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Developer Update #4 - Release Date / Final Remarks


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Final Developer Update #4 - "Release Date / Final Remarks"

FivePD Build Number: v1.0

FivePD Official Announcement Thread


Hello everyone and welcome to FivePD's Developer Update #4, the final edition for the behind the scenes look of the development of FivePD. Over the past few weeks, the Development Team of GPMDS has been working non-stop on addressing bugs, critical issues, and interacting with the community during the closed-beta. Many of you have been fortunate enough to partake in the closed-beta to assist the development team in addressing bugs and critical issues. We can not thank you enough for your assistance. Know that every bug report that you do, not only are you helping the development team, but you are helping other communities who plan on using FivePD not experience these bugs. It is so exciting to see FivePD's development since the date it was first started (December of 2019). 

Let's dive more in detail below, shall we?

FivePD's Closed-Beta
First, let me take a second to thank all of our VIP Members, staff, and community affiliates who helped us during the beta, your work has not gone unnoticed. The Development Team has looked at every single bug report that has been created to fix and resolve issues. Although those bugs may still exist in the closed-beta server, know that the latest development build of FivePD has addressed those bugs and will continue to fix any bugs reported. We are learning so much about how FivePD handles in a populated server, which is why we wanted to do a closed-beta. Upon writing this thread, the developers have pretty much rewritten the entire backend of FivePD (yes... the whole backend) to support better stability and improvement. Without the closed-beta, we would have never known how FivePD would handle on a populated environment, so once again, even if you did not create a bug report, thank you for connecting and playing within the server. Last but not least I would like to thank all of you who live-streamed FivePD and those of you who are very interactive within our social media pages, we are very thankful for the community that we have and continue to build. For now, the closed-beta server will continue to stay online until the 15th of April, and we encourage all whitelisted members to continue to create bug reports and provide feedback. If you are a new VIP member, please read this article on how to join the closed-beta server.



FivePD v1.0 Release Date

Release Date: 4/15/2020 @ 1PM CST, 2PM EST, 12:00PM PST

Download Section / API

We are in the process of creating two new categories within the GPM Download section. These will remain hidden until 4/15/2020. The parent category will be called "GTAPoliceMods Development Studios," and the two subcategories will be named; "Official Releases" and "Community Resources." You will be able to find FivePD, and any other future GPMDS mod, in that section. The second category will be called "Community Resources," this subcategory is where we encourage all 3rd party developers to upload callout packs and other custom resources for the FivePD game-mode. For more information about our API system, please click here. Do note that the API system will be updated throughout the lifespan of FivePD, so expect some great changes and additions (more info on our GitHub page).

Thank you to all who are already looking into our API system and already creating amazing content!


Help Support GPM

As a reminder, for those of you who are VIP Members on GPM, you will be given early non-critical server updates, news, and information on what we have in store for the future. I won't go into every single detail about what VIPs receive in perks as it would probably take up this entire article, however, to view all the exciting perks on becoming a VIP Member visit here.

We sincerely appreciate your support!


Closing Remarks

Oh boy, where do I even start? Members, words can not express how amazing this experience has been for the entire development team. @porsekin and @Natixco, the original founders of FivePD, are thrilled to see their idea come to reality.  Being able to create something like this is fantastic. We know that this is something the FiveM/GTA community has wanted for such a long time, and we are so glad to be able to make that a reality. We really do have a great team here at GPM, whether they are a staff member, community affiliate, content creator, verified developer or management, we are so happy to have an ever-growing community like this.

We are thrilled and so excited to see what the future holds for GPM and FivePD.

See you on the 15th!




Community Director

Lead Developer

@Natixco @porsekin



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