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About This Club

For all the GPM Vapers - CBD, THC, Niccotine, other

  1. What's new in this club
  2. A mod for outdoorsmen and one of the best RDA's on the market? Hell, glad I signed up!
  3. Just got my Big Baby Light Edition, looks pretty sweet!
  4. Next thing I get is def gonna be the Plus, currently have a SMOK Big Baby Light Edition on the way to replace my Cubix Max atomizer
  5. Plus is great! Uses a USB-C charger vs a micro USB on the normal suorin. Pod lasts longer and is way larger than the normal suorin. Highly recommend upgrading when possible
  6. I have the Normal Suorin Air, one of the best pods out there, hows the Plus?
  7. Yeah, I would. It's an expensive start but it's worth it.
  8. It's the Aegis by geek vape and the tank is a Horizon tech by Falcon.
  9. This is my Daily Driver, I don’t have pics of all my rigs but I’m always spending way to much money on these things.
  10. Im going to get 2 more of those PUFF BARS tomorrow and I want to know what flavors I should get! My options are Sour Apple Blue Raz - Definitely Getting one of these Blueberry Ice Cool Mint Pineapple Lemonade Peach Ice WHAT ELSE SHOULD I GET???
  11. Hey Vapers Long time no see! I have been thinking about quitting again buttttttttt

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