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Some Of You Old Timers May Remember Me...


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Howdy guys, I'm Mikey, and for those of you that may not remember my user name, I used to mod GTA:SA and GTA4 back in the day, mainly things related to LA County, though I never really got to releasing too many mods. I have been an EMT in Los Angeles County for the last 8 and a half years and I am currently in the process of getting hired with a PD up in a city in Montana. I just recently got back into PCs and I am jumping back into modding, relearning Zmodeler and the likes. Aside from computer gaming, I'm a huge airsoft nerd, love all things firearms, anything that has to do with trucks, hunting, fishing, and obviously law enforcement. Hope to see some familiar handles come across here and looking forward to meet some new people!

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