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[SOLVED] Zap Hosting FivePD Not Working



Hi, this is the first time ive ever made a topic on a forum so im sorry if i dont include stuff that i should. So ive bought a brand new test server on zap hosting, installed the 2 folders (fivepd and calloutmanager) into the filezilla FTP-browser and in the server.cfg typed in at the bottom start"____" for both folders. Ive added the five.sql using HeidiSQL and all the databases are there. Ive also added to the config.json file the database im using and ive saved it and restarted my zap hosting server. It has launched with the fivepd image on loadup into the server. But from there im lost. I've pressed all the keys including F10 and F11 and nothing is coming up like a trainer or script.  I was wondering if anyone could help me if possible that would be great! The only thing i could think of that is causing this issue is due to the server version that was mentioned which was any update before February 17th, but all i get with that on the zap hosing server is the version of the updates but no knowledge of when they released. Ive included a screenshot of the F8 Console Showing that Fivepd has launched correctly. Thanks 


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