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    Version 1.0.1


    Yoooo. THis is like the 4th car for the BCSO pack that'll be released on LSPDFR as a pack. Yeah this is the sexy (ta)hoe. Same light setup (basically). DISCLAIMER: The Tahoe has a custom add-on DLC pack with custom handling and whatnot. If you want to use it in a replace slot you may do so, however do not report problems if you've been using it in a replace/GTA slot (EX: Sheriff2). This is a WIP vehicle of which will have things added to it before full release on LSPDFR. To ensure your game does not crash, you need to go to mods > update > update.rpf > common > data EXTRA_12 ON THE UNMARKED VERSION IS THE PB300 RAMBAR Open dlclist.xml; and add "<Item>dlcpacks:/chtahoe/</Item>" to the line Credits (Full credits will be added when released fully on LSPDFR): Original 2016 Suburban by carface, revamped, remodeled, and turned into a 2018 Tahoe PPV by GeorgieMoon. Purchased by [Danseh/Bigams (Same person lol)] Livery by @BiscuitHead Modifications
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    yaaaaassss this is actually amazing. a new Tahoe model ?!? this gotta be the best Tahoe I have seen so far. thanks for sharing and not keeping privately. (I hate the way the community is shifting) granted some people ruin it for the majority. but thank you for dropping this !
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    Such great detail. I think that this is the small stuff that really is appreciated when you look at the car. Can' wait to see more!
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    Version 3.0


    So yeah i uploaded one a couple months ago on lcpdfr.com but that was a really old version. Tbh i forgot to update it. So here is the 3rd version. You have 2 options for the modules (180 degree or 40 degree). Please read the readme tho. Would be cool if you joined my server: https://discord.gg/VfVyAFN . So thats all i am not good at making descriptions.
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    Version 2.0


    So yeah thats it. Im not really that good at making descriptions lol. Ima make a more detailed version but i uploaded that to be faster than Van but ok. You can join my discord by clicking here!
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    Version 1.0.0


    Credits: [Model] MrMaticks10 [Lights] BryanJMoDz, HDgmaerzPC
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    Alright, let's all just get real here for a second. We are all gonna have no life the hell out of the game when it drops. I'm a HUGE Battlefield fan, I've always loved the Conquest mode and would grind out for hours back on the 360 with my friends after school. Most COD's I wasn't a fan of, only got Black Ops 4 because of Blackout which I'm burnt out on it now after seeing some gameplay of the new COD. Below is a video of the latest MP Gameplay from InfinityWard which looks AMAZING. Anyone else hyped up for this game especially if you are a Battlefield player or is it just me? Either way, you won't see me around much on the PC once it drops because I'll be on that PS4 all day, everyday.
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    @RobertTM and me have been working today!
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    I honestly need a new K9 truck in my game lol
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    Yeah after I'd say Black Ops 2 is where they started taking a dive. I stopped buying after that. Like you guys said the futuristic style wasn't for me. WWII was good (mostly because it wasn't futuristic anymore). My favorite was hands down the Modern Warfare series. Im so stoked another is coming out.
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    See I was the same way with not being a fan of the futuristic type stuff. Black Ops 4 did better with it not being to crazy like past games were but the last fun game was def the old MW's. The newest one looks super promising and almost reminds me of Battlefield with a mix of Squad/Arma type gameplay which is why I am looking forward to it.
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    still got a bit of editing to do for the taillights but the geometry for the front end is basically spot on!
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    Huge fan of the lighting solid job. Looking forward to more of your work!
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    Awesome job on the cars big fan of Flagstaff. Keep up the good work my guy!!
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    From the album: TheKodah's W.I.P. Showroom

    New Tablet toughbook in the Charger.
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    These are neighboring towns to mine, always have been my favorites.
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    Version 1.0


    This is a really cool interior bar, its not 100% accurate to the real lightbar but i think its pretty close. Its properly scaled and stuff so thats cool i guess. Also its low poly so thats cool too. Works well with the Code 3 Wingman Flex (https://gtapolicemods.com/index.php?/files/file/35-code-3-wingman-flex-8-modules/) Quick overwiev: Name: Code 3 SuperVisor Flex File name: flexfront.z3d Poly count: 1008 Credits: included
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    From the album: Patient zero

    Model - Redneck Skin - Billy J

    © Billy J Designs

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    From the album: Patient zero

    Vehicle skin - Billy J Vehicle model - XBR410
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    I know I'm late but gotta add what my game's FD fleet is based off of, but, as I call the "bus mirrors" on Velocities are babe.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Decided to upload this SETINA PB300 here you guys go enjoy! Credits - Modeled by Matt and RobertTM INCLUDES LODS AND DIRTMAPPING!
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