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Christopher - 12 Days of Staff-Mas | Day 8


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Christopher (a.k.a Inferno), is a GPM Community Consultant. Outside of GPM, he is coding hobbyist, volunteer firefighter, and nursing student. He spends most of his days either studying or practicing nursing. When he is not doing nurse related things, he is playing video games and/or coding. Most of what he code revolves around FiveM; in previous years he used to release a lot of Fire & EMS related resources, nowadays, however, with his increased real-life workload he unfortunately do not have the time to release as many resources as he would like.

What brought you to GPM?
"I discovered GPM back in late 2019 through a GTA V modding Discord. I recall joining the GPM Discord, and immediately having issues verifying myself with the bot; good ol' Ray had to come to my rescue before the bot kicked me. Since I mostly associate myself with Fire & EMS related GTA "things", GTA *Police* Mods did not offer anything for me specifically, but I was not after anything; I just thought the community was cool, and it was nice being a part of what was effectively a brand new community at the time."

What is your favorite Non-GTA Game and why?
"My favorite non-GTA game, by far, is Telltale Games' The Walking Dead (if you could not tell from my Steam Profile). I fell in love with the characters and storyline, and wanted nothing more than to sit down after a hard day's work and be a badass as Clementine. As a developer, I appreciated the change in the quality of the games as they got newer, and have even tried my hand at creating a game of my own as a direct result."

As a Developer, what is your favorite creation and why?
"Regarding my own creations, I find that I ~~hate~~ like them all equally, but the most ambitious project I ever worked on was my Fire Alarm resource. This was actually one of the first scripts I ever wrote for FiveM, so I have a love/hate relationship with it. It helped me learn a lot of the concepts back in the day, but now it is so old and decrepit that if I was to work on it again (which I would like to, one day), I would want to start from scratch, and it would likely be in C# this time; LUA is okay, but for a project of that size it gets a bit hectic without Types."

What do you look forward to in the New Year?

"In the New Year I am "looking forward" to my clinical placements; being my final year of nursing I am sure they will be "fun", but once they are out of the way it should be smooth-ish sailing from there."


Thank you for everything you do for our community. I'm glad we have your expertise to guide us and allow us to continue and develop in the best way possible.



Community Administrator and FivePD Support Guru



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