. I hope to add ambulances to this pack in the future, as well as command vehicles. Fitted For The Following Vehicles: • MBM4523 Pierce Arrow XT Pack • MBM4523 Tiller / Tractor Drawn Aerial By Downloading And Using This File You Agree To The Following Terms: • You may not Resell or Redistribute these liveries. • You may not Rip, Edit, Claim, or Refit These Liveries • You may not remove Watermarks, Branding, or any other Markings. • Do Not Ask For The Original PSD Files. If you would like to see these on another vehicle, feel free to leave a comment suggesting it.
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    Would love to see further installation tutorial
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    anyone able to help me set this up? im using zap hosting
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