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    Version 1.1.0


    Los Santos Regional Police Service (WRPS Based) Alright, this includes two download files one being the actual police service skin and the other being the auxiliary force skins. I, as always, will update and add things and remove things. However enjoy the Los Santos Regional Auxiliary force and Los Santos Regional Police Service. Just a pack I have been plugging away at and honestly now I'm just talking to fill space. I think I've covered most things. This is as always the simple install of finding the .ytd folder of the vehicle you want to use then importing all the skins then save. Notice any issues or have suggestions please share in the comments section. Thank you! Please respect the amount of time taken and do not re-upload or rip off. Please, feel free to make a donation if you like, any amount is more than appreciated! Thanks Everyone. Vehicles used but not limited to:
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    Version 1.1.0


    I have these uploaded on LSPDFR but I decided to update them a little bit and upload them here. The file includes and class A, B, and C uniform shirt, polo, campaign hat, baseball hat, and duty pants. If you were lucky enough to have aquired Jakub/L1mited's fleece jacket, there is a texture for that as well. Let me know what you think. @- trent - really wanted these uploaded, so here they are. Credits: @sergeantfrankifor removing the bump map from the polo @John Campbell for the patch on the baseball hat.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Nothing to special.
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    Very cool picture man!
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    E-Z-P-Z 1. KDST (GTA SA) 2. Wave 103 (GTA VC) 3. Radio-X (GTA SA)
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    I don't really have a particular station, but music wise I would say vice city beats any of the other GTA games.
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    Hey ya'll, Most of you all know me by now, basically I just make skins. Will be sharing my packs in a bit. Cheers. Just a sample:
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    Welcome! I never would have predicted by your name that you make skins.
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