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Tint all of the things! (How to fix parts that shouldn't tint)


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If you're trying to avoid having your lightbar glass/light glass/windows, etc, tint when tint is applied to the vehicle you need to apply the proper color paint to the Alpha Channel in Vertex paint mode. 

  1. Switch to Vertex mode and select all vertices of the object you wish to keep from taking on tint. 
  2. In surface tools, select the tiny dropdown in the top right corner of the paint toolbar and verify that you're on the Primary Channel and that you've selected the A or Alpha channel. 
  3. In the paint tool itself, open the options, change the color to black and then apply to all. 
  4. Your mesh will no longer be tinted when tint is applied to the vehicle. 


If this does NOT work, select the mesh in object mode and go into the vertices properties and verify that the object is set up to respond to primary color. 



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Great advice!

Going to pin this thread as it can be very useful to those who may have this type of issue.


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I'd like to add on to this. If you don't use Zmodeler3 and let's say you downloaded a random vehicle off a site and it has tint or you're too lazy to do it the way Deadspin explained. Another way you can disable tint is by going to your vehicle.meta file (Can be found in GTAV\update\update.rpf\common\data\levels\gta5) drag it out of openiv and open it up, search the name of the vehicle you want to disable the tint on, for example we'll use "sheriff2" Once you found it scroll down until you found <diffuseTint value="0x88000000" /> replace the 0x88000000 with 0x00FFFFFF then save and drag it back in openiv. Your vehicle will no longer have any tint.






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