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Patrick Daub

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Good evening everyone. So, I am a lifelong video gamer but have always just been more on the casual side (lots of Tony Hawk, COD, Battlefield, typical button smashers) and decided I wanted to do more with my time on a game. I wanted something challenging but enjoyable. I found all this with the help of my brother (CDauber14) and I am loving it. I am looking for a fuller immersion experience that allows me to enjoy this game in ways that I wouldn't get elsewhere.


My only request is that y'all just give me some of your patience. I am going to be a slow learner and I am not going to be the best in this game at all but I just want to have some fun and spend some time with some other players looking for the same. If you see me making a mistake or speaking out of character just know I am still learning and help me out.


I joined the Los Santos Police department as it is a great break from what I really do (mortgages) and is more along the lines of what I wanted to do.

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