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TF1A3 - 12 Days of Staff-Mas | Day 5


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TF1A3 is a Public Relations Team member. Outside he is a 911 Dispatcher and EMT. He works for a local ambulance company in NY. Before that he was a Correctional Officer for the State of Vermont. This past year, He discovered EUP and Livery Development and which is what he pursues within the GPM and FiveM community.

What brought you to GPM?
"I found GPM by coincidence by searching for models online. GPM seemed like a new community when I found it and decided I wanted to be apart of it. I remember uploading my first file to GPM and thought it was so cool I could make it exclusive to GPM. So then I decided to be a exclusive developer for GPM and upload all my files to GPM only."

As someone in Emergency Services, what do you like most and least about it?
"As for the emergency field, I enjoy the field work because I feel like I'm doing something for my community and it's also something I feel is important to me and to the company but most importantly the patients. I cant say I enjoy the long hours of 12 hour shifts, 6 days on and 1 day off but for the majority of the patients it makes the job worth it in the end. As for being a dispatcher it's another part of the field that I think is the most important part of the emergency field because we're in charge of organizing units and getting emergency units to the scenes as quickly and as efficiently as possible."

What do you like most about the holiday season? 
"I like the time I can spend with family and friends and just coming together and giving gifts to one another."

What do you look forward to in the New Year?
"I hope the New Year allows GPM to grow bigger and stronger as a community as well as seeing new Developers come to GPM and showing off their talented designs and models to the FiveM community and the GPM community."

Thank you for your service to your community as someone in the Emergency Services. On GPM, thank you for your dedication to the Content Team, I look forward to seeing what you can do on the Public Relations Team!



Community Administrator and FivePD Support Guru



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