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[ELS] New York Police Department Pack

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~~~ [ELS] New York Police Department Mega Pack ~~~


Due to high demand, I'm releasing this pack on GPM with a updated download folder for a easier install.

This pack is almost 4 year old pack from 2017, this is not updated for 2020. Expect issues.

I will not be responding to any comments asking for support, use this pack at your own risk.

This pack will not be updated as I no longer have the files to these cars nor do I have the desire to make them anymore.




 Vehicle List:

Lifeguard - Marked Ford Explorer (2015)
Police - Marked Chevy Impala
Police2 - Marked Ford Explorer (2016)
Police3 - Marked Ford Taurus
Police4 - Slicktop Ford Taurus
Sheriff - Marked HWY Ford Taurus
Sheriff2 - Marked HWY Ford Explorer (2016)
Policeold1 - Marked ESU Rep F-550
Towtruck - Marked Ford F-550 Tow
Policeold2 - Marked Ford Crown Victoria (2008)
FIB2 - Unmarked Chevy Impala
FIB - Unmarked Ford Crown Victoria
PoliceB - Marked Ford Fusion
Police Bus - Marked Prison Bus
FIB - Unmarked Chevy Impala
FIB2 - Unmarked Ford Crown Victoria
Riot - ESU Lenco Bearcat


Skins By Officer27, Dualift, & Nwaps.

By OfficerWalters,
With help from Flwpheonix.


2008 Crown Victoria:
Steinberg4145- assembled 2006 version,
Murphy - developed 2011, part modifications, custom modeled components, testing, UV mapping, features & fixes,
Lundy - Door handles, CVPI expertise, CVPI parts from his models, mod tester,
Cj24 - Publisher of the original model for IV & template, including headlight modifications & misc changes from F5544's release,
KevinDV - Work on the original model & grille,
Ubisoft - Driver: San Francisco Ford Crown Victoria parts, including base model & first person interior,
BxBugs123 - Headlight textures & expertise,
OfficerUnderwood - CVPI parts from his DEV resource
F5544 - Initial GTA IV conversion,
Schaefft - Some interior components and initial seat model,
Rekram- Vehicle edits and bug fixes.
Wheels By Caperino.

2013 Ford Explorer:
2011 Ford Explorer From NFS,
Converted To GTA IV By Policefanatic,
Converted To 2013 Interceptor Utility by Bxbugs123.
Converted To GTA V by Him1250;
Rims By Bxbugs123, Centercap By Carperino.

2013-16 Ford Taurus:
2010 Ford Taurus SHO By Turn 10 Studios, Modified Into 2016 Ford Taurus Police Interceptor By OfficerUnderwood,
Rear Bumper, Headlamps, & Dash By Be Fast, Modified By OfficerUnderwood & Carper,
Front Bumper By Ridgerunner, Grill By Vertex3D, Modified By OfficerUnderwood,
Chassis Parts By Ubisoft, Reverse Lights By OfficerUnderwood,
Rims By BxBugs123, Centercap By Carper.

2016 Ford Explorer:
2016 Ford Explorer Model From Humpster3d Converted To A 2016 Ford Police Interceptor by JasonCT203,
Converted To GTA IV By JasonCT203 And To GTA V By JasonCT203,
2016-Current Ford Police Interceptor Wheel Modeled By VooDoo, Centercap By Jasonct203 Converted To GTA V By JasonCT203,
2013 Ford Explorer Interior From Thunderchickens Explorer Interior Textures By Voodoo.

2013 Chevy Impala:
2005 Impala LS By Ubisoft,
Modifed Into 2016 LPV And Converted To GTA V By OfficerUnderwood,
Grill By Unknown (From Tahoe) & Seats By Ubisoft, Edited By OfficerUnderwood,
Impala Side Badge by OfficerFiveO,
Wheels By 0taku.

2008 Ford F-550 ESU Rep:
2008 Ford F550 Wrecker By DeezNutties123,
Rear Removed By OfficerWalters,
Rear ESU Box Modeled By OfficerWalters,
Ladder Modeled By OfficerWalters,
Door Handles Modeled By OfficerWalters,
Textured By OfficerWalters.
Templated By OfficerWalters.

2015 Ford Fusion:
Original Author - Humster3D,
Ported To GTAIV - BriishGamer88,
Ported To GTAV - BritishGamer88,
Poly's Lowered - Tim & OfficerWalters,
New Material's/Texture's - BritishGamer88,
Wheels: By Abner3D, Converting, Editing By Carlos PC GaMeR & CristopherIgor,
Modelled Boot Area - BritishGamer88,
Modelled Bonnet Area - BritishGamer88,
Interior - Unknow Author/Rockstar Games,
Door Interior - Rockstar Games/BritishGamer88,
Plates Added By OfficerWalters,
Boot Decals By OfficerWalters.

