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Hello, my name is Bruce and I'm with RGB Rebellion we are a newly developing company with multi different options of service for GTA 5 and GTA SA as well as none Gaming Related Services. We are Currently in the market for some amazing quality models and templates for GTA 5!! We are Willing to pay for these as well as give credit where is due! We will advertise your work for free as a thank you! 


Models we are looking for are.


Looking for Amber lighting, Blue Lighting and red/White


Ford Explorer 

Ford F150

Ford f250

Ford taurus 

Chevy Silverado 

Chevy Tahoe

GMC any models

Fire Trucks and Ambulances doesn't matter what brands American Made preferred.

Tow Vehicles or construction vehicles with Amber lighting

PLEASE Send me whatcha got an ill gladly pay for it as long as it's good quality!!!

DM me and we can take it from there!!

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22 hours ago, BreezyThaGod said:

@bevarnowPre-Made or Custom. 


I have a few things for sale on my website



Be safe and well travels


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