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Daniel K.

FivePD v1.1.2.1 - Fix

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  • MDT Lag ( latest FiveM update caused it to be laggy & slow because [seems like blurred background is not supported anymore] )
    • Removed blurred background
  • MDT services could not be requested
  • BackupCalled API event not triggered
  • Popup messages could not be seen
  • Service request and cancel
  • Error when stopping/arresting/dropping off ped at jail point
  • To use the mod features in addon police vehicles (MDT, traffic stop, etc) write their model name into the mdt_vehicles.json. If that’s not working put FLAG_LAW_ENFORCEMENT FLAG_EMERGENCY_SERVICE into the <flag> section of the vehicle item in the vehicles.meta file.
How to update from v1.1.2
  • Replace
    • computer folder
    • CalloutManager.net.dll
    • CalloutManagerServer.net.dll
    • FivePD_client.net.dll
    • FivePD.net.dll
    • TrafficStopServer.net.dll

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Great work guys..  just want to ask something.  its mentioned the blurred backgrounds are removed.. is that the background in the mdt when u are selecting a dept to join.   the background behind the dept badge. ?? 


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Great Work boys! Seemed to do just the trick for me! As usual thank you!

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