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Smanbg - 12 Days of Staff-Mas | Day 9


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@Smanbg is a long-time Community Team Moderator! He resides in the Eastern European country of Bulgaria. Currently he is attending High School for the last year, and he is hoping to graduate in May of 2022. English is not his first language but he likes to think he's pretty fluent in it. (I think so too) He usually hangs out with people from other countries on daily basis, considering most of them friends, and being glad to classify a good amount of them as "best friends,". Simply because he has found that he don't really share the interests of his fellow Bulgarians.


What brought you to GPM?

"I gained interest in vehicle development and I decided to make an account on GPM in January of 2020, alongside a couple of other forums, such as MU and MF, however, I decided to stick around in GPM as it did not appear as mainstream as, for instance -- LCPDFR, and overall appeared like a better place, which I am now glad to confirm that it is."

What do I like most about the holiday season?

"I like the holidays because of the national traditions Bulgaria employs as an "Orthodox-Christian" country. It simply makes the holidays feel very special, especially because all of those traditions involve family."

Do you have any strange/wacky/unique holiday traditions?

"During the holidays, I like watching Home Alone, Grinch, and a couple of other Christmas-themed movies that I remember from my childhood. I guess they make me nostalgic towards the good moments I've had with distant and other family members, whom I no longer have the chance to spend time with."

What do you look forward to in the New Year?

"The main thing I'm looking forward to in the New Year is (hopefully) graduating High School and actually finding a direction in life, deciding what I want to do for a living, and getting to doing it."


Wow, can't believe all those months ago, we became Community Moderators! Thank you for your dedication and hard work that you've put in all those many months! I look forward to many more to come!



Community Administrator and FivePD Support Guru



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