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BCSO 2018 AWD Dodge Charger 1.0.0

   (2 reviews)

6 Screenshots

Hello wishing everyone a early Happy New Years and here's a late Christmas Gift for everyone!!! Hope yall enjoy 

Known Bugs- Radar Mount is Kinda Floating 


Feel free to add new livery's to the car or change the lighting to all blue 



2018 Dodge Charger AWD by Matt
Unity Spotlights by Matt
PB400 BY Matt
Little Puck Antenna thing by Joshua Tanner
Whelen Ions by Joshua Tanner
Setina Gun Racks by Turtle 
Watchguard Panoramic Camera by Turtle 
Setina Partiton by Unknown 
Siren Boxes by Unknown 
Stalker Radar by HPDeskjet 
Stalker F/R Antennas by Carper
Whelen Ions ( Sides of Rambar ) Deco 
Havis Charger Console by Jakub 
Havis Computer Mount by Jakub
Whelen Liberty 2, Computer, Radios, Siren Controller, Lin6s, Window Bars, & wrap by Bxbugs123
Whelen Microns by Panos_Zaf
Whelen Linv2-Linsv2 by Five0

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