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Vivid Studios December 2019 Newsletter

Vivid Studios PR

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Vivid Studios: December 2019 Newsletter


Written by: Vivid Studios PR Staff

Edited by: Liberty

Published on: December 28th, 2019


Vivid Mega Pack Released!

The highly anticipated release of Vivid's mega content pack was released Wednesday December 25th to the GTAPoliceMods community after months of hard work on development. The release consisted of; Hanover County Sheriff's Office, Arlington County Police, and Portsmouth Sheriff. Vehicles were developed by @Frost88, @Liberty, and @TickleMyElmo. Skins were designed by @DaveSkinWorks, and EUP uniforms were developed by @GrandTheftPD. Each of these different parts of the mega pack were wonderfully developed, and will continue to be updated as time goes on. This mega pack could not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the very talented developers at Vivid Studios. Management reminds users; "Due to the holiday period, the release of some of the content in the mega pack will be delayed because of personal circumstances of the developers. Please be patient as you wait for the remaining content to be released." The developers will take a much needed break from group modding before taking on another large project. The developers encourage you to take photos of their work in your game and share them with the community!


Custom Vivid Discord Bot?

You may have noticed a new account join Vivid's Discord server in the past days. A member of the Community Management Team, @NotCamSlice, volunteered to code a custom Discord bot exclusively for our server. The bot will feature common moderation commands such as; ban, kick, and mute. Along with these commands, the bot will also be able to lock-down the server in its entirety, ban/mute/warn multiple users at once, auto warn users for tagging defined roles or people, post moderation notices, and finally, PM defined users with a custom message from server staff. This bot will enhance the user experience in Vivid's Discord server and add new tools to the Community Team's toolbox thanks to the new commands it will bring. Sadly, this bot will be succeeding Cube, one of the most underrated bots in Discord history. Cube was developed by Scaarus, and has been used in every server Liberty and Royce moderate in (including the official RagePluginHook server!). We'll be sad to see 'ole Cube go. Luckily, the bot will remain in many of the developers' personal servers to keep the peace. We expect the new Vivid bot to be online and in commission as soon as January 2020.


New Staff Positions!

The Management Team has began defining guidelines & tasks for up to eight new staff positions within Vivid Studios. These positions are; Social Media Manager (1), News Team (2), and Photo Team (5). Each position will be open for applications during the final days of December and into early January. The Community Manager, Management Team, and Community Moderators will interview applicants and vet them through 3 different stages. Each position has defined tasks and guidelines which will require experience and know-how from the applicant. These positions will be filled by knowledgeable and capable individuals who will do an outstanding job. Applications open today, December 28th, at 1:00pm EST. If you're interested in applying for any of the 3 teams, join our Discord for more info on the application process and job description!



December was a very successful month for Vivid and its developers. The coming months hold exciting new endeavors for the team! We want to thank GPM and it's amazing staff for being the official home of all Vivid Modifications, the Vivid Team has nothing but great things to say about the experience at the site, and we look forward to future growth with GPM. Find our downloads & team information at our official GPM page: http://vivid.gtapolicemods.com


Do you have what it takes to join the Vivid Team? Stick around! Applications for a team membership will open January of 2020, with an intensive application and interview process.


Why join Vivid? We are home to many big names in Grand Theft Auto modding, we have an exclusive resources database with various exclusive assets for all developers, and we have a non-toxic, constructive fan-base who will support your journey into the modding community!

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