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Official FivePD Gallery

Gallery Guidelines


Although this is pretty self explanatory, it is a good idea for us to lay down some guidelines when it comes to gallery spam. 

  • We understand you have many pictures to share with the community. However, please use common sense and make sure you are not posting the same images (or similar images) over and over again. 
  • For more information on unwanted content that may be considered "Spam" please read the "User Content" section in the Community Guidelines.
  • Gallery images must be your own images. Please do NOT upload gifs. Gifs can be uploaded on threads but not the gallery (they can be annoying and overstress the server)
  • Excessive Spamming of Single Asset: 
    • GPM Staff Members will Supervise and Moderate Uploaded Gallery Content(s) for Spamming based on the Following:

      • Excessive Duplication of Angling, Setting, Positioning, or Placement

  • Image Titling:
    • GPM Staff Reserve the Right to Remove Images based on Unethical Titling of Upload
    • Descriptions Implied: (numerical or random lettering).png Titles, Unbecoming Language, Profanity, or No Descriptions.
    • Violations of GPM Guidelines in reference to Image Titling involving Unbecoming Language, Profanity, or Lewd Content will lead to


Moderated Actions toward your Account up to Account Termination.

If you feel like actions taken by GPM Staff Members on your account or Gallery Upload(s) are unethical you are encouraged to submit a Support Ticket here



Official screenshots uploaded by the Development Team and Management Team

Important Information

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