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TheCipher01 - 12 Days of Staff-Mas | Day 11


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@TheCipher01is a GPM Community Administrator and the interim/de-facto Community Team Lead. He comes from the land of corn, (Iowa) hence the "corn mafia" in his discord profile. He is a junior in college majoring in MIS and slowly counting down the days he has left till graduation. He has always enjoyed playing PC games from the earliest days of playing Minecraft in middle school to playing GTA, first person shooter games, even farming simulator, basically he's "a computer nerd" (his words not mine). Cipher been interested in computers longer than he has been playing games on them. Cipher said "I remember when I was younger taking apart our old desktops and putting them back together for endless entertainment." Aside from computers he is an avid football fan, he enjoys watching college, or the NFL doesn't matter to him, he can sit down and enjoy a good game of football whenever and could talk about it for a while with pretty much anyone.

What brought you to GPM?
"The thing that brought me to GPM was FivePD, more specifically Buggs' first video back after his hiatus from YouTube. I remember being bored during my now virtual class and seeing twitter go crazy that Buggs was back and playing something called FivePD. I decided I would download it then and set it up on a server for some friends and I to mess around with. From there I just stuck around GPM both the forums and discord helping people with FivePD issues where I could and eventually applied to join the CT team."

What is your favorite GTA Game and why?
"I think my favorite GTA game would probably be GTA V simply because of FiveM and that's really the only reason I got into GTA. My friend had gotten me GTAIV as a gift and we played the multiplayer for a while, and thought it would be fun to do with GTA V/FiveM and I had been watching Buggs' old videos at the time so I was interested. Ironically I've only played portions of the GTA V missions at a friends house and never actually played it myself, something I plan to fix in the future when I have more free time."

What do you like most about the holiday season?
"The thing I like most about the holiday season is just being able to see family members I don't get to see every day and visit with them and catch up on their lives. Obviously the break from school is nice as well, everyone needs that break once in a while. Overall though just having that time to spend with friends and family is the best part of the holiday season for me."

What is your favorite Non-GTA Game and why?
"My favorite non-GTA game is a hard question to answer for me because I have so many games I enjoy. If I had to pick one it would probably be Minecraft, the block game that I grew up playing all through middle school and a good portion of high school. I have met some of my best online friends through Minecraft and been able to stay in touch with friends as they go to college because of it. Terraria is a close second favorite. Though it is tough for me to say for certain ever when asked this because I play so many fun games that I enjoy thoroughly."

We asked @A StrangerWhat is your best memory of you and Cipher , and what are some other examples of why you like working with them?
"Oh boy. I feel like Cipher and I really love warnings. We both invest a lot of time and effort into writing them and always investigate the crap out of them. One thing I remember in particular was, me giving a warning to (someone) after I joined the Community Team and Cipher tagging me with a (Judge Snaily) emote, basically taking the piss out of me for giving a warning for non-existing author credits. It's a love-hate relationship."

We asked @Conway(Hey that's me!): What do you like working with @TheCipher01?
"Wow, where do I start - when NorthCam told us we would be getting another member of the then-called "Administrative Support" Division of the Community Team; I was extremely happy to hear it was Cipher. He brings such a great feel to the team, it's always nice to have someone dedicated, but also someone you can joke around about Russian Spammers and Tungsten Dealers with. I always enjoy our crazy antics and you incredible view point on (most) matters. I won't talk about our Corn Debate 2021."


Thank you Cipher for everything you do for the GPM Community and the Community Team! It has been an amazing opportunity working alongside you. Raise your corn husks high to many more months! 🌽



Community Administrator and FivePD Support Guru



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