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Download Issues - Try these steps first

This announcement is no longer active


Hello folks!


We've been getting a few support requests in regards to downloads not working, being denied, etc. So here's the current situation on the matter.


We are unable to solve the issue as it seems to be an issue with our forum software that we can't seem to figure out why it happens. So until something gets resolved by our vendor, here's something you can do that we've noticed that seems to help in most cases.


So please do the following before submitting a support ticket:

  1. Log out of the site.
  2. Close the tab that the site was in.
  3. Clear all your cookies and cached files (I know, it sucks that you'll have to log back into sites, but this is the only way to flush out any stale files).
  4. Restart your browser.
  5. Log back into your GPM account and try again.
  6. If the download is still failing, open a support ticket and provide the URL to the file that is having issues.

Important Information

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