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FiveTwelve - 12 Days of Staff-Mas | Day 6


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FiveTwelve is the Director of GPMDS, which stems from years of experience working within software development and related areas. His first contact with the staff team of GTAPoliceMods came about from a software bug on the GTAPoliceMods.com website, foreshadowing the transformation of his future position "all too well". Today, he manages technical operations within GPM, from software engineering to product development and infrastructure management. Currently he and the team are working hard to do things differently than other online communities. FiveTwelve highlights: "I’m proud to be a part of that shift."


How do you like working on FivePD, what are the best/worst parts?

"Working with our development team and the greater community as a whole on projects like FivePD has been nothing but rewarding. We have one of the best communities around, with an excellent and dedicated staff team at its service. Development is always a creative process thanks to the flexibility we’re given by our players, and seeing their support and reaction to our work is priceless. The worst part of working on FivePD is simple: there are so many promising features coming down the line that it’s hard to avoid sharing them all. Soon!"


What is at the top of your holiday list?

"One thing tops my list for this season: successful implementation of one of the biggest changes to our platform for this year. Oh—and a new amp for my car…"


Last Month, we announced about a whole rewrite of FivePD, what makes you most excited for that?

"I’m most excited to see what our community can do with the new opportunities in the next version of FivePD. Keep an eye out on GPM, more info will be around in the coming weeks."


We asked @Ray: "What is your best memory of you and Michael, and what are some other examples of why you like working with him?"

"One of the best moments between myself and FiveTwelve was when he became the Director of GTAPoliceMods Development Studios. FiveTwelve has played a significant role in developing many of our website's frontend plugins and backend plugins with the addition of managing the Development Team with FivePD. Without FiveTwelve, we would not have all these fantastic custom features on the site and our Discord server."


Thank you for everything you do for the site, discord, GPM community, and FivePD community!



Community Administrator and FivePD Support Guru



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