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How to improve the handling of a vehicle without Handling?


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By Benzaboy, on 10/26/20 12:27 PM.


I recently read a post that talked about how the dimensions of a vehicle could influence the way you drive.




As you will see, the last one talks about the handling and how different it can be that these have the same line of code in Handling.cfg


Anyway, then I was wondering how this can be done.
To give an example of a car with this driving feature.
Doomer patrols, excellent handling and acceleration, I say, compared to a Copcar vehicle by default, the difference is abysmal.
I will leave the link here so you can try them.





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I look at the model and the only major differences I see are the front wheel dummies are asymmetrical in location, the right front wheel dummy is not in the same place as the wheel object, and both the overall model dummy (in this case copcarla) as well as the chassis_dummy are not at their native 0, 0, 0 position. The front wheel dummies are closer together than the rear wheel dummies also. 

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