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A Stranger - 12 Days of Staff-Mas | Day 2


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A Stranger


@A Strangeris one of GPM's Community Administrators. Stranger is one of the nicest people I have encountered, she tries her hardest to make people whole again. Though she says it "might not always work..." She also notes, "We can always try." Stranger often "hangs on her PC way too long" and "then vanishes to be an undercover super-hero".


What brought you to GPM?
"As a part of the RPH server, I always hanging around Grand Theft Auto. When FivePD was introduced, some staff members and I decided to open our own FiveM | FivePD server for the RPH-community to enjoy. As part of that project, we got quite involved with FivePD and its community; especially the staff members. Realizing what I have been doing on RPH could translate over to GPM, I tried my luck, applied and got the job."

What do you like most about the holiday season? 
"The atmosphere. The familiarity. People coming together to celebrate whatever and just forgetting about the trauma of life. It's the giving; the appreciation and the love for life."

Do you have any strange/wacky/unique holiday traditions?
"Not sure if anyone defines that as wacky or strange but it's definitely unique. I visit the places I used to spend as a child with those I have lost. While they are not with me anymore, in memory I will always carry them."


We asked @Conway one of her fellow Community Administrator's what it's like working with Stranger, here's what he (me/I) said:

"I had the pleasure of not only being apart of the decision making process to select Stranger as a GPM Community, but also the pleasure to break the great news to her. From Day 1, as a Testing Team Member and Community Team Member, Stranger was always the first and most eager to help anyone or in anyway she could. I'm really glad to work alongside her. Aside from GPM, It's also very nice to be able to say things in German to her and confuse Ray."

We asked @TheCipher01: What is your best memory of you and Stranger (if you have one), and what are some other examples of why you like working with them?
"While I don't have any "personal" one on one memories with Stranger I think my favorite memory is whenever she makes the silly gifs that @Raywants and  @Daniel K. is always in them as just "Daniel K.". I enjoy working with Stranger because of her ability to be professional all the time when dealing with things like reports, her speed at grabbing them too always makes me laugh. I also have to applaud her ability to give support to everybody who asks for GTA/Rage help even the smallest and easiest questions she makes sure the person she's helping gets where they need to be."


It's been a pleasure working with you Stranger! Thank you for everything you do and the dedication you do it with!



Community Administrator and FivePD Support Guru



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