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FivePD Public Service Announcement - Please Read

This announcement is no longer active




To best protect you and your community/server, we do not recommend nor encourage the purchase of 'FivePD Installation' services. To best secure your community, we only recommend acquiring FivePD from GTAPoliceMods or our affiliate, Modern Solutions.


We highly recommend you stay away from services claiming to be us or claiming to install fivepd for a 'service fee.' These services are not vetted nor endorsed by us and may have a backdoor or other means of compromising your community/server. On a final note, GPM Staff will never ask you for your server password, rcon password, ask for a payment or ask/demand any private information. If you have any questions regarding our EULA, please create a support ticket at support.gtapolicemods.com


Kind regards,



Community Director of GTAPoliceMods

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