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First Responders Children's Foundation

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I would like to start and say that I hope all of you and loved ones are staying safe during these unprecedented times. The COVID-19 virus is impacting many people, families, jobs, and day to day life. Although these times may be difficult and have much uncertainty, we can all agree that we will eventually get through it and win over this virus. We here at GPM value all of our members and wish that all of you, your friends, family, and loved ones stay safe during this difficult time.
Over the past few months, our nation has faced many hardships due to protests/riots over a cowardly action by someone who should have never been in that line of work. We know that it's a difficult time for law enforcement officers right now. We all know that the overwhelming majority of law enforcement officers wear their badge with honor and courage for their community. We hope that one day we can all be united and support our amazing law enforcement officers within our community. Please remember that GTAPoliceMods will always support and defend those who vow to keep their community safe. No matter if you're a law enforcement officer, EMS/Fire Fighter, or Dispatcher, know that we have your back. Although we are a gaming community, I know that we represent the positive side of the emergency services. 
With that being said, effective immediately, I am announcing that 20% of our monthly VIP funds go straight to First Responders Children's Foundation. Their mission statement is as follows:


First Responders Children's Foundation provides financial support to both children who have lost a parent in the line of duty as well as families enduring significant financial hardships due to tragic circumstances. First Responders Children's Foundation also supports, promotes, and facilitates educational activities and programs created and operated by law enforcement and firefighting organizations whose purpose is to benefit children or the community at large. 


I hope that by us taking the step to care for those in the front lines, creates a movement for other communities and individuals to do the same. If you rather donate directly to them we also encourage you to do that as well.
On behalf of the entire GPM Team, we thank you for being a valuable member of this great community. We also thank those who serve and stand next to you for answering the call.


Warm regards,
Community Director of GTAPoliceMods 


Note: GPM is not affiliated or associated with FRCF

Kind regards,



It takes years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently.

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