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Threads which either have been answered before or do not have replies from the creator after 2 days will be locked and moved to solved. Please make sure you look in the "Solved" category to see if your questions have been answered before!


  • Management Team

This subforum is for support only! Any bugs you experience with FivePD should be submitted to the "FivePD Bug Reports" area of the site (be sure to read the Bug Report Template). You can also now request new 'suggestions' for FivePD too by clicking here. When suggesting new features be sure to read this.

Failure to follow this as of 4/17/2020 will result in your topic being locked and possible infractions issued towards your account.

We want to be as organized as possible. We have determined this is the best way to handle bugs vs actual FivePD support.


Do NOT Create Support Requests For The Following

  • Errors due to FivePD plugins made by other developers (we can not offer support on this, please reach out to the the developer directly via PMs)
  • Reporting new bugs/glitches
  • Suggesting new features


Support Thread Issue Examples

  • FivePD Installation Questions
  • SQL Questions
  • Server Side Questions
  • Anything FivePD Related...


Bug Report Examples

  • Reporting new bugs/glitches that have NOT been reported yet on the latest FivePD version.


Suggestion Examples

  • Suggesting new features that have NOT been requested yet


Information which you can provide

@Grandpa Rex has provided a great video on how to get some of the information which can be used to help.



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