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Paid Commision - PD Vehicles

Reaper S376

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Community Guidelines prohibit the use of marketplace activities via the forums.

By Ray, on 02/16/22 06:18 PM.

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Im looking for someone to make or reskin some Non-Els PD Vehicles for me. List of Vehicles i would like are below:

Charger (2016+/7th gen)

F150 or Ram (Some sort of non-lifted truck)

Crown Vic
Explorer (2016+)

Tahoe (or some sort of SUV)

Ford Fusion


If you're good at this kind of thing, PM me so we can talk about design and price. 


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  • Management Team

Hi there,


As a VIP member you can request paid content by using to the GPM Marketplace. You can use the Paid Requests section to request custom work. Once your request is submitted, users on Discord will also be notified.


For your security, please do not use the forums for marketplace deals. As always, we suggest reviewing the Marketplace Guidelines to ensure the best experience as possible.


Lastly, be sure you do your own research on the user to avoid scams/fraud.

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This content has been locked by the GPM Community Team. If you feel this was a mistake, please report this reply with a valid reason.


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Kind regards,



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