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Howdy all,


Deadspin here checking in from muggy coastal NC. I got into creating mods for fivem about a year ago. Started with custom peds for fire/ems and eventually branched into LEO peds. If you watched any of the streams from the SOE servers in the last year, those were my peds being used by safr/leos.


Back in February i branched into cars, which are thankfully much more straightforward than peds. There wasn't really much of a community for ped work but holy crap the car community is huge. Ive met some interesting people and some outright shitlords so far but it's also been pretty fun. Learning all the intricacies of vehicle work has been a blast and I'm branching more and more into creating my own custom pieces in 3ds. 


Look forward to seeing you all around. 

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  • Management Team

Welcome to GTAPoliceMods @Deadspin!

We hope to see some of your content here at GPM ?

As always if you have any questions do not hesiate to ask.

See you around!


Kind regards,



It takes years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently.

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