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COVID-19: Was it Artificially Engineered?


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Sup people.


Been thinking about this whole Corona Virus thing, and the possibility that it may be artificially engineered. The location of where the virus broke out was just down the street from a bio lab. Coincidence, probably, but still suspicious. Another option, is that the virus could've been released in China by the U.S. government to distract from the massive trade war that has been the center of the media's attention for quite a while. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think it was released by a world power on purpose? I'm not sure, I'm just weighing the options.


- Lib

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honestly it could have been dormant for ages and erosion released it into the animal system then people started eating it and boom virus. if its spread alot in a country why not stop it there force people to stay it just amazes me at how fast it can spread with one person ona  plane and boom teh entire plane infected and then they go their own ways without knowing.


overall thought idk im not a scientist but  have hopes of then getting a fix or treatment for this  sooner than later 


the end of my idea of it

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