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Internet connection is required to play FivePD


Reason for Locking
Solved. If you have any further issues, please create a new thread.

By Lucky, on 02/23/22 12:44 AM.



Decided to bring my localhost FiveM server back from the grave (hadn't played in ~ 1/2 year)

I updated FiveM and launched the server to this error.

[script:fivepd] [ FivePD ] An error has occured: Internet connection is required to play FivePD. Either our server is unreachable or you are not connected to the internet. Please try again later.

Looking through other threads, I see it is usually a port/firewall issue.

I've tried port forwarding, allowing rules in windows firewall, turning off the firewall to no avail.

Please let me know any other ideas, I recently reinstalled FivePD to a clean copy.

Thank you!!

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  • Community Administrator

Hello, FivePD services are currently experiencing a known issue. The team is working to resolve this issue as fast as possible. Please refer to gpmstat.us for further details regarding service availability.


Currently, there is no ETA on the time that services will be restored.


Thank you.




GTAPoliceMods Community Administrator

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