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New Features Added to GPM!


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  • Management Team


Below are new features that have been implemented to GPM. If you have any questions feel free to comment below!


1) Members can now view main categories and will show content within the subcategories (Ex: GTAV category will show anything within it's subcategories)
2) When uploading cars you can now choose if ELS is required or not. 
3) The GPM Store is now online! Purchase your GPM merchandise with 15% off for the next 12 Days! (the GPM Store can be found here)
4) Don't forget our Summer Contest is still in effect! Up to $150 worth of prizes! More information can be found at GTAPoliceMods.com

5) Members can now refer people to GPM! There are several ways to refer users, first is by sending them your referral link (can be found in your "account settings" page) or by letting the user enter your username in the registration screen.

  • Refer 50 users and you will be awarded the "Community Spokesman" medal
  • Refer 100 users and you will be awarded the "Community Spokesman" medal AND Lifetime VIP!
  • Refer 300 users and you will receive a $50 Steam Gift Card, be awarded the "Community Spokesman" medal AND Lifetime VIP!

6) (Removed) As a security feature we have added a new tab in your profile page that shows you all of your IPs used on your account. This is designed to help you keep track of your account and if anyone has logged in with a unknown IP.  Removed Reason: We added a new security feature that alerts you via PM if a new IP logs into your account. 

7) Cost for VIP has been lowerd dramatically. 

8.) Added the ability to log in and register with Google/Twitter. If you already have a GPM account you can go to "Account Settings" to sync your Google and/or Twitter account.

9) Added "Average Content Per Day". It can be found in your profile page. This will let you and other users know how much content you are posting per day.

10) Users can now donate to those who add their PayPal.Me in the downloads section of GPM (Read announcement for more details)

Thank you for being a member of GPM!


Kind regards,



It takes years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently.

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