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Introduction.pngGTAPoliceMods was founded on the core principle that Developers are at the center of all that we do, and that without them, the modifications community would not exist. As such, we believe it to be imperative that Developers are afforded the highest quality toolkit possible. This is why we have developed a plethora of strategies, guidelines, tools, and more to ensure that newcomers and veterans alike are equipped to accomplish any task.


From our professional staff team ensuring that your Terms of Service are enforced and that all content shared on our platforms is in accordance with our Community Guidelines, to Developers having complete control over how their content looks to even who it is shared with, there are many reasons why so many Developers call GTAPoliceMods their home for their content.


Some of our most notable features are the Content Promotion and Feature system, a fully-featured vanity links system, Distinguished Developers, the GTAPoliceMods Marketplace, Clubs, Developer Showcase Threads, built-in security features, and so much more.



Growth and Branding

gnb.pngAs a young community ourselves, we understand just how difficult it can be to get your name out there regardless of how good your product is. As such, we take great pride in assisting Developers in progressing in the expansion of their reputation. Our staff team is constantly engaging with newly uploaded content to find Developers who have demonstrated effort and hard work in the content they produce.


When content as described above is located by our staff team, they will promote or feature it. When content is promoted, it is shared to our Twitter account with our followers and features a link directly to the download page where interested parties can review the shared content for themselves. When content is featured, it becomes pinned to the front of the relevant downloads section where users browsing our platform will view it in a rotating carousel of high quality content that we personally recommend.


All content uploaded to GTAPoliceMods is shared in our Community Discord's "New Uploads Feed" in which users will be able to browse on the go and at-home to view all of the awesome modifications shared on our platform, including yours!


Developers are also provided with the option to create shortened links for their content, with Distinguished Developers and VIP members having heightened access to create custom vanity links where they will be able to direct users to their content in a manner that best represents the content itself, or the Developer in a manner that is consistent with their branding.


Clubs can be created by VIP members where they can use it as a Development Lounge for their content and share progress, updates, images, receive suggestions and bug reports, and more! Clubs are customizable, and the creator of them has full control over how it is structured. Additionally, our Community Guidelines are enforced within to help us protect you, your content, and assist in ensuring the experience is overall something positive subverting the need to search for your own moderation team for a Discord community.


Developers can opt to flag their content as a GTAPoliceMods Exclusive when it is only being distributed on the GTAPoliceMods platform, which provides a unique badge on the uploaded content. While this is not a requirement, nor is it expected, we are always appreciative and grateful when Developers choose to use GTAPoliceMods as their platform of choice.


Safe and Secure



GTAPoliceMods takes safety and security seriously. Our staff team is constantly monitoring our platform to ensure that our Community Guidelines are being enforced, as well as the individual Terms of Services shared by Developers directly on their uploads.


When uploading to GTAPoliceMods, Developers are provided the option to share their Terms of Service, and are encouraged to do so as we believe that your Terms of Service are as important as ours, and we believe it is your right to decide how your content is viewed, used, and distributed.


If you do not have your own Terms of Service, there is no need to fret as we have established our very own default Terms of Service that automatically applies to all uploads in the event that a Developer does not provide their own.


Beyond this, Developers can rest assured that even if there was an instance where our staff team was not available to handle a report or a Terms of Service breech, our reports system will automatically hide files that are reported to a considerable extent to ensure that we have time to review the reported content for any potential violations of our Community Guidelines, or of another Developers' Terms of Service while avoiding any further damage being caused by such an incident to the involved parties.



Distinguished Developers


DD.pngDistinguished Developers are members of the community who have been recognized for their contribution to GTAPoliceMods. Distinguished Developers, identified by their bright green names, are afforded a number of additional tools and enhancements to existing tools to ensure they have exactly what they need to continue to expand their reputation and manage their content with the utmost freedom possible on our platforms.


As a Distinguished Developer, you have the ability to see who has downloaded your file, the ability to restrict who can download your files, the ability to simultaneously download and upload multiple files, an increased PM Inbox capacity of 25,000 messages, and an increased vanity link capacity. Additionally, Distinguished Developers are granted access to the GTAPoliceMods Marketplace where they can make their own listings and enjoy the safety and security that we provide on our platform.


Additionally, you receive access to Distinguished Developer-only channels in our Discord in which you can communicate, cooperate, and coordinate with your fellow Distinguished Developers, or simply hangout with likeminded individuals.



The Marketplace


marketplace.pngThe GTAPoliceMods Marketplace is a space for Developers to execute safe and secure transactions with the backing of the GTAPoliceMods Community Guidelines, and in a setting that enables further confidence from both parties as the GTAPoliceMods Trust Factor System allows you to make a better judgement call on those who you make transactions with.


Distinguished Developers and VIP members are given access to create new listings in the GTAPoliceMods Marketplace. We provide protections for both Developers and customers to ensure a seamless transaction for all involved parties.


The GTAPoliceMods Marketplace allows for established Developers with their own "auto-buy" websites to continue operating through their existing website all the while expanding their potential customer base and reaching further audiences who may have missed their offerings.


For newer Developers or seasoned Developers who do not operate their own website, the Markteplace allows you to facilitate transactions with Registered Members of our platform.



The Best is Yet to Come


conclusion.pngWhile there are so many reasons why GTAPoliceMods is an amazing place for Developers to share their content and expand their reputation, we are never satisfied and we will always continue to strive to create new features that further our goal of fostering the ultimate environment for Developers.


Community feedback is important to us. If you have any feedback, comments, or questions regarding any features available, or potential features that we should look into, please leave us a comment below or start a conversation with a member of the staff team.


Once more, we are forever thankful for the Developers who have chosen to share their content on our platform, and especially those who have chosen GTAPoliceMods as their primary or even exclusive home for their content.


Thank you for your continued support, we look forward to greeting the future of our platform with you!





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This account is used for internal purposes and it is unmonitored for reports, replies, DMs, etc. Please reach out at support.gtapolicemods.com 

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Truly shows how much we care for developers. We genuinely are a community for developers to have the best experience possible. Great work writing this, @Lucky!

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Kind regards,



It takes years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently.

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