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  3. So when I load in and go on duty and I drive around waiting for call outs and they never come I always have to force callouts and they don’t work right when I do that
  4. Release Date 08/24/20 Compatibility Non-ELS Price 30$ The Rambulance. The arguably most aggressive of any fleet. This thing outperforms the next best thing by miles. A perfect addition to any fleet, its looks and whats under the hood gives the “dont joke around” vibe. The new gen doesnt mess around.. Features include- Fully custom Stretcher System w/ working script Fully individually templated light emissives & light module glass ; FULL light customization Custom made Vehicle Layouts for proper rear get in/ out animations Toggleable Lightbar Toggleable Middle M9 Set. Toggleable & Moveable Flood Lightbar Toggleable Roof Mounted Airhorns Toggleable Rambar, Rambar Wrap Realistic Wobble Antennas Toggleable Kussmaul Auto Eject System (“Plugged in” Preset for in station use) Toggleable Side, And Rear scene lighting Toggleable Inner Rear Ambulance Cab lights. Realistic, working mirrors Openable Cab Compartments Working, Templated, Breakable Windows, Body, And Wheels Versions Include (All Included with Purchase) All Red ; Endless customization via light & glass templates. Credits & Special Thanks To: @IceTheDev & @Trump for stretcher and stretcher script @RoegonTV for Whelen Tail Light set ; M9 ; M9 V Series ; M6. @HONEYNUT for Stryker System @BillyJ for Rambar & Rambar Wrap ; AED System @DIBZER, @Dan With Da Van! For E350 original Van Base @Matthew Peralta for Airhorns ; RAM Single Cab @Limited for Liveries @CEO for Liberty II @CAPONE for Wheel @Price for multiple extensive meta contributions @Prod for exhaust system ; Opticom ; LED Lightbar @GeorgieMoon For Tires @BlueJ for MedVault 2 @CJ24 for Toughbook Laptop @Jakub for Console @Kane104 for Orig Base @Steve6645 @XBR410 for Misc compartment equipment @mathfeew ; @NoneVale_ ; @Riva for multiple misc contributions
  5. Wow didn't even know that was possible.
  6. That's a good idea! Could be like an ALPR hit or an observation when on foot.
  7. New Hampshire Inspired FiveM Server Now HIRING
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  9. Hi All, I recently set up a server and installed FivePD. I dont know if there are supposed to be more included callouts, but the only one that came with FivePD was "trespassing". Thats not the issue I want to discuss, however. After responding to at least five of the trespassing calls and being unable to find any suspects, and after installing community callouts and also not seeing any PEDs, im starting to think there might be an issue with the PED spawning. I run the server on my PC, and have looked through the logs. FivePD and the other callouts have been loading without any errors, and I'd like to think my friends and I arent such terrible cops that we wouldnt be able to locate ANY suspects, but even bghddevelopment's Drunk Callouts arent spawning in the suspects. Please let me know if anyone else has experienced this issue. Logs can be provided if needed.
  10. Raylan Givens


    My game files
  11. I mean conspiracy theorists are becoming more and more topical it seems!
  12. Could you explain the issue you're having in a bit more detail. we're a little confused
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  15. Thanks! For sure, not sure when tho.
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  17. Yesterday
  18. Should hopefully be resolved as of 2.5, turns out the API for both FivePD and CitizenFX was a little bit out of date and that caused some issues
  19. @markthedev Can you do a V3 and add more rear lighting? Love this pack, literally amazing!!
  20. Hello, everyone! The final update for San Andreas Ultimate Backup [EUP] 2.3 is here! What's New In Final Update 2.3? Added EUP Rain Uniforms To Default LSPDFR Backup Added EUP Snow Uniforms To Default LSPDFR Backup Added EUP Detectives (Suit, Collared Shirt, w/Vest) Adjusted Jurisdiction Settings Updated EUP Wardrobe.ini Updated EUP PresetOutfits.ini Updated The Entire LSPDFR Data Folder For All Versions - Have Fun!
  21. Did you change any of the variable names around?
  22. srluk

    [ELS] LSPD Pack

    The discord link does not work...
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