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Distinguished Developer Spotlight - LSPDFR Pics


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Distinguished Developer Spotlight - LSPDFR Pics
Spotlight by @Zenitae


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Hi there everyone! We're back this week with a brand new DD Spotlight! Some say he that's he wanted by the CIA and sleeps upside down like a bat. Others say that he's seen The Lion King 1,872 times. All we know for sure is... he's called @LSPDFR Pics and he's in the hot seat for this installment of Distinguished Developer Spotlights! :snaildab: 


If you missed the previous DD Spotlight (featuring Dirty Dan), you can find it below:

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How long have you been creating content for?


GTA4 & GTA5 Multimedia since 2016


GTA5 Liveries since 2019


What made you want to start create content? How did you begin?


I started off by taking screenshots and videos of other peoples releases, and realized that I too could create content for the public to use for their own games. After learning the basics of photoshop, I transitioned away from multimedia and focused on livery developement!


Do you have a favourite release?


Currently the Los Santos Airport Authority Livery Pack.


What would you say was the most difficult or frustrating release that you're worked on?


I would say my ELS 2016 Explorer release. It was the first time I had worked on a vehicle model, and was essentially my learning model while figuring out vehicle creation.


Any general tips/advice for those who want to create similar content or have recently started?


Be unique. There are a million different ideas and concepts out there, so make yourself known for the unique things!


Do you have a guilty pleasure song?


Any Ke$ha song 🙂 


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LSPDFR Pics' Discord

GTAPoliceMods Releases

LSPDFR Pics' Twitter



As always, a big thank you to our DD this week @LSPDFR Pics for taking the time to answer our questions. We very much appreciate it! On a personal note, I love seeing LSPDFR Pics releasing new content; not just because of the quality, but the designs always catch my eye. I sincerely look forward to any future releases, and I'm sure you'll join me in thanking him for his contributions to the GPM community.


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20 minutes ago, LSPDFR Pics said:

Thanks for the spotlight guys! 😄

Thank you for participating, and thank you for making awesome content!

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