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How to make a cable in Zmod (Tutorial)


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So this is quick tutorial to answer a question that people ask a lot.

How to make a simple cable?

Keep in mind i am gonna share the way i know on how to make this. There may be better ways out there i dont know and of course this may depend on what you need it for etc.

So the basic idea of making cables is to basically extrude a cylinder and then curve it to move torwards the way you want it to move. You need to be familiar with a couple of things first.



The extrude tool which can be found under modify>submesh



The pivot helper which is this little thing right there (you can place it by pressing x on your keyboard)



and switching between auto mode (you can change it by pressing space on your keyboard)






The extrude tool is pretty straight forward it does what it says and i use it a lot while in vertex mode as you can see on the video.


Now the pivot helper defines the point where something is gonna get rotate from, it basically behaves as the axes if you have pivot disabled, but in vertex mode its better to use that. You use it by placing the cursor at the place you want and then by pressing X on your keyboard.


Auto mode is also used a lot to move things in vertex mode, without it its just more difficult to move or rotate stuff while in vertex mode. The way to use it is to first select the vertices you want to move and then you press space and by pressing anywhere on the view will move/rotate only the vertices you previsly selected. It just saves you the hasle of having to press exacly on a vertice to move the rest.


(optional) change the color of the default material. This is to make the cable stand out while making it so its easier to see.



Open up the Material Browser>double click on Default Material>go color Parameters>click on the Diffuse Color and select a color that will stand out like bright pink and click OK







You need to know how to use other basic tools and modes as well but i am gonna skip them since you porbably already know how to. But these 3 tools are essential to make a cable the quickest way possible (that i know).





In the video Below you can see me making a cable for a radar antenna i use all of the things explained above (i am probably gonna re-record it make it a proper video tutorial when i can for the time this has to do)




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