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  3. have you watched the install tutorial?
  4. The livery won't appear on the vehicle for me.
  5. Hello, I am CHP Commissioner CH3RRY We have decided to open up FivePD (while we are starting out) into Esx server applications Currently we are seeking individuals for CHP, Blaine County Sheriffs Office, Fire and EMS, Dispatch and Communications and Civs. If you are interested please fill out this application. Good Luck to all applicants We hope to see you on patrol!
  6. Steezens

    Steezens GTA V W.I.P.'s

    Just a place to drop any models or texture packs im working on
  7. This content has been promoted on our Twitter account. We promote content that is good quality and/or shows community interest. Keep up the great work!
  8. Welcome to GPM, AussiePresence! We're glad to have you here! Be sure to read our help docs and reach out to us if you have questions regarding account related issues at support.gtapolicemods.com. Glad to hear you enjoy the mods that many great users upload on our platform. Hope to see you around! Stay safe, Ray
  9. Could this be used in fivem? But I would like to be told how to change the sirens as I have tried multiple times within LSPDFR and both times it has not worked hence why I stopped using the mod.
  10. Verification request approved ☑️

  11. Hello GPM, I am a new member seems like a good community I have come here for some more mods and to see if people are able to provide support for me. I am an Australian and I have recently gotten into fivem again and I have unforunatley lost LSPDFR by some dumb shit my pc does. Obviously, AussiePresence
  12. Yesterday
  13. > You can move it horizontally if you open the MDT. Didn't know this, thats for the info. However, please consider a solution where the help messages are visible without needing additional user configuration. > but we can't position the notification to be on top of the dispatch UI. That wouldn't be a good solution even if you could. I suggest setting the default vertical position of the callout in a position such that they do not overlap. > Also this is more like a suggestion, than a bug. Up to interpretation, it's blocking UI of the base game
  14. make sure to go into the server.cfg and type start 13fpiu
  15. You can move it horizontally if you open the MDT. We'll think about the scaling, but we can't position the notification to be on top of the dispatch UI. Also this is more like a suggestion, than a bug.
  16. The 911 Dispatch UI draws over help messages (As well as the FivePD status message, if screen safezone [client side, undetectable afaik] is on max) This prevents other scripts and callouts from using these help messages. 1080p, Max safezone: 4k, safezone adjusted so that FivePD status does not obstruct message, however callout UI still obstructs it: I also suggest adding UI scaling at higher resolutions for better visibility. Positioning of the callout menu can be improved to offset and scale with screen resolution. FivePD Status messa
  17. It´s just the texture of the taillights, I tried that using a glass texture and it worked but I haven´t found a good looking replacement yet...
    Hiya, thanks for making this! it is very neat and fun to use for RP
  18. Tony mods

    Alaska state troopers

    Recent project I’ve got going sparked by a long time interesting in the troopers. Once completed this pack will feature textures for; 4 types of jackets, Custom badges, 4 different hats, PFDS, body armor, and pants. If I missed something don’t hesitate to let me know via a PM.
  19. It is a model by Cartres. The livery fits any car with Kane104's 2016 FPIU base.
  20. Hi I am having trouble with clicking on the admin code button when pressing "b" on my keyboard inside my fivepd server. I recently set this server up and when I go to set up my admin code, I can not click it at all. I checked the config.json for the admin code which I think is set properly. Also, my screen resolution does not seem to be the problem. Any help would be appreciated.
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