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Hello all! 

Jut wanted to introduce myself to everyone. I am Slimbert, I have been playing GTARP for roughly 12 years. I started all the way back on LCPDFR and I vividly remember crashing all the time, struggling logging into windows live and all the other struggles that game with GTAIV. I transitioned to GTAV when FiveM first came out and absolutely hated it. I told myself I would be stuck on GTAIV for the rest of my GTARP career. That didn't last long. Now after years on FiveM I have owned my own community for about a year and a half now. I dev for our server as well as make the majority of our skins as well as some of our EUP. My passion in GTARP is activating as a K9 handler as well as being a patrol supervisor. 

I have been working as a Police/Fire/EMS 911 dispatcher out of Massachusetts for over two years now and I am in the hiring process to get on with one of the local PD's. I am excited I have made the decision to be more active on this site and I hope to see you guys around!

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Welcome to GPM Slimbert! Good luck with the hiring process at your local PD.




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