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Hello I'm new here! ❤️😎

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Hi there! I am new to this website. I'm also just learning about this community. What I see so far is looking really great! Please forgive me as I'm not really good at forums. If I mess up on anything, apologies in advance I'm not really good at tagging… 😅


I am a little bit familiar with the lspdfr community. I have never done any "role playing" in any FiveM servers. However I just like to play with the police vehicles in single player Grand Theft Auto. I'm kind of a simpleton… heh. 


However this looks like a great Community with a lot of nice folks Who Run It. That's always a great thing, We need more communities like that in this day and age. 


Well, A little background On me. My name is Jordan chipmunk, That is the name of my Fur-Sona. I do participate with the furry community and have been one for quite some time. 


I have always enjoyed watching videos of role-playing when it comes to FiveM content. I play a lot of Vrchat, NeosVr, Sometimes phasmophobia with friends.. I am a social bug I guess.. Always wanting to meet new people. Feel free to message and chat with me anytime you wish. 😎❤️


Anyways, The world is kind of in a spot right now. And I wish for all of you to be very safe and try to think positively. As best as you can Because that's what matters ❤️❤️❤️

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Welcome to GTAPoliceMods!

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GTAPoliceMods Community Administrator

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35 minutes ago, Zenitae said:

Hey Jordan, welcome to the community. I hope your stay remains awesome and you enjoy the content that all corners of the community provide! 😄 


Hey, much appreciated for the kind words friend! And I certainly will! this seems like a really good community. Again thank you so much❤️😃

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