2015 Dodge Charger:
Base Model Extracted By DMN From Forza Horizon 2,
Converted And Textures By Thehurk,
Converted To PPV By Thehurk,
AWD Rims Scratch Modeled And Converted By RoegonTV,
AWD Logo By IronicRainbow,
Windows From Underwoods 15 Charger.

Driver: SF
Rockstar Games
Converted And Edited By SkylineGTRFreak,
Edited By OfficerWalters.

2008 Ford F550 TowTruck:
By DeezNutties123,
Edited By OfficerWalters.

ESU Lenco Bearcat:
Rockstar - Riot van interior and textures,
EA - Swat Van exterior,
Cosmo - Conversion, extensive modification, UV mapping, etc,
Heavily Edited By OfficerWalters,
Mirrors, door handles, circle panels modeled by TurtleGod3000.

Lighting and Equipment:

ESU Lighting:
Modeled By Ironic Rainbow,
Textured By Ironic Rainbow.

Spotlights On ESU Rep Truck:
Modeled By Ironic Rainbow,
Textured By Ironic Rainbow.

Federal Signal Vision SLR:
Base Modeled By Bxbugs123,
Converted To IV By by Bxbugs123,
Textured By Bxbugs123,
Converted To V By OfficerWalters,
Modules and EMIS By 0taku,
Merged Together By OfficerWalters.

Message Board Control Head:
Made By OfficerWalters,
Textured, UV mapped By OfficerWalters.

Federal Signal Micropulse
Modeled By DannyBoy1909,
Converted To IV By Him1250,
Converted To GTA V By OfficerWalters.

Message Board: (Not sure if first two lines are correct)
Made By Rockstar Games,
Extensively reworked by Lt.Caine,
Converted To GTA V By OfficerWalters.

Modeled by TraumaPak,
Converted to GTA V by OfficerWalters,
EMIS Textures By Five0.

Newer Message Board:
Message Board Modeled By Delta,
UV Mapped By Delta,
Textures By LT.Caine.

Federal Signal Vision SL:
SL Glass And Base Modeled By F5544,
Edited By OfficerWalters
SL Modules By OfficerFive0,
SL Modules Textured By OfficerFive0,
Cudas Modeled By OfficerFive0,
Textured By Five0,
Rotators By FH3,
Converted To GTA V By OfficerWalters,
SL Legs Modeled By BxBugs123,
EMIS Textures By BxBugs123.

Federal Signal Arjent:
"NSA" Fictional Lightbar By EVI,
Modified Into A Fedsig arjent By Five0,
New Modules, Lamps And Misc Parts Scratch Modeled By Five0,
Converted To GTA V By Five0.

Whelen Vertex:
Scratch Modeled By OfficerFive0,
Converted To GTA V By OfficerFive0 .

Whelen SlimLighter
Scratch Modeled, Textured, And Converted To GTA V By HDgamerzPC.

Whelen Flatliner:
Modeled By Bueno,
Textured By Bueno,
Converted To GTA V By Bueno.

McDermott Highriser:
Modeled By Ironic Rainbow,
Textured By Ironic Rainbow,
Converted To GTA V By OfficerWalters.

ESU Rep Pushbar:
Modeled By Ironic Rainbow,
Textured By Ironic Rainbow.

Federal Signal Spotlight:
Scratch Modeled By OfficerFive0,
Converted To GTA V By OfficerFive0.

Federal Signal SmartController
Modeled By OfficerUnderwood,
Textured By OfficerUnderwood.

Toughbook CF-31:
Modeled And Converted By Ridgerunner Designs,
Textured By Ridgerunner Designs,
Converted To Gta V By OfficerWalters, Edited by OfficerWalters.

Havis Console:
Modeld By TurtleGod3000,
Textured By TurtleGod3000.

Antennas Converted To GTA V By OfficerWalters From SketchUp,
Textured By OfficerWalters.

Panasonic Dashcam:
Modeled By TurtleGod3000,
Cam Texture By diablozer0d617,
Suction Cup Texture By OfficerWalters,
Converted To Gta V By OfficerWalters.

NYPD Push Rod:
Made By Schaefft,
Converted To GTAIV By Lt.Caine,
Converted To GTA V By OfficerWalters.

Setina PB450:
Created, Textured, Rendered, And Converted To GTA IV By Vertex3D,
Converted To GTA V By OfficerWalters.

Setina BodyGuard:
Modeled, converted To GTA IV By DannyBoy1909,
Converted To GTA V By OfficerWalters.

Federal Signal QuadraFlare:
Modeled By Tomcat8492,
Textured By Tomcat8492,
Converted To GTA V By OfficerWalters.

Federal Signal Jetstream Mini:
Modeled By TRUCK-KID,
Converted To GTA V By OfficerWalters,
Textured By OfficerWalters.

Unity Spotlight:
Spotlight is from model provided by Cyrax on gamemodels.ru,
Converted and edited by Black Jesus,
Textured By OfficerWalters.



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It says I am not permitted to download this.


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