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Lucky Designs - 12 Days of Staff-Mas | Day 7


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Lucky Designs


LuckyDesigns is a Community Team Moderator, he has been around various online gaming communities for around 12 years now. Additionally, he has been engaged in a number of modding communities for various game titles for that time both as a user and creator. Outside of gaming, he is a huge history nerd and photography enthusiast. He also said that he "enjoy long walks on the beach and…"

What do you like most about the GPM Community?

"It’s simple: GPM puts a huge focus on the community, and engaging with both users and creators in meaningful and unique ways. This mentality often reaches back into the community itself as well, where I’ve often seen a number of folks helping out one another — whether it be troubleshooting their problems, or sharing techniques and methods for mod creation, it’s a place that’s friendly, welcoming, and inviting for all."


What brought you to GPM?

"I originally signed up for GPM during the original sites tenure in the earlier days, when SA:MP was prominent. Once I had left SA:MP, my involvement in the community dwindled until GPM went through its rebirth period, to which I now blame my good friend ykcir30 for getting me back into the GTA modding community. When coming back, I wasn’t sure what sites were around anymore, after all it had been what felt like an eternity. I did finally settle in at GPM in 2020, when I rediscovered that sense of community that I discussed earlier — it’s quite charming."


What’s at the top of your Holiday list?

"A new home! Our first home! We’ve recently started the process of putting in offers and wow — I don’t think I’ve been this stressed ever. I’m sure anyone else out there dealing with the current real estate market in the US can relate. Beyond that, I’m really just hoping for good health for those around me and myself, in addition to maintaining hope and wishes that the new year will be better than the last."

What do you look forward to in the New Year?

"With every new year comes new experiences, and I am always excited to see what comes of them. Ideally, one of those will be discovering the joys and woes of home ownership. Also, the World Cup — we’ll be supporting France and USA in my home. 🇫🇷 🇺🇸"


Thank you for your dedication to the Community Team! We wish you the best of luck and congratulations on your hunt for houses!



Community Administrator and FivePD Support Guru



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