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Well then. I'm making one of these and its only a couple months after I joined, No biggie on the late side. For the template thingy because I have no clue what to write about me. (Not Very Interesting )


What brings you to GPM?


Well It was around Late November, start of December time that I first heard of GPM. I decided I would make an account and join this great community due to the fact Great New uploads were coming over here, it was something new, and I heard that lcpdfr wasnt treating devs the best. BAM so I am here now.


Tell us about yourself


My name is Anders, But on Discord you will find me around as either Anders#6969 or SUPREME COMMANDER.  I can be found popping up in GPM Server, Support Member in the LSPDFR LOUNGE server, and hiding in many developers servers.


And I am a 17 Year old Brit who enjoys games as a lot of you may. But I also take an interest on how games/films are made, especially the little things in the background that make the final product even better, The things alot of people miss. But I will never be able to watch a film again without analysing it all. 

I also enjoy creating things, but useless at Zmoddler. BlueGhost can tell you that. And I have not tried skins, So for now check out my uploads in images, I recently made some graphics for the one and only EchoWolf, They were great to make and are now used within his Discord Server and His Club here at GPM (Have a look at it ! ) I included below my favourite images I got while making them.



I hope you all had fun reading about me and the new stuff to blackmail me with, Have a great day!

GTA5 2020-03-27 14-52-15.png

GTA5 2020-03-27 14-40-35.png

GTA5 2020-03-27 14-46-13.png

GTA5 2020-03-27 15-46-00.png

